American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 4

Halloween (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

In 2010, Chad Warwick is preparing for Halloween when his boyfriend Patrick says that he's going to the gym. Chad tells him to wear a condom and Patrick asks why he would wear a condom. When Chad says that he's screwing the instructor at the gym, Patrick boasts that he is and Chad says that it doesn't bother him anymore. He points out all of their money is invested in the house and they can't leave, and he's trying to make the house warm and spectacular. Chad tells Patrick to start carving pumpkins, put on a costume, and man up. Patrick says that he had hoped they would have a great life and a baby, and then walks away. Chad goes on with the Halloween decorations and looks up to see a man in a rubber suit standing in the doorway. He assumes that it's Patrick and apologizes, admitting that his partner looks sexy. The rubber man grabs him and slams him into the wall, and then drowns him in the vat of apples and finally breaks his neck. Patrick comes in and sees the rubber ma n standing over his partner. In the present, Vivien and Ben call in Marcy and complain that she isn't selling the house. She suggests that they get a fluffer and impress the buyers with Halloween decorations, and points out that meanwhile the neighbor children have been egging the house. Ben admits that they did, unaware that it was the dead twins who did it. When Marcy lets them choose between an expensive English decorator and a young gay man she knows, they go with the gay man. Travis is reading a story to Adelaide about Halloween and the legends of the holiday when Constance comes in. She sends him to the store to get chocolate chips and reminds Adelaide what happened to the last man who flirted with her. Constance says that no matter how much she's sacrificed for Adelaide, she won't share her men with him. She looks at the book and asks Adelaide what she plans to dress up as, and Adelaide shows her a photo of a model from a magazine. Constance tells her that she'll go as Snoopy, same as always, and tells her to send Travis to her bedroom when he gets back. As Adelaide goes, she says that Halloween is when the dead walk freely, and Constance says that they already knew that. Larry arrives at the front door with a pumpkin basket and asks Ben for treats. He wants $1,000 and warns Ben that he'll go to the police if Ben doesn't pay him to maintain his secret about Hayden's death. Ben kicks the pumpkin basket into the yard and tells Larry to go away. Later, Ben meets with Tate and notes that he isn't meeting with the other psychiatrist. More importantly, Ben wants to know why Tate was in the house the night of the break-in. Tate claims that he was outside Violet's window, tossing pebbles, when the intruders broke in. He breaks into tears and insists that Ben is the only psychiatrist that he trusts, but Ben says that he can't meet with him in the house. He finally agrees to meet somewhere with Tate for coffee and talk with him there. A security firm representative comes in and installs new alarms in the house, and explains to Vivien how they work. She admits that the house electrical systems are old and the representative admits that if the phones or power go off, they could have problems. Vivien then goes into the next room where Moira is carving pumpkins. She asks for time off during Halloween to meet with her mother and Vivien agrees. As Vivien takes the first carved pumpkin out, she sees Chad and Patrick outside, looking at the house, and assumes that they're Marcy's fluffers. Chad and Patrick soon have Vivien and Ben carving pumpkins in the kitchen, and Chad makes snide comments about Patrick's interest in gay bars. Vivien asks them for advice on the house and Chad suggests that they tear down the gazebo and put in an organic garden. Ben nervously cuts his hand and Patrick takes him up to the bathroom to tend to the wound, and then offers him oral sex, figuring that Ben is gay. Ben refuses and Patrick apologizes, saying that it's been a long time. As Ben leaves, Patrick asks him not to say anything to Chad. In the kitchen, Chad comments that Ben appears nervous and admits that Patrick is cheating on him. He explains that he found out about Patrick's affairs by checking the cell phone bills, giving Vivien an idea. Violet is in her room when she hears something beneath the bed. It's Adelaide, who grabs her leg and then crawls out. She says that she wants to be a pretty girl for Halloween and asks Violet to make her up. Violet agrees and Adelaide says that she talks to Tate and he thinks that Violet is pretty. She then asks if Violet is a virgin and Violet says that she isn't. Violet says that she can't keep breaking into the house but Adelaide says that all of her friends are there. When Adelaide gets home, Constance insists that she take the "smut" off of her face and reminds her daughter that she could have sent her to a home. She rants that people think she's a hero for keeping her developmentally challenged daughter, but she never had a choice. Angry, Adelaide runs off. Violet goes down to the basement to meet with Tate at midnight