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Sep 28, 2017
Gone Too Far
AHS has become too political. I can't stand the current, toxic cultural/political atmosphere in America today and I can't stand entertainment posing as a sociopolitical arbiter of any stripe. I watch TV to escape for a couple of hours a day. I won't spend time watching AHS anymore.
Here. For. This.
Mar 28, 2017
American Horror Story Season 7 Adds Billy Eichner in Major Role
American Horror Story Season 7 Casts Billy Eichner
What would Marcia Clark say to Lana Winters?
Dec 20, 2016
Watch Sarah Paulson's TV Characters Have a Conversation Together in This Mashup
Sarah Paulson Character Conversation Mashup
What else is left now?
Oct 06, 2016
American Horror Story: Roanoke Just Answered Almost All Your Questions
American Horror Story: Roanoke Recap
Ryan Murphy is already hard at work on it!
Oct 04, 2016
American Horror Story Renewed for Season 7 -- but When Will It Air?
American Horror Story Renewed for Season 7
Was it worth the wait?
Sep 15, 2016
The American Horror Story Season 6 Theme Is...
American Horror Story Season 6 Theme Revealed
Welcome to _My Roanoke Nightmare_
Sep 15, 2016
The American Horror Story Premiere Just Turned the Entire Series on Its Head
American Horror Story Season 6 Premiere Recap
Charles Manson, aliens and murder, oh my!
Sep 12, 2016
American Horror Story: Ranking the Season 6 Theories
American Horror Story Season 6: Ranking the Theories
Roanoke is only the beginning
Sep 09, 2016
American Horror Story Season 6: Everything We Know So Far
American Horror Story Season 6: Everything We Know So Far
Watch the creepy new teaser!
Aug 25, 2016
American Horror Story Takes on the Children of the Corn
New American Horror Story Season 6 Teaser Takes on Children of the Corn
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In this seasonal anthology series, American Horror Story in the first season follows the Harmon family, a family of three who have moved from Boston to LA for a fresh start but end up living in a sinister haunted house instead. From producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk comes the intriguing, erotic and scary story of life within the haunted house.

In the second season, the series deals with the legend of Bloody Face, who haunts a Catholic-run sanitarium in 1964. In a house of healing that is anything but, a serial killer is the least of the threats that menace residents and staff alike.

In the third season, a group of witches deal with enemies from within and without as they try to survive in the modern day.

In the fourth season one of the last standing freak shows in Jupiter, Florida deals with serial killers, psychopaths, and society. This season is set in the 1950s.

In the fifth season set in the present day, the Hotel Cortez in LA is haunted by the ghosts who have died within. A unique species of vampire-like creatures also stalk the halls.

In the sixth season, a reality TV show stages a recreation at a haunted house in Roanoke, but unleashes forces beyond their control.