American Heiress

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  • The series follows the title character, Elizabeth Wakefield, from steamy rain forests to the high-stakes business world. After a terrifying crash in the family jet, the heiress falls in love with a fellow survivor, a hard-edged man named J.D. Bruce.

    This series was fun to watch when it came on television. I loved the storyline, a rich woman who get stuck in the jungle with a very hot pilot who can fight and look good with his shirt off, OMG! Anyway, I also liked that the reason that the young woman was only in the plane crush because her older brother try to kill her and their father to get the family's fortune. I hope they continue this series or make something similar to series because it a great story. I love this series and hope to see it again on television.
  • this is a fun show to watch but it is a bit confusing.

    The serial follows the title character, Elizabeth Wakefield, from steamy rain forests to the high-stakes business world. After a terrifying crash in the family jet, the heiress falls in love with a fellow survivor, a hard-edged man named J.D. Bruce. The new couple then must struggle to survive in the lost jungles of Guatemala. Once back in civilization, the heiress soon finds herself in another tough situation. Against her family's wishes, she fights to keep the flames of passion burning.this show is a bit confusing but it is always easy to catch up. american heiress shows on the cw channel.
  • American Heiress, part of the Desire series

    Alicia Leigh Willis (“General Hospital) stars as Elizabeth Wakefield, the youngest daughter from the affluent Wakefield family. Sparks fly when she meets Captain JD Bruce, portrayed by Carter MacIntyre (“ER”), but tensions arise when their plane crashes in the jungles of Guatamala and the two must depend upon each other for survival. Despite their obvious differences, the two fall in love as JD heroically saves Elizabeth from the dangers that lurk outside of civilization. John Aprea (“Knot’s Landing”) is Lionel Wakefield, the head of the Wakefield family, who is very generous to his five children. Damian Wakefield, portrayed by Race Owen (“Passions”), is the vindictive oldest son who plots to take control of the Wakefield family empire. He will stop at nothing to reach his goals, even if it means sabotaging every attempt to save his sister, Elizabeth, from the jungle. Theresa Russell (“Spider Man 3”) is Jordan Wakefield, the estranged wife of Lionel who returns to claim her right as the heir to the family fortune when she learns of the family tragedy. Other members of the Wakefield family include Annalynne McCord (“The O.C.”) as the wild child eldest daughter, Loren Wakefield; and, Robert Buckley (“Fashion House”) as the sweet natured son, Matthew Wakefield. When Elizabeth and JD return home from their adventure in the jungle, their romance is tested by the pressures of society and by tragedy that continually strikes the Wakefield family. American Heiress, part of the Desire series
  • Campy! Great caricatures of a privileged family, (and transparent plots), keep the viewer smiling throughout the premier episode. Don't make the mistake of taking this one seriously.

    The creators have laid it all out for us in Black & White,
    which means we don't have to THINK too much about what
    we're watching. We are introduced to a typical privileged family, who reside at the patriarch's typical, sprawling estate. Damien is EVIL, Elizabeth is PERFECT, Loren
    is a SLUT (which Damien relates to us at the beginning of
    the show, as he moves elaborate chess pieces around
    the board, with a typical, privileged, arrogance). Some of the secondary characters seem a little
    blurry, but their personalities will probably flesh out
    as the season progresses and their part in the storyline
    is revealed. The series premier was fast-moving, and enjoyable, even though many of the events were predictable.
    At times the dialog was very stilted i.e. Elizabeth and
    the pilot after the crash; however, this really does add
    to the 'campy' feel of the show, which I believe was the
    original intent. I will definitely keep watching this
    show for a while to see how it develops.
  • Lionel Wakefield, a rich bussiness man, has 4 lovely kids, well maybe not so lovely. Each child with a differant personality, one may end up killing them all.....

    From Disire to Fashion house, from wicked wicked games to watch over me. All great shows! I must say, American Heiress is one of my favorites. It is full of so much, love, drama, evil! I like the story plot and i enjoy watching how every sibling acts different! The only thing that i am not crazy about is the theme song. The song show at least have some words to it. I think that Alicia was perfect for the role Elizabeth, she truley pulls it off. Another thing that I love about the show is who they can be so snoby, I know that sounds weird but its true. I think that act out the snob factor very well. I completely enjoyed this show!!