American Gypsies

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  • Season 1
    • 9/11/12
      In the finale episode of Season 1, Chris and Samantha plan to say their vows in Miami, Florida. However, before the wedding can take place, Samantha's family must agree on a dowry to present to their daughter's groom. Complications also arise as Tina is forced to oversee a wedding planner who doesn't understand the traditions and culture of the Romani.moreless
    • Shotgun Wedding
      Episode 8

      Val's dad gets mad at Val when he takes his girlfriend on a weekend vacation. Nicky's wife thinks Nicky needs to stop drinking so much alcohol.

    • Dueling Dads
      Episode 7

      Bobby's and Nicky's sons celebrate their birthdays. Justin, is turning 16, and Nicky can't afford the car he wanted to buy him. Meanwhile, Bobby plans on buying Christopher, an even more expensive car, which bothers Nicky.

    • Ritual Slaughter
      Episode 6

      Chris ponders a business opportunity when he finds a broken-down food truck. Meanwhile, Nicky brings a lamb home for a ritual slaughter meant to restore his father's health.

    • Love For Sale
      Episode 5

      After some tough love from Erik, Val reluctantly agrees to look for a traditional Gypsy wife. Bobby decides to expand his business with an investment in his son-in-law's scrap-yard. Nicky packs up his family and heads back to New York to be closer to his sick Father.

    • 8/7/12

      The brothers fly to Florida, where a strapped for cash Nicky tries to open a new psychic shop in South Beach, causing friction. Meanwhile in New York, Bob Sr. is rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.

    • 7/31/12

      The Johns men encounter their rival Tommy Gigolo out on the town. Chris brings Val along for a boy's trip to Miami, and Bobby gets unsettling news from the doctor.

    • 7/24/12

      Bobby clashes with his younger brother Nicky over opening a new psychic shop without their father's approval. Bobby supports his daughters Amanda and Vivian in their dreams of pursuing acting, despite the family's lack of enthusiasm.

    • Rivals at War
      Episode 1

      In this series premiere, we are introduced to the Johns, a Gypsy family in Manhattan. Their story starts when a rival family encroaches on Nicky's psychic shop turf. He soon calls his four brothers into a violent confrontation, landing the family in Romani Court.