American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 14, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

In 1984, a young Tate is playing in the house when the door to the cellar opens. He pushes his truck downstairs so he has an excuse to go down after it and a box falls down next to him. Backing away, Tate starts to go back upstairs, but sees his truck beneath a table. He crawls down to get it and the Montgomery baby, the Infantata, lurks in the shadows behind it. He grabs the boy and starts to pull him under, but Nora arrives and tells her son to go away. She then tells Young Tate that if Thaddeus ever comes to him again, the boy should just close his eyes and tell the Infantata to go away and he will. Young Tate says that he wishes that Nora was his mother, and she tells him to dry his tears because life is too short for sorrow.

In the present, Tate finds the truck and hears crying. He goes to investigate and finds Nora crying. She doesn't remember him but Tate remembers her and echoes her words about life being too short for sorrow. Nora doesn't believe it and wonders where her baby is, and Tate says that things have changed and he can't give her Vivien's unborn child because he's in love with his sister. She says that the baby is hers and she will take it.

Ben takes Violet out of the house and insists on bringing her with him to get her mother. She tries to refuse but he puts in the back, and Violet says that she's going to be sick. She lies down and then reappears in the house as Ben drives away. Back in her room, Violet finds Tate trying to use the computer and wonders what the future holds for her. She's interrupted when she hears the baby mobile from the room where Chad and Patrick are decorating the house and discussing cribs. Violet and Tate come in and she asks why they're decorating the house. Chad says that they're going to have twins thanks to Vivien. When Violet says that her parents will be leaving as soon as they come back to get her, Chad says that won't stop them and that there's nothing she can do to stop them.

Later, Constance comes over and Violet tells her what Chad and Patrick have in mind. She wants to talk to Billie Dean about how to get rid of ghosts and Constance agrees to help. Constance then calls to Chad and goes up to the nursery, and is enchanted by the new cribs for the twins. Chad appears and tells her to stay away, but Constance warns him that a same-sex couple is an abomination. She insists that being a birth mother means everything but Chad points out that the house is filled with her dead children. Constance says that one of the twins is her grandson by Tate and offers her Ben's son, but Chad insists on having both. When she says that he's not suitable to raise a child, Chad says that he and Patrick plan to kill the babies when they're a year and a half and have them forever at that age.

Later, Billie Dean comes to the Murder House with Constance and tries to get a reading while Violet watches. She communicates with Violet, realizing that she's a ghost, and the girl begs her not to tell Constance and her parents that she's dead. Billie Dean then explains that she hopes to generate an electromagnetic force that will release psychic energy. However, she warns that the force wants to move in their world, using the trapped spirits as conduits. When Tate appears, Billie Dean says that he can't be there. He wants to help, but Billie Dean says that he's helped enough. Constance reluctantly tells him to leave. Once he's gone, Violet wonders what is going on and Constance claims that Tate's spirit overpowered her.

At the psychiatric hospital, Vivien wonders why Violet didn't come to see her. Dr. Marchesi comes in and asks again that Vivien put off the trip until she gives birth. Vivien insists on going to Florida to be with her sister by plane, and Marchesi says that he figures that her obstetrician will recommend a C-section. Ben asks for details and Marchesi explains that one of the babies has been developing at a rapid rate while the other one gets weaker. Vivien says that she would have told him when they got to Florida, and Marchesi gives up but says to make sure there's a doctor on the plane.

Billie Dean explains to Violet that in 1590, the Roanoke Colony died inexplicably and their spirits haunted the tribes for years, killing indiscriminately. The tribal elder cast a banishment curse by collecting and burning the ghosts' personal belongings. The ghosts appeared at the fire but the elder completed the curse by uttering a single word, "Croatoan."

Tate is pacing nervously when Violet comes in and tells them that they have get Chad's wedding ring and use it for the banishment curse. He doesn't trust Billie Dean and realizes that he did something bad, but Violet tells him to focus on the ring. Tate goes to the nursery room where Patrick is working and asks if he's ready for fatherhood. The teen then suggests that they let bygones be bygones and asks what it is that Patrick wants. He approaches Patrick, trying to seduce him, but Patrick beats him repeatedly. Patrick insists that he's not supposed to be there and was going to get out, but he fell in love with his secret lover. However, Chad hears him and runs off. As Patrick goes after him, Tate holds up the ring that he managed to grab from Patrick.

