American Horror Story

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Episode Guide

  • Season 7
    • Great Again
      Episode 11

      The Feds arrest Kai, but he plots his revenge against Ally in prison. Meanwhile, Ally begins to draw women to her as she runs as Michigan Senator.

    • 11/7/17

      As Kai begins to begin his campaign for Senate, he relates the story of Charles Manson to his followers. Meanwhile, Winter offers Beverly a way out, and Ally helps Kai find the mole in the cult.

    • 10/31/17

      While serving dinner, Ally reveals to Ivy how she overcame her phobias. Meanwhile, Kai declares himself Oz's biological father and takes possession of the boy.

    • 10/24/17

      Kai prepares to have Winter and Samuels procreate the cult's messiah. Meanwhile, Ally receives a visitor, and Rudy swears his loyalty to his brother.

    • When Kai isolates Beverly, Ivy, and Winter, a woman from the 60s seeks them out and offers them a way to seize power from men.

    • 10/10/17

      Ally goes to a new council candidate to try and convince her of the cult's existence. Meanwhile, someone attempts to assassinate Kai.

    • Holes
      Episode 5

      Ally pays Rudy another visit about her fear of holes and how her life is falling apart without Oz. Meanwhile, Kai tests the loyalty of his cult when he says that one of them is a weak link in their group.

    • 11/9
      Episode 4

      Kai gathers familiar faces to join his cult as the events surrounding 11/8/17 are explored.

    • Neighbors from Hell

      Ally's fears increase after a couple is found sealed inside of burial caskets. Meanwhile, protestors turn out after word gets out that Ally shot and killed Pedro.

    • 9/12/17

      Ally's paranoia grows after Kai pays her a visit. Meanwhile, a body turns up dead at the Butchery, and the Wiltons move into the Changs' house.

    • Election Night
      Episode 1

      In a small town in Michigan, Kai Anderson uses the election of Trump to spread his twisted version of fear to get the people to turn to him. Meanwhile, Ally Mayfair-Richards finds her fears brought to life when clowns start appearing to her and no one else.

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