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  • I came into this show late...

    Here's the thing. I'm used to shows being taken off the air now. Television has got to that stage where if a show doesn't 'rate' in the first few episodes it is considered a failure. 'American Gothic' is the second show I have come on to late, after it had been cut (the other was Firefly), so I knew going in that there was only a limited amount of episodes. This is probably a good thing, cause if I had been watching it when it was on telly I would have probably had a really hard time getting over the fact that it was cancelled. The thing is, like Firefly, I got halfway through the season and just knew that I was going to be annoyed, cause there was absolutely no way that they were going to be able to wrap everything up without leaving me with that feeling that I was missing out on something.

    The story line of American Gothic seems like the kind of show that was more popular when Buffy and Angel had their run (Unless I am wrong and they came out around the same time). The sort of complicated, character driven, supernatural based shows which gained a storng cult following, but (Buffy aside) were never really allowed to hit their stride. I don't know if people are going to be annoyed with me comparing these shows, but they definitely had a certain something that is missing in today's television shows who only seem to involve medicine or crime. Maybe Supernatural will have better luck, but I honestly believe that American Gothic was just as brilliant if not better than these other similar genere shows.

    Okay, now I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. Basically, I thought this show was excellent. I loved the relationship between Selene and Lucas (seriously twisted). But my favourite thing was the incredible quality of acting from the main cast. I was absolutely amazed at how brilliant it was. Which is why, if I was given the choice, I don't think I would want them to bring it back. If the actors were different (and obviously they would have to be) I honestly think a lot of the character of the show would be lost. So while I don't know if it should be brought back, I know for sure that it should never have been taken off the air.
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