American Gothic

CBS (ended 1996)


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  • the classic tale of good vs evil. set in the small southern town of trinity. the forces of good is represented by young caleb temple. evil sheriff lucas buck runs the town w/an iron fist, dealing for souls evey chance he gets.

    this show ended way too early, it was definately ahead of it's time. predecessor to shows like buffy the vampire slayer, angel and supernatural. the classic tale of good vs evil, god vs the devil, etc. in the case of american gothic, the battle between god and the devil is more literal. sheriff lucas black rules the small town of trinity s carolina with an iron fist. most of the residents have sold their souls to the sheriff years ago. they are at his beck and call, sheriff buck gets what he wants when he wants. he sets his sights on young caleb temple, who we find out is the sheriff's son. caleb knows lucas is evil and wants nothing to do with him. the sheriff destroyed his family, he killed his mother and sister. trinity's doctor and caleb's cousin try to protect caleb, but they eventually get sucked in by lucas. terrific acting by all. gary cole as usual brings a great character to life, his sheriff buck is truly evil and despicable. lucas black steals the show however. he plays caleb temple, the young boy caught smack dab in the middle of the battle between good and evil. lucas' perfomance is well beyond his age, absolutely brilliant. and it's not just the dailog, his expressiveness really seals the deal. the show is worth watching just to experiance the genius of lucas black's perfomance.
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