American Heiress

Tuesday 8:00 PM on MyNetwork TV Premiered Mar 13, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • Campy! Great caricatures of a privileged family, (and transparent plots), keep the viewer smiling throughout the premier episode. Don't make the mistake of taking this one seriously.

    The creators have laid it all out for us in Black & White,
    which means we don't have to THINK too much about what
    we're watching. We are introduced to a typical privileged family, who reside at the patriarch's typical, sprawling estate. Damien is EVIL, Elizabeth is PERFECT, Loren
    is a SLUT (which Damien relates to us at the beginning of
    the show, as he moves elaborate chess pieces around
    the board, with a typical, privileged, arrogance). Some of the secondary characters seem a little
    blurry, but their personalities will probably flesh out
    as the season progresses and their part in the storyline
    is revealed. The series premier was fast-moving, and enjoyable, even though many of the events were predictable.
    At times the dialog was very stilted i.e. Elizabeth and
    the pilot after the crash; however, this really does add
    to the 'campy' feel of the show, which I believe was the
    original intent. I will definitely keep watching this
    show for a while to see how it develops.