American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 21, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

Nine months ago, Ben calls Vivien in to look at something, but discovers that she's moving out and preparing to go to Florida to stay with her sister Jo. She insists that she's tried to get over his affair, but she can't let Ben into her life again. He shows her photos of the Murder House but Vivien says that it won't fix things between them and refuses to stay. Ben insists that he could see his family together in the house and insists that the house is what she needs to break down the wall inside of her. He tells Vivien that he loves her and begs her to come see the house with him.

In the Murder House in the present, Ben calls out to Vivien and Violet but gets no answer.

Later, Ben comes to see Constance, who is watching over Vivien's son. She's reluctant to give him up and finally tells him that there are forces in the house that will harm the child, the same forces that killed Vivien and Violet. Ben insists that everything will be fine and starts to go, but sees a photo of Tate and Adelaide and realizes that Tate is Constance's son. When he asks where Tate is, Constance says that her dead son is in his grave. He accuses Constance of destroying her family and tells her to lock the door and pray that he doesn't come back.

In the Murder House kitchen, Vivien tells Moira that she's having trouble seeing Ben. Ben comes in but is unable to see Vivien and Moira. Vivien insists that Ben is a good father despite his flaws, but insists that he has to save their baby from the house. She watches as Ben leaves with their child, and Moira sarcastically comments that Ben is probably thinking of all the women he can have relations with. Vivien asks for a cup of tea and Moira says that Vivien is a ghost and she doesn't serve ghosts. She then tells Vivien not to torture herself.

In the bedroom, Ben assures his son that it isn't his fault and that his Aunt Jo will be there soon. He carefully lays out all of the keys and takes care of the mail, and then pours himself a drink, loads a gun, and puts the barrel into his mouth. As Ben prepares to pull the trigger, he sees a photo of Violet, cries, and removes the gun from his mouth. He puts it to his head but Vivien arrives and takes it away from him. She explains that she didn't come to him earlier because it would make things worse, and tells Ben to go. He reminds her that it's not his child, but Vivien says that it doesn't make a difference. Ben apologizes and Vivien forgives him and then tells him to forget the drama and the tragedy. She then tells him to leave the house with the baby and never come back, and wants Ben and the child to have a life. When Ben asks about Violet, she appears and explains that she shut Ben out. She tells Ben to leave, warning that he and the baby are in danger, and Vivien tells him to do it for them. She kisses him and then disappears with Violet.

Ben grabs the baby and heads for the door, but Hayden appears on the stairs and blocks him. Dallas and Fiona grab him and prepare to string him up, and finally toss him over the balcony where he dangles from the chandelier, choking. Hayden smiles in triumph and says that now they have all the time in the world.

Later, Marcy shows Stacey and Miguel Ramos the house. She starts to show them around but their teenage son Gabriel comes in late. Stacey asks why the house is going so cheap and Marcy tells them that the previous owners passed away in the house. Vivien died in childbirth and a grief-stricken Ben hung himself. Marcy has their dog, Hallie, which she has adopted. When the Ramos couple hesitates, Marcy says that any house will have a history, but they won't be $200,000 less expensive.

The couple agrees to check out the house and follow Marcy into the kitchen. Once Gabriel is alone, he starts skateboarding through the house. A door opens behind him and then the board goes out of control. Gabriel lands on the floor, unaware that the twins are behind him, laughing. Miguel comes out and tells him that Stacey loves the house. As Miguel goes, Gabriel is unaware that Violet is watching him.

Later, Marcy removes the "for sale" sign from the house.

Detectives Granger and Barrios come to see Constance, who says that she finds it difficult to go back to the Murder House after finding Ben, dead. The detectives admit they haven't found the missing baby and go over her statement again. Constance still says that she entered the house to check on Ben and got no answer. She went in and found Ben's corpse, and then looked for the baby and discovered it was gone. Constance claims that Violet must have taken the baby and fled.

After Ben is dead, his spirit appears and he's reunited with Violet and Vivien. Constance asks where the baby is. She then went to the basement and found Hayden with the baby, and demands that the girl return her grandson. Hayden refuses and Travis cuts her throat, distracting her long enough to take the baby back.

Constance says that she has no idea where the baby is and the detectives leave. Once they're gone, she goes to the closet where she has her grandson safely hidden away.

Gabriel enters his new bedroom and finds Violet playing music on his stereo. She claims that she lives in the neighborhood and Gabriel tells her to get out of his room. Violet asks if he wants to be alone, reminding him that the house is haunted. Meanwhile, Tate watches the two of them talking.

Miguel and Stacey are setting up in the kitchen and he starts undressing her. They hear Gabriel upstairs but, undeterred, he makes love to her while Ben and Vivien watch and remember that they were like that once. Gabriel bangs the door and the couple stops, and Miguel wonders if they'll be lonely once Gabriel graduates. Stacey realizes that he wants a baby and agrees, while Vivien and Ben realize that they have to do something so they don't have a baby in the house. Moira comes in and says that they'll need help against some of the vengeful spirits in the house so that they don't see more suffering in the house.

That night, Miguel and Stacey are sleeping until Miguel wakes up and walks, trancelike, out of the bedroom. Meanwhile, the rubber man comes in and starts fondling Stacey.

