American Gothic

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 03, 1996 on CBS



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    • Merlyn: You don't understand me either Lucas. I mean people thought I was stupid cause of the way I acted, but I wasn't. I just saw too much.
      Lucas: I know.
      Merlyn: And I know what you're trying to do now. You want me to choose to live.
      Lucas: There's nothing wrong with that.
      Merlyn: Except the baby dies! And then I commit the ultimate sin. And Caleb turns against me? And then you finally won. Well I'm not going to let that happen.

    • Merlyn: So, what did you do to him?
      Lucas: Who Ray? I left him down by your grave. Crying like a baby.
      Merlyn: Go ahead, come on. It's your big chance... murder me again, Lucas. Such tenderness... a mercy killing. Isn't that what you told your deputy?
      Lucas: You'd had a miserable life.
      Merlyn: Oh, I know I did. But I'm not going to let you ruin that for me again.
      Lucas: You don't understand me Merli-ann, I'm not going to hurt you. I want you to live. You deserve it. This could be the first day of the rest of your life.

    • Caleb: Don't you like it where you are?
      Merlyn: It's okay.
      Caleb: Well, what's it like?
      Merlyn: You'll find out someday.
      Caleb: No tell me, Merli. Tell me.
      Merlyn: It's kinda like you're underwater and you can't touch anything. There's no pain, but there's no feeling either. You just float through everything.
      Caleb: Merli?
      Merlyn: I wanna hold something! I wanna be held!

    • Merlyn: It's not fair!
      Caleb: What's not fair?
      Merlyn: How only some people get to be happy.
      Caleb: That's just the way it is.
      Merlyn: Well it shouldn't be!

    • Lucas: See we all have choices to make. And if people are torn, it's only because they're listening to the wrong voice. A voice that would lead them astray, seduce them with hope. Even turn a son against a father. An age old battle between good and evil... care to place your bets?

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    • This episode is the only episode with a different intro. Instead of the usual instrumental music it mixes scenes containing dialogue with a narrative of Lucas Buck (Gary Cole) explaining the "goings on" in Trinity.

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