American Horror Story

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2013 on FX

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  • The WORST Episode of Season 2

    First off, Kit's living situation was fucked up. He must have been mentally ill to be living like that with those two wives of his. He should have been thrown back into Briarcliff just for that.

    This episode was so vague and distant and uninteresting.

    WHY was Frances Conroy a patient in Briarcliff this time?? There is a LIMIT to the liberties you can take with the show. If you are not able to tie the story together well, let it go. DON'T try to pass it off as a great ending/episode by making some poetically-perfect-everybody-takes-away-something-different-from-it-spiritually type of ending by making it vague and disconnected. THAT IS NOT GOOD WRITING. THAT IS A COP OUT.
  • Continuum

    Continuum was a perfect an extremely entertaining episode of American Horror Story. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development plot progression, action drama suspense intrigue and more. I really enjoyed seeing the various time frames for the same characters and it was all so awesome to see how everything tied together. there were many shocking moments ans fun surprises and I certainly like tell everything played out. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • I just kept yelling WTF at my TV! But really WTF!!!

    Don't get me wrong, I loved this episode. From the first shot and my first WTF, I was like "Kip, not you too!" then they showed "the marriage" I'm an Afro-Canadian woman who grew up in Africa and Canada. THIS IS NOT OKAY! But well played AHS until one sister wife literally axed the other, tale as old as time. Like I said, I grew up in Africa. My money was on Grace who knew beautiful Alma got that much rage in her! No really who knew? That for me was hard to believe, sweet Alma going all "Shining" on Grace.

    "Nah nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah", hey Jude" (Beatles) don't you just want to sing that song to her, "Take a sad song and make it better" and the song was release in 1968 tooI mean payback is a B@ and sister Jude is paying big time! From episode 1, the portray of the Catholic Church in the show bothered the Catholic girl in me but we can be sneaky devious followers. I think an eye for an eye is appropriate in this situation. But WTF for the angel of death hallucinations, I just thought she was a doppelgnger. Hang in there Jude just one episode to go.

    Now Lana, she sold out! Wouldn't you? She was a closeted lesbian in the 60's (horrid area by the way) who was raped and impregnated by a serial killer, institutionalized against her will by her girlfriend (are we all forgetting that? Shelly sent her there!). So now her son has mummy issues and wants to kill her, again tale as old as time.

    Final episode, Bloody Facejr confronting his mother and it's NOT Lana. He said he's 48 and it's supposed to be 2012 therefore he was born in 1964, now that's not possible a pregnancy is 40 weeks the only baby born in 1964 should be Grace and Kip alien hybrid. Hey I'm only speculating, but WTF right?

  • The Good and the Bad

    As a whole, this episode had excellent production value. It was skillfully shot and edited together to immerse the audience into several, seemingly disparate story lines that converged towards the end of the episode. The acting was brilliant in this episode as well, particularly with regard to Judy's hallucination segment.

    The primary element that other reviewers (myself included) seem to be disappointed with is the direction the story took. It was also difficult to follow the progression of time in this episode. However, there are logistical reasons that shed light onto why many of the events in this episode occurred. As a result of this, I didn't feel right giving the episode a lower score. The production and acting was so fantastic, it would have been unfair of me to do. Sure, the plot got all kinds of freaky isn't this the American Horror Story we have come to know and love? I feel as if I tune into this show because of the many surprises that make you say to yourself, "They did not go there!" Well news to everyone, yes they did! The plot developments may be difficult to accept and even understand, but they are not unreasonable. Let's delve into each section of this episode one-by-one...

    (1) Alma, Grace, and Kit

    The inclusion of a semi-polygamous relationship was a very odd, but unique idea. Kit was torn in the very beginning of the season by his situation (being pinned as Bloody Face and thrown into Briarcliff) but it was clear that he had been very much in love with his wife, Alma. When Kit and Grace developed a close relationship together, the audience was taken for a ride where they likely excluded Alma from the picture and kept Grace at the forefront. But Kit is not a member of the audience, he likely had unresolved feelings and couldn't just forget Alma! With her back in the picture, living in the same home, it made sense that Kit was gravitating more towards her. Yet, he was still torn inside to an extent and that is why the polygamous aspect made sense here.

    Grace's end was almost poetic, and very fitting considering the nature the crime that had her committed to Briarcliff in the first place. She murdered her family with an ax, and so she was murdered with an ax. Even considering this, I was genuinely disappointed that she was murdered by Alma. Alma, what were you thinking? Remember, you have two kids in the house, one of which happens to be Grace's child. Bad example!

