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Hey, things that go bump in the night, unexplained phenomena, and gross perverts, I've got some good news! The television show about your life, FX's American Horror Story, has been renewed for a fourth season. The network is asking for another 13 episodes to air sometime in 2014. 

Of course the big question is, "Where will Season 4 take place, and what will it be about?" Well, you'll have to ask co-creator Ryan Murphy, because absolutely zero specifics accompanied the announcement. No casting details were mentioned either, but Jessica Lange has expressed interest in doing one more season of the show, and Connie Britton recently said she'd be down with returning to the show.

American Horror Story: Coven is currently four episodes into its third season (Episode 5 airs tonight) and is enjoying the most-watched season of the series' run. Coven is averaging 7.74 million viewers with time-shifted viewing factored in. 

So where should Season 4 take place? American Horror Story: NBC? American Horror Story: CanadaAmerican Horror Story: Westeros? Let's hear some of your suggestions in the comments.

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