Ben and Vivien arrive outside the house and Ben goes in to get Violet. While she waits, Vivien suffers labor pains.

Violet comes to her room with Chad's wristwatch and meets with Tate. Ben pounds on the door and says that it's time to go, but Violet tells him that he has to trust her and that he can come back for her later. He demands to know what happened to her, and Violet tells him that she couldn't leave the house. Ben demands to know what drugs she's on, and his daughter finally tells him that she's dead and that she can't leave. Ben grabs Violet and takes her downstairs.

Constance hears Vivien crying and runs across the yard and takes her into the house despite her protests. Ben and Violet see her and Vivien says that the babies are coming, and Constance slams the door behind them. They take Vivien to the living room and Constance checks and tells her that the baby is already crowning. While Ben goes to call Dr. Hall, Violet tells Constance that it isn't safe. Constance tells her that she knows what she has to do.

Ben tries to call Dr. Hall but discovers that all of the phones are dead. The twins are outside, smashing the car, and the power goes out. Constance finds Ben and tells him that it's time. They go back to the living room and find Charles, Maria, and Gladys preparing Vivien for delivery. Ben starts to go into a trance, but Constance slaps him and says that the house is trying to help with the delivery. He goes to his wife's side and assures Vivien that they're there to help. Charles administers ether to take the edge off as Vivien starts pushing. As she delivers, Ben remembers being at Vivien's side as she gave birth to Violet. However, after the delivery, Charles tells Ben that the baby is stillborn. He takes it away while Constance tells Vivien that she can't hold it yet and she has another one coming. Meanwhile, Charles gives the dead baby to his wife, who holds it in her arms.

In the basement, Violet puts the watch and the ring into the furnace. Chad comes down and demands to know what is happening, and Violet says "Croatoan." Chad starts to convulse but then laughs and says that he's kidding. He informs Violet that it's all bullshit and that people make up spells and chants so they can feel in control. He then tosses the broken up pieces of the crib in the furniture and tells Violet that the babies are safe from him and Patrick, and Chad is doomed to spend eternity with a man who doesn't love him. Chad warns Violet that Tate will always be a monster, and she insists that Tate doesn't even remember what he did. In response, Chad tells her that Tate raped her mother as Vivien's screams echo through the house.

Charles warns Ben that Vivien is suffering from dystocia and he'll have to manipulate it with forceps. He tells Vivien to stop pushing until the proper moment. Ben then tells her to start pushing again and Vivien delivers the second twin. Constance takes the baby away, saying that she's going to wash it, while Charles attempts to stop Vivien's bleeding. Ben asks the doctor if everything is all right, but Charles doesn't answer.

Constance washes off the baby as Moira comes in, crying with joy. Hayden comes in and tells them to turn over her baby.

Vivien goes into shock despite Charles' efforts. Violet comes in and apologizes for not being able to see her at the hospital. Ben tells Vivien to concentrate, insisting that they can be happy like they were before. Violet tells her to let go if she's in pain and come to the other side, and Vivien says that she doesn't have a choice. Ben pleads with his wife not to die but Vivien passes away and all of the ghosts disappear.

Violet goes up to her room to tell Tate that Vivien is dead. He offers his condolences but Violet demands to know why Tate went to see her father. He admits that he knew he was dead and that he can remember that the cops shot him. Violet persists, asking why they shot him, and Tate claims that he doesn't know. She tells him that he killed kids, like the ones that they saw on Halloween, and a crying Tate wonders why he would do that. Violet asks why he killed Chad and Patrick, and why he raped her mother. Tate insists that he was different then but Violet says that he's the darkness. He tells Violet that she changed him and Violet says that she loves him, but she can't forgive him. Violet says that he has to pay for killing her mother and won't stay with him. She starts to back away and tells Tate to go away. Sobbing, Tate begs her to stop, but Violet orders him to leave and he disappears. Violet bursts into tears and Vivien comes to her and holds her. She assures her daughter that she was very brave, and that she didn't lose her baby.