    (2) Judy

    Now this was a piece of work in terms of writing, production, and acting. While I understand the sentiments of previous reviewers that a lot of what happened didn't seem to make sense, the point of this entire segment was to put you, the audience, into Judy's mind state. As a psychologist, I think this worked extremely well. While we all don't trust the Monsignor, he duped us and Judy into having the smallest sense that maybe he did care about her a little bit. After all, he could have just left and said nothing. With this in the back of our minds (because obviously we don't trust him enough to see this is credible), the scene was set for a magnificent hallucination sequence. I paused my DVR when I saw Frances Conroy as an inmate. I just didn't get it at was she there? But I knew all too quick that something was obviously up here. Recall the episode titled, "The Name Game," when Judy had a mega hallucination and there should be no surprise that her descent into madness might produce more hallucinations. After all, she was also locked up in solitary confinement. That does not help the mind one bit. It seemed that Judy was disillusioned and detached from reality almost entirely. I got that sense as a viewer. It all lead up to a climactic scene in Dr. Crump's office (the old office of Sister Jude) where the elements of Jessica Lange's acting and the show's production drew me in and made me feel like I was going crazy in the room with her. We fast forwarded several years? Pepper is dead? The Monsignor (excuse me, Cardinal) never came back? It was as if you were watching the misery, confusion, and anguish swim in Judy's head. I really felt for her here, but kudos to Jessica is definitely winning awards this year.

    (3) Lana

    Lana banana is no longer shaping up to be the heroine she seemed to be all season. While I did not like her lying in her book and abandoning her friends, I think that the show is hitting a very important point here. Lana no longer has anything after leaving Briarcliff. Her lover was dead, she had given up on Judy, and she had birthed a child she never wanted. She was essentially as alone as could be. So she filled that hole with money fueled by the truth mixed with embellishment in the form of lies and stretching of the truth. It is a classic media move and it fits her personality profile after all that she has gone through, and what she is left with. So shame on Lana for transforming into a megabitch in this episode. But credit to the writers for picking up this story arc, it makes all the sense in the world.
  • Loose ends

    I agree with alot of the previous reviewers this wasn't the greatest penultimate episode but I do think it would have been very informative and a build up although not a cliff hanger build up to the final episode. It was like a filler episode but like the last season of American Horror Story the writers seem to clear up all loose ends so all the main characters have 'their' ending!

    I am very much looking forward to the final episode to see what lies in wait for Judy, Lana, Kit and even the chip of the old block bloody face's son!
  • A rush of blood to the head.

    A filler episode with forced storylines and it is supposed to be the penultimate one?

    My rating is very generous. Extremely generous. The Alma/Grace/Kit love triangle should be nominated for the most pointless and rushed storyline ever. After they killed off sister Mary Eunice, the series is steering out of control, desperately trying to hit as many soft-spots as possible. Let us just hope the finale is not as disappointing.
  • Poor Kit!

    Kit was in a tough spot with Alma coming back into the picture. He loved Grace but Alma was his true love from what the episode lead you to believe. Too bad, Alma killed Grace, it sounded like she was about to tell Kit that she was leaving. Alma was terrified of the aliens coming back. I think if Grace had let the alien thing go the three of them may have last another year or two but it was doom. I still don't understand why Kit didn't just bury Grace in the backyard and not tell anyone Alma killed her. That part made no sense to me that Kit would let Alma go to Briarcliff. Can't wait for Lana and "her son" (not sure that is really her son) to meet.
  • #212 'Continuum'

    Changes are an important part of our lives but there's been too many of them in this show. I didn't enjoy Kit's love triangle going on in his home for about 3 years. I know that it must have been pretty luxurious for his libido but I bet it was one of the many things that drove Alma to her insanity. Poor woman couldn't take it anymore and butchered our beloved French hippie Grace, she was admitted to Briarcliff (how ironic) and died there. When he was at Briarcliff to see his dead wife's body he found Sister Jude who now calls herself Betty Drake and watches her own story on television. Pretty twisted, right?

    Lana is now a pretty popular writer whose novel fittingly titled 'Maniac' is on best selling New York Times list for the 10th consecutive week. Kit finds her and tells her how disappointed he was that she never kept her promise and didn't even try to shut down Briarcliff. Lana is surprised to uncover the truth about Jude who is still alive and not dead and cremated like Monsignor Timothy claimed several years ago. Meanwhile in 2013 - Johnny tries to get the last known signed copy at the local book store which is going out of business. After describing (in precise detail) that he is Lana Winters' son and what he is about to do to his mother once they reunite the old lady who owns the place is more than willing to give him the last copy. I think she just prolonged her life. Next week's season finale shall be interesting. It's gonna be a huge night of television. Brace yourselves, freaks and geeks. Not you Pepper, you're dead. [8.5/10]