American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 21, 2011 on FX

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  • And They Lived Happily Ever After....Eh???

    If someone were to ask me a year from now about what happened in the first season of American Horror Story, I'm pretty sure I'm going to shrug my shoulders and go "Duh, I dunno. It's kind of a blur". The truth is, too many things have happened in a short span of twelve episodes. It's like getting hit by a baseball right between the eyes and waking up a few days later having no recollection of what transpired. Yet you know whatever happened, it was big and it hurt like a mother. From the writers' point of view however (in their own messed up universe), season one has been wrapped up and tied into a nice and severely twisted bow.

    With Ben being the sole living occupant left inside murder wait. I take that back. I forgot the baby. With Ben and the baby being the only living occupants left inside murder house, it made sense for the two to get the hell out of there and run for the hills. But to be in Ben's place, after what he's been through, I wasn't surprised he was going to blow his brains out. Baby or no baby (especially the product of a ghost rape), there's only a certain amount of horsecrap in one's life that can be endured. Vivien's pep talk for Ben was actually quite inspiring. I find it hilarious that the characters actually become smarter and more rational after they're dead! First Violet, and now Vivien. No wonder they killed Ben off too.

    That's right! Just as Ben (after taking Vivien's advice) was getting ready to vamoose and leave murder house for good (baby included), Hayden and her new posse ambushed Papa Harmon and strung him up from a chandelier. Not that it mattered at this point in the story. Dead? Alive? In this show it hardly makes a difference. It actually turned out pretty well for the Harmons because for the first time ever in season one, Ben, Vivien and Violet were together AND happy.

    And what about the baby?

    Hayden became the temporary spectral guardian for the satanic little squirt. That is, until Constance paid her a visit. Constance is like the John Reese of American Horror Story. You don't frak with Constance! With a little help from her now dead boy-toy Travis, baby Antichrist was finally where he belonged. In Constance's uh...motherly hands. What are the implications of all this? Wait for a year and find out.

    Meanwhile, after Ben's unceremonious (yet oddly satisfying) death, believe it or not, another couple bought and moved into murder house! Doesn't anybody use google these days? If close to twenty people have died in a single house you would think it would be more famous, especially since it happens to be the highlight of the Eternal Darkness Tour!!

    The entry and exit of the Ramos family was like a mini-horror movie in itself. In fact, those fifteen minutes or so pretty much represented all the 'haunted house' movies out there. Whether it was a tribute or an insult, it was undoubtedly funny! The scene where Ben and Vivien 'kill' each other was awesome! You don't get to smile often in this show (unless it's one of those nervous "I just let one rip" smiles), but the weirdness with which it was executed was spot on. This is awesome writing, folks. Even if it is messed up!

    The conversation between Ben and Tate was my personal favorite moment of the episode. I've forgotten how good an actor Dylan McDermott really is. His speech gave us a perfect representation of an individual who has accepted his flaws and is paying for it. In a way, he actually gave Tate his best professional opinion yet.

    I was kind of disappointed he didn't beat the living (or dead) crap out of him though. Tate needs a little retribution flung in his direction. And a broken heart doesn't count.

    So what are the questions we must ask heading into season two? I can only think of one.

    What's next???

    Yes, the child is supposed to be the spawn of Satan. So what?? The Harmons are stuck inside murder house and the way things were looking, they're American horror story is over. So we're either going to focus on a new family in the same house, which is too monotonous to be true, or we'll focus on toddler Antichrist and Constance. However, the Tate and Violet storyline still felt unfinished, so I'm hopeful the same cast will come back next season.


    - You've never heard of the Eternal Darkness Tour?? Either google it or watch the entire season again.

    - How creepy was the whole Christmas tree scene? Do ghosts celebrate Christmas? What if they're Jewish? Do they have Matzah Balls for ghosts?

    - So Vivien now has a baby who will permanently be six months old. That baby will cease to be cute after a thousand diaper changes.

    Will you miss American Horror Story?

    After a surprisingly satisfying season and an even more satisfying finale, I think I will. Especially Thaddeus.
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