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Wednesday 10:00 PM on FX (Returning Fall 2015)

As much as Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story series aims to entertain, it also seeks to hand-deliver crippling nightmares with freakish imagery and Chloe Sevigny made over as a hideous, boil-covered monster. But the visual terror starts always well before the television season begins, courtesy of the cryptic teasers the show releases on the regular. 

But today, it's a static image that should get all the attention. Take a look at this just-released poster (through the cracks in your fingers, preferably):

AHHHHHHHHH! What is going on here? Is this one of those weird perverted Japanese things? Is the snake supposed to represent the witch's tongues and the venomous power of the spoken spell? Or did the art department say, "You know what would look really cool? A snake!" 

American Horror Story: Coven premieres October 9 on FX.

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AIRED ON 1/21/2015

Season 4 : Episode 13

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