American Gothic

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 1996 on CBS
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Lucas and Merlyn battle after Merlyn announces to Lucas that she will destroy him.

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Pat Hingle

Pat Hingle

Father Tilden

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Tim Grimm

Tim Grimm

W. Bryan Hudson

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Wayne DeHart

Wayne DeHart


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    • Lucas: You starting to get the picture, angel face? He's his father's son.
      Merlyn: He's my brother.
      Lucas: A blip in the gene pool. He's my son. He carries my spirit and if you kill me, the child becomes the man.
      Merlyn: I would kill him before I would let that happen.
      Lucas: Do that and you kill yourself. You only exist because of that child's faith. That too will pass when he learns his full potential. He is more powerful than you can imagine.
      Merlyn: You can't destroy me Lucas.
      Lucas: And you won't destroy me.

    • Lucas: I'm...
      Selena: Scared?
      Lucas: Is this what scared feels like?
      Selena: I wouldn't know.
      Lucas: I wanna hurt somebody, with this feeling. I wanna hurt you.
      Selena: As long as I get to hurt you back.

    • Lucas: Evening, Miss Combs. Feeling suicidal?
      Selena: What?
      Lucas: Care to join me in a little masochistic nihilism?

    • Caleb: Why ain't you been to see me?
      Merlyn: You think everybody's dead sister comes to visit them?
      Caleb: Well I've been worried about you.
      Merlyn: I've been worried about you too. Things are never going to be the same again, there are other people who need my help.
      Caleb: Well maybe I'll just start listening to Sheriff Buck.
      Merlyn: Caleb.
      Caleb: Well maybe you got him wrong Merli. He's been nice to me. Like a father. Well he is my Daddy ain't he?
      Merlyn: He raped our mother, Caleb.
      Caleb: So who are these other people you're gonna be helping?
      Merlyn: One's who aren't as strong as you.
      Caleb: They gonna know it's Merlyn helping them?
      Merlyn: People see me as they want to, Caleb. You're the only one who's looking for Merlyn.

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