American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 14, 2011 on FX

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  • Show Me The Baby!

    At the cost of sounding crass, I'm just going to come out and say it.

    Holy Freakin' Frak!! (Battlestar Galactica expletive)

    If you've just watched tonight's episode of American Horror Story titled 'Birth', you are more than likely to share my sentiments about how disturbingly awesome this particular episode was. And yes, this was without a doubt, the BEST episode of AHS to date, hands down.

    I've had my reservations about how the majority of the characters on this show have been portrayed as intolerable douchebags. But tonight, the entire AHS family (both dead & alive) got together to help Vivien deliver her baby(s). Vivien's delivery was possibly the weirdest scene in television history and more importantly it will be remembered as one of the best of this year. Where else can you see a murderous surgeon ghost deliver the Antichrist??

    This episode had too many things happening too fast for my brain to process. No sooner had Vivien delivered baby number two that another mega bombshell came crashing onto our skulls. Vivien's death. There's not a viewer on the planet who would have expected THAT to happen. So what is the ultimate result of all this? Everyone of significance in this show is dead, except Ben and Constance (unless she's dead too, and I'm missing something).

    This series began as a typical "unsuspecting & dysfunctional family moves into a haunted house" scenario, but it has blossomed and ventured into completely unchartered territory and for that, kudos to Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Mission accomplished, dudes. You have our undivided attention!

    There were other bombshells being showered from the ceiling of murder house tonight, a significant one being Ben's ultimate realization that the haunted house is indeed haunted. Imagine watching your wife's babies being delivered by a ghost, surrounded by other ghosts, one of the ghosts being your own daughter.

    Yes, Ben Harmon has had a bad night.

    Bombshell number three was Violet finally realizing that Tate raped Vivien. This was the only episode in the show where Violet actually made some good decisions for a change. The fact that she had to die first to become responsible is kind of disturbing. It was a strong and well shot scene where Violet cried in Vivien's arms (who's now dead). It was also great to watch Violet tell Tate to go take a hike. I like dead Violet better than living, breathing Violet.

    Earlier in the episode, Chad and Patrick were frontrunners in the spectral game of "who gets the babies?". Billie Dean's 'Croatoan' idea (obscure Supernatural reference) backfired big time on Violet. But it was interesting to note that being a ghost doesn't mean you can't wear expensive watches.

    So the question is - How do you banish a ghost, any ghost, from murder house??

    I guess the game of "who gets the baby?" (the edited version), will continue next week with loads of players involved (all of them dead, except Constance). Meanwhile, what's Ben's place in all this?? It's kind of weird to remain in a house where you're the only living person left! He's not gonna stay there with his dead wife and daughter, is he?? Creepy.


    - It's about time someone finally gave Tate the beating he so richly deserved. Now with Violet as the newest member of the "I Hate Tate" club (I'm the president), Tate's gimp suit days are over.

    - Stillborn baby number one went to Nora. Does that mean the baby's permanently going to be six months old??

    - Who wants a catfight between Vivien, Hayden and Constance over the baby? I do! Not much of a fight though, Constance could kick their collective asses.

    - You know, all this could have been avoided if the Winchesters had paid a visit to murder house in episode one. Just saying.

    The season finale next week might be our last episode with the Harmons. I dunno.

    Anything's possible with this show!
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