American Hoggers

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American Hoggers

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The Campbell family, led by Jerry, his son, Robert and daughter, Krystal help Texas residents and ranchers who must deal with the wrath of wild boars.

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AIRED ON 11/19/2013

Season 4 : Episode 10

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  • I can't believe they put this on TV...

    depressing. Probably better to watch the shopping channel and thats saying something. This and televised poker-just like watching grass grow in some lawn somewhere.
  • American Hoggers Reality Show

    Real life, not the "Hollywood" version can sometimes appear to be cruel, harsh, and senseless when in reality they are not. Wild pigs destroy crops and live stock which can put families out of business. We ahve enough people on Food Stamps, do not need more. They can even attack humans who are working, or just enjoying their land by walking or even picnicing. I guess killing these wild hogs is less humane then killing domestic cattle in a pen, or chickens for that matter. A large part of our economic problems are the Environmental and Animal WHACK OOs to quote Rush Limbaugh.moreless
  • The Show rocks period....

    The CAMPBELLS are a down to earth nice family too bad city dwelling snobs can't handle a family that is self reliant kind and God fearing. I suppose you fools think that the Kardashians are preferred watching wow how stupid and dumb are people. The Kardashians are the mindless stupid hogss that need to be put out over their love for power vanity and superficiality about as fake as a wedding cake I will take a great family like the Campbells anytime. Besides if a disaster ever happened economically and you couldn't use your credit card to eat or get your nails done you would die after about a week then you you would come crawling for teh campbells to teach you how to survive hahahahahaha!!!moreless
  • This show is just plain sickening & inhumane!

    Maybe boars aren't the cutest animal and can be a pain, but this is in no way the right way to go about dealing with them. They are wild helpless animals, and do not deserve to attacked by dogs or shot. When kids watch this show they will get the impression, " its okay to sick my dogs on animals because they're ugly and are a bother." This show is a waste of airtime. It makes me sick watching it, I watched not even 5 minutes, and I wanted to go through the tv and tell them a thing or too!

    Honestly, what's the point!!!!!!?moreless
  • I AM ALREADY DISGUSTED JUST BY THE COMMERCIAL. WHY KILL WILD ANIMALS? The animals are actually these hoggers.I hope ALL animal activsits protest this show!!!! I will NEVER watch A& E again and will spread the word on facebookmoreless

    A&E is glorifying a way to show scum of the eath people killing helpless wild animals.This is Disgusting, inhuman and unacceptable.These Hoggers Clearly look like scum no class nor education, only know to kill those that cant fight back., A & E should be be ashamed of themselves

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