American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 21, 2011 on FX



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    • Vivien: Moira, would you make me a cup of tea, please?
      Moira: No. Your denial is impressive. You're a ghost, Mrs. Harmon. I don't take orders from ghosts.

    • Ben: What about Violet?
      Violet: What about Violet? I'm a teenage girl. Not exactly a cakewalk.
      Ben: Violet. What kind of father have I been? You weren't eating, you weren't going to school. You were already gone. I didn't get it.
      Violet: I shut you out. I was afraid it would break you.
      Ben: I've missed you so much.
      Violet: I was never getting into Harvard. But I saved you a shitload of money.
      Ben: Yeah, you did.

    • Marcy: Miguel. What an exotic name. I must confess to a fascination for all things south of the border.
      Miguel: Actually, my family's from Spain.
      Marcy: All the better. I find European Hispanics vastly superior.

    • Constance: He's mine.
      Hayden: Over my dead body.
      Constance: We're well past that.

    • Gabriel: Who are you?
      Violet: A ghost of my former self.

    • Violet: Are you sure you want to be alone? They say this house is haunted.
      Gabriel: You're kind of twisted, aren't you?
      Violet: You don't know the half of it.

    • Tate: You told me to go away.
      Violet: Yeah... but I never said good-bye.

    • Vivien: Some other poor family's just going to move in here. Suckers who will have no idea what they're in for.
      Ben: And we know exactly what to do.

    • Moira: I would have made a good mother, if I hadn't been such a little tramp. Forgive me. There's nothing worse than a self-pitying old maid.

    • Constance: Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I was destined for great things. I was going to be somebody. Person of significance. Star of the silver screen, I once thought. But... my dreams became nightmares. Instead of laurels, funeral wreaths. Instead of glory, heh, bitter disappointment. Cruel afflictions. Now I understand. Tragedy was preparing me for something greater. every loss that came before was a lesson. I was being prepared. Now I know for what. This child... a remarkable boy. Destined for greatness. In need of a remarkable mother. Someone forged in the fires of adversity, who can guide him. With--with firmness. With love.

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