Gabriel wakes up to find Tate in his room. Tate figures that Gabriel is dreaming of Violet and says that he can't dream. Gabriel wonders why he's there and Tate explains that it used to be his room, and then Violet's, and that Violet is his girlfriend. He tells Gabriel that they kind of broke up and Gabriel assures him that he's not interested.

Stacey screams and Gabriel runs to her, but Tate traps her. Meanwhile, Stacey calls to her husband, who is in the stove turning on the gas stove. He holds his hands to the flame while Stacey tries to call the police. She clubs down the rubber man and runs out of the room, and Beau drops down from the attic. Meanwhile, Tate tells Gabriel to stay in his room and beats him down when he tries to go to Stacey. He tells Gabriel that he doesn't want to hurt him, but he does have to kill him.

Vivien appears to Miguel and tells him that he has to open his eyes. He realizes that Lorraine is holding his hand, trying to force him to turn on the stove so he'll share her pain. Moira appears and leads him away, transforming into her younger stuff.

Stacey runs into the bathroom and Gladys emerges from the tub.

Gabriel insists that nothing happened but Tate tries to stab him. He can't bring himself to attack a defenseless man and backs away. He tells Gabriel to stand up.

Young Moira leads Miguel to the dining room, transforms into her older self, and reveals Elizabeth, cut in half. Elizabeth assures him that he's wide awake.

Stacey runs to the basement but the rubber man closes in on her. He finally corners her but Miguel hears her screams. He runs to the basement, shoving past Phil the exterminator, but the rubber man knocks him down. Vivien runs in and tells Ben to stop, calling him a perverted bastard. She stabs him in the chest and he draws a gun and shoots her in the head before collapsing. However, they both stand up and says that the house does that to everyone, and they should run while they can. The Ramos couple run upstairs while Vivien and Ben laugh in triumph.

Violet enters the bedroom and tells Tate to stop, but he insists that he couldn't save her and now she's alone. He says that she needs someone and asks what she wants, and Violet says that she wanted Tate. When he reminds her that she told him to go away, Violet asks him to let her say goodbye. Tate releases Gabriel and kisses Violet, who signals to Gabriel to run. Once he's gone, she says goodbye to Tate and then disappears.

Miguel honks the horn and calls to his son. Once Gabriel runs out, they all drive away while Ben, Violet, and Vivien watch. Vivien figures that some other suckers will move in, and Ben figures they know what to do.

Marcy is soon putting the Murder House back for sale, and tries to tell the murder tour to leave so she can sell the house. Meanwhile, Tate comes to see Ben as he cleans up. Ben wants nothing to do with him, but Tate insists that their talks were helping him. The psychiatrist doesn't believe it and says that Tate is a psychopath and counseling doesn't work anyway. He just collected the checks for years, knowing that nothing he did helped anyone. Ben says that they're a lot alike and they both hurt people, but Tate took away the chance for the people he hurt to forgive him. Tate breaks into tears, begging for mercy, but Ben applauds and says that as a psychopath, Tate is incapable of remorse. Tate insists that he's sorry but Ben tells him to take responsibility for what he's done. After a moment, Tate admits that he set Larry on fire, killed 15 students in high school, killed the couple before the Harmons, and raped Vivien. He offers to tell Ben everything, but Ben says that he can't absolve him of anything. Tate accepts that but asks Ben to hang out with him sometime.

Vivien is playing her cello when she hears a baby crying in the distance. She follows the sound to the basement and Nora is there with her child. Deluded and exhausted, she thinks that Vivien is the new nanny. Vivien realizes that the child is her first twin, and lived long enough to take a single breath. Nora finally realizes that Vivien is the birth mother but calls the baby a weakling. When Vivien tries to take the child, Nora insists that the baby is hers. Vivien agrees but says she knows a few things to quiet the baby down. When Nora offers the baby to Vivien, Vivien takes it and starts singing to the child. It calms down and a relieved Nora sits down and says that she might soon have killed the baby. She asks Vivien to watch the baby for the night and starts to walk away, and then admits that she doesn't have the patience to be a mother and neither did her mother.

Vivien takes the baby upstairs and finds Moira cleaning the cabinets. She admits she doesn't know what to do. Vivien shows her the baby and offers to let Moira hold him. The housekeeper takes the child and Vivien asks her to be the godmother. Crying, Moira accepts.

Violet decorates the Christmas tree with Moira's help. Ben plugs it in while Vivien holds the baby, and Ben admits that he's happy. Outside, Hayden and Tate watch and Hayden tells him that Violet just isn't into him. Tate says that he'll wait forever if he has to.

Three years later, Constance goes to see her hairstylist, Helen. She says that she's been housebound because she adopted a baby boy, Michael, from a distant family member. Helen does her hair and notes that Constance has never looked younger or more radiant. Constance agrees and tells Helen that she has always known that she was destined for great things. All the tragedies in her life have prepared her for raising Michael, who is destined for greatness.

When Constance arrives home, she discovers that there is blood on the refrigerator and there's no sign of the babysitter, Flora. Looking around, Constance finds the woman dead in Michael's bedroom. He's sitting in a rocker, covered with blood, and Constance goes to him and wonders what she's going to do with him.

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