American Greed

Thursday 10:00 PM on CNBC Premiered Jun 21, 2007 In Season


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  • Stoning the Law

    One of the great unsung scandals in American history is the story of how -- and why -- the hemp industry was outlawed by creation of anti-"marijuana" laws. I'd love to see "American Greed" expose this one!
  • Good show, though I do wish they'd expand it

    IMHO they should do some episodes on some of the legal cons out there: everything from car leases to Rent to Own, get rich quick schemes on TV ads, payday advance places that are basically legal loan sharks, sports betting "advisers" selling their picks, etc.

    Then again their lawyers probably turned them away from that idea, if it was even raised, since they might get sued. A con artist who's already been duly convicted can't sue for defamation.

    I find the show very entertaining overall and a warning in general. I do wonder why in the age of the Internet where anyone can go to Vanguard or Fidelity's websites and invest for themselves so many people are giving money to these local "financial advisers" to invest for them.
  • let america know there is more to greed than people who steal money

    Why don't you do episodes on people who steal from others legally. The CEO's, owners, etc. who jack prices up on everything to satisfy their need for money. Wake up America and take back our country, we have lost it to crooked politicians and people who could care less if you live or die!
  • Amrican Greed

    Excellent Program!!

    Greed there possibility become a reality quick rich over night is not ONLY in AMERICA but thinking that's IT's NOT MY MONEY may change people life.. nice link if someone need more information. 10021



    Amen brother!!!
  • All Episodes

    Not a review I'd just like to make a comment. I enjoy watching American Greed, it amazes me that the people who have been swindled on the show see fit to invest their ENTIRE life savings - which only says to me that they are just as guilty of being GREEDY as the one who has instituted the Ponzi would you invest your entire life savings they didn't do that when the opened up a 401/bank account/stock market or any other investment portfolio -- so again why give your ENTIRE life savings.
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