American Gothic

Season 1 Episode 15

Learning to Crawl

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 04, 1996 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Caleb develops an odd ability after he dies in an electrocution and is brought back to life by Lucas.

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    Ted Raimi

    Ted Raimi

    Ted Parker

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    Stuart Greer

    Stuart Greer

    Cody Parker

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    Regan Forman

    Regan Forman

    Jeri McIntyre

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    Alex Van

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      • Lucas: Life lesson son, when you rile a woman, there's no place to hide.

      • Lucas: Either the appetite goes, or it becomes voracious. Pleasures disappear, tension comes over the face and body and the addict takes over the soul.

      • Lucas: Caleb, this... romantic love thing.
        Selena: What do you know about it?
        Lucas: From observation, quite a bit. It's really an addiction. No different than booze or drugs or cigarettes. And when you're in its clutches you no longer see the truth. You become totally selfish.
        Selena: Look who's talking.
        Lucas: And selfless at the same time. It makes you... stupid. Take Miss Coombs here.
        Caleb: She's not stupid.
        Selena: Thank you, darling.

      • Ben: Can I give you nice people a little bit of advice? Now Lucas and Selena, they fight, they may stray a little bit now and then, but those two are soldered together at the hip.

      • Lucas: In love you've got to go straight to the heart.
        Selena: That's why they invented the dagger.

      • Selena: You are the coldest man I know.
        Lucas: Yeah, but it's what you like. What you've always been attracted too, so save the sermon Florence Nightingale.

      • Lucas: You know what a conscience is?
        Caleb: It's like, when you do something wrong and it bothers you?
        Lucas: Well, not me.

      • Merlyn: Hello Caleb.
        Caleb: I'm dead, ain't I?
        Merlyn: God's plan works for us all.
        Caleb: Always figured I'd be afraid.
        Merlyn: Well you belong here.
        Lucas: Couldn't agree more. Although it may just be that your timing's off a little bit. You see Caleb; your sister isn't telling you everything. You still have a choice.
        Caleb: Why didn't you tell me Merli?
        Lucas: Cause she's afraid Caleb. She's afraid if you live a long and healthy life, you'll make all the wrong choices. See, there's that word again, choice.
        Caleb: You don't want me to go, do you?
        Merlyn: I love you Caleb. It's your choice.

      • Lucas Buck: A man without a plan isn't a man.
        Caleb Temple: I'd rather have a gun than a plan.

      • Lucas Buck: Ted, that man is half dead. And you halfway took us hostage. I'm gonna call you Half-Ted.

      • Lucas Buck: Ted, you gonna shoot us sooner or later? 'Cause if I'm gonna be shot by a "Ted" I'd rather it was sooner.

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