as they agreed. The rubber man grabs her and Violet fights back until she realizes that it's Tate. He asks if she was scared and Violet insists that she wasn't, and Taste offers to show her something that will scare her. He sets up an Ouija board and explains that Dr. Charles Montgomery, the man who built the house, worked in the basement. Nora set up a series of abortions to make money for the family, but one of the girls told he boyfriend. Nora takes a phone call from someone saying "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." She doesn't know what to make of it first, but then runs upstairs and realizes that the boyfriend has abducted their baby. Later, the police bring a box filled with jars containing parts of their child. Nora goes insane with grief while Charles takes the pieces and stitches them together in his basement workshop. When Nora finds out, she bursts into tears. Tate finishes by saying that the "baby" that Charles created still remains in the house. Violet dismisses it all and says that she wants to go on a real date. Tate tells her that they'll go the next night and has Violet get him out of the house without Ben seeing her. As they leave, the candles on the Ouija board go out by themselves. Ben meets with Tate and notices a young girl nearby who reminds him of Violet. He talks about how Violet wanted to be scary and fierce, just like her mother, and admits that he was a troubled kid. However, Ben explains that he was given an amazing gift of family. He breaks into tears and Tate assures him that everything will be okay. Constance goes to see Adelaide, who says that she's too old for trick-or-treating. Her mother brings out a mask of a woman, explaining that her daughter doesn't have to worry about makeup, and cheers her up. Ben puts on his vampire costume and Vivien comes in and demands to know about Hayden. She reminds him that she promised they were done if he lied to her again, and explains that she read the phone bills. Ben says that he never took the calls and threatened to call the police if she didn't stop. When he says that Hayden stops, Vivien says that she left a message but Ben warns that Hayden probably won't be calling back. He claims that he wanted to protect her and insists that Hayden is over. His cell phone ring and Vivien picks it up and tells a shocked Ben that it's Hayden, and that she'll call her back later. Vivien goes downstairs in her witches' costume, and Chad says that it will ruin his entire décor. He sees red apples in the bobbing station and snaps at Ben, saying that they need green apples. Chad tells them that they should leave and that the house knows they don't belong. When Chad says that they don't deserve the house, Vivien goes berserk, wrecking the decorations and telling them to get out. As Chad starts to approach her, he sees the rubber man through the window and leaves with Patrick. When Ben asks if Vivien is okay, she says that she still suspects him and tells him to go. Before Ben can say anything, Vivien clutches at her stomach and says that she can feel it kicking even though it's only eight weeks' old. Violet comes down and Ben tells her to lock the door and keep it closed while he takes Vivien to the hospital. Violet puts the candy out with a sign saying for people to take it. Adelaide goes to the door and rings it, hoping she can show Violet her pretty girl costume. Several costumed girls come by and insult her, and Adelaide goes after them. As she crosses the street, a car hits her. Ben and Vivien wait in the emergency room until the OR doctor gets there. Vivien says that she hasn't felt the kicking in the last half hour and the doctor says that it's probably gas. She does an ultrasound and notes that the baby appears to be a lot bigger than eight weeks. Once the doctor focuses the image, she stares at the screen and then faints. Constance comes out and finds Adelaide on the street as the EMTs tend to her. They assure Constance that Adelaide isn't dead and that they're doing what they can, but Constance pulls her daughter back to her house, insisting that she has to get her onto the lawn. When she gets there, she realizes that Adelaide has died. Moira goes to a senior citizen home and sits at the bed of her mother, Molly, who is on life support. She apologizes, saying that it's fault because she wasn't there for her, and breaks into tears. Moira then unhooks the respirator and watches as her mother dies. Her mother's spirit appears behind her and invites her to come with her, but Moira says that she can't. After a moment, the spirit disappears. Violet is still in her room when Larry pounds on the door and rings the bell, demanding his $1,000. He chases off some trick-or-treaters and Violet calls Ben and tells her what's happening. He tells her to make sure the door is locked and hangs up, and Violet backs away... unaware that the rubber man is standing behind her. Ben and Vivien return home and hear the alarms going off. There's no sign of Violet. As Vivien calls Violet's cell phone, Ben hears someone knocking at the door. He goes to it and finds Hayden at the door, and he slams the door in her face.
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