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This is it, folks! American Horror Story: Coven comes to close tonight with "The Seven Wonders," and a Supreme will finally be named. Might I suggest that we pass the time until the episode begins by trading theories about how it might be? Based on what's transpired over the last 12 episodes, it really could be anyone: All of the younger candidates have exhibited multiple powers, and given Ryan Murphy's penchant for insane plot switcheroos, I'm not so sure we can rule out the elders, either. Heck, at this point I'm pretty certain we shouldn't even exclude the people who died last week (or before). Which, according to this behind-the-scenes promo, is basically the point:

So you do you think it's going to be? Who do you WANT it to be? Personally, I'd like to see Nan come back and take the title—but something about that idea just seems too simple. 

Anyway, here are a few points and predictions to consider before you vote, from the comments of last week's review:

...and on that note, it's time to vote! Which witch will it be? Select your magical being of choice in the poll below—it'll close at 10pm Eastern, right as the episode begins its first airing—and once the Seven Wonders have concluded, we'll see whether or not our Supreme-forecasting abilities are worth a damn. 

Who'd you vote for, and why? Share your best theories in the comments!

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