American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 5

Halloween (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

As Larry pounds on the door, Violet is unaware that the Rubber Man is lurking behind her. when she turns to face him, there's nothing there. She goes to her room and pauses briefly by the bed. She hears something at the window and goes toward it... unaware that a hand reaching from underneath the bed has just failed to grab her. Violet goes downstairs and meets with Tate, who tells her that the person was pounding on the door was probably just a neighbor kid playing a prank. He gives Violet a black-painted rose and takes her on their date.

Ben and Vivien arrive at the house and hear the alarm going off. While Vivien searches upstairs for their daughter, Ben hears a knock at the door and answers it, and finds a ghostly Hayden at the door. As he slams the door shut, Vivien gets to Violet. She's out on the beach with Tate, and assures her mother that she's fine and out with friends. When Vivien asks who was pounding on the door, Violet says that it was just neighbor kids playing a prank. Her mother tells her to be home in an hour and Violet agrees.

Vivien goes to find Ben, who has grabbed a knife from the kitchen rack. He says that the neighbor kids destroyed their pumpkins but Vivien points out that killing them with a knife might not be a good idea. She says that they've had a long day and she's going to take a bath, and then the next day they'll talk about Ben moving out. As his wife leaves, Ben insists that he's not moving out and he's not giving up on their family.

Ben goes outside, grabs a shovel, and heads to the gazebo. Larry approaches him, asking for his $1,000, and Ben hits him with the shovel and then slams him into the gazebo. He figures that Larry and Hayden set things up, and that she isn't dead or buried beneath the gazebo. Larry tells Ben that the dead have nothing left to lose and laughs, but Ben knocks him down and starts beating him. When Larry says that Hayden is more dangerous than ever, Ben grabs him by the neck and says that if he goes down, he'll take Larry with him. Larry dares Ben to kill him so that he can come back and haunt him. Ben grabs the shovel and considers beating Larry some more, but then tells him to stay off the property and walks away.

Vivien answers the doorbell and talks to the security company rep, Luke, who came to investigate the alarms. She tells him that Violet set off the alarms and that he has nothing to worry about.

On the beach, Tate and Violet are kissing on the beach and Violet wants to have sex. Tate says that he wants to but he can't, and suggests that the medications that Ben has been giving him have made him impotent. Violet prepares to leave, but Tate says that he's not ready to go. He holds her tight and talks about his idols were all high school dropouts, and that Violet shouldn't get stuck there. Five high school students approach them, all apparently made up as accident victims. They know Tate and congratulate him on showing his face for the first time in years after hiding in his mommy's house. Tate tells them not to harm Violet, but they say that they want Tate and threaten to kill him. Violet, unimpressed, thinks it's all a joke, but they wonder why Tate gets a girlfriend and say they haven't had sex in a long time. Tate grabs Violet and leads her away while the five students watch.

Vivien is preparing to get in the bath when Hayden calls on her cell phone. Hayden asks if Ben has told her about Boston, and Vivien tells her that she also fell in love with a married man and had the fantasy that she'd be with him. However, it didn't happen that way and Vivien says that it never does because Ben is missing something. Hayden says that Ben found something in her that he doesn't with Vivien, and describes them in bed together. Vivien snaps, saying that she regrets not ripping Hayden's face off when she caught her in bed with Ben. Hayden says that it's too late now and tells her to ask Ben about Boston, and Vivien throws the phone down. Vivien then starts to get undressed, but looks at the mirror and sees the words "Ask him" drawn in the steam.

Vivien runs downstairs and tells Ben that Hayden is in the house, and she's going to call the police. Ben insists that she's overreacting and that if the police show up on Halloween, it will ruin their chances of selling the house. He goes to the kitchen, grabs a knife, and walks downstairs to the cellar to find Hayden. Hayden steps out of the shadows and says that she loves him saying her name, and Ben tells her that she has to go. She points out that slamming the door in her face was a mean thing to do and reminds him that he's the father of her child. Hayden asks him to kiss her, insisting that she's aching for her, and then spits out some of her own internal organs. She then remembers what he did to her and complains that he buried her under a gazebo and discarded her like she didn't even exist. Ben demands to know what she wants, and Hayden says that she wants Vivien to know the truth about him. Larry comes up behind Ben and clubs him unconscious with the shovel, and then apologizes to Hayden for killing her. She says that she'll deal with him later and goes after Vivien, and Larry pulls out his lighter and asks to help.

Vivien looks outside and sees Chad smashing the Halloween decorations. She confronts him and Chad says that all he wanted was one perfect Halloween night. Vivien ruined it and now Chad figures that Patrick is out having sex at a gay bar. Vivien threatens to call the security company and Chad tells her that no one can protect her now. She runs into the house and locks the door as Chad screams at her to get out of the house.

In the upstairs bathroom, Hayden soaks in the tub. Vivien calls out to Ben and tries the door to the bathtub, and discovers that it's locked. The dog, Hallie, starts barking and Vivien goes to investigate. She sees smoke pouring out from under a door and investigates, and finds a towel on fire.

Violet goes to her room with Tate and asks who the students on the beach were and how they knew him. He insists that they're just popular kids that were trying to be cruel. Before Violet can respond, they hear Hallie growling. Violet goes to the window and sees the five students coming into the yard, and grabs a pair of scissors.

Vivien is walking through the house, calling for Ben, when her phone rings. She goes into the bathroom to get it and answers it, and Hayden says that she didn't want to let the bathtub water go to waste. Vivien realizes that Hayden was in the tub and asks where she was, and Hayden calls someone over and says that she loves what Vivien has done with the kitchen. Grabbing a golf club, Vivien goes into the kitchen and finds Hallie cooking in the microwave

Violet goes outside to confront the students and threatens to call the cops. Unimpressed, they tell Violet that she's deeply disturbed and she tells them to go home. One of the girls, Chloe, say that after what happened, her parents split up, moved away, and left her without a home. Kyle says that he lost his football scholarship. They figure that she's in love with Tate and will give him her virginity despite what he did to them. When Violet asks what Tate did to them, they realize that she doesn't know. The students tell her to find a newspaper or their Westfield High yearbook. Tate runs out and tells them to leave Violet alone, and then tells her to go inside. He runs away and they chase him down the street, while Violet calls the police. Constance comes up and grabs her, and demands that Violet come into her house and that Adelaide is dead because of her.

Vivien goes to her bedroom and activates the security silent alarm, and hears something in the closet. She opens the door and Hallie runs out. As Vivien goes after the dog, she sees Hayden standing behind her. Hayden says that she wants the truth to be known once and for all, and asks her what she thinks Ben is capable of. Vivien says that she knows Ben all too well, and Hayden asks if she thinks Ben could commit murder. Unimpressed, Vivien tells her to leave but Hayden insists that Vivien has to know exactly who she's married to and they have to talk about Boston and her pregnancy. Vivien assumes that Hayden is talking about her pregnancy, and Hayden realizes that was why Ben said the abortion was her choice. Sobbing, she smashes a family photo, picks up a piece of glass, and tells Vivien that Ben didn't want her to keep their baby because he already had one with Vivien. Hayden then advances on Vivien, wielding the piece of glass like a knife.

Downstairs, Larry is pouring out gasoline when Chad comes in and asks what he has planned for his house.

Ben wakes up and discovers that he's been tied up. Nora is standing over him and tells him that he's a disgrace. She asks him how he can allow Hayden to take away the only thing that gives his pathetic life meaning. Nora unties him and says that she will not permit another failure in the house, and tells Ben to save the baby.

Hayden tells Vivien that she has no idea what Ben did to her and that she matters. She warns Vivien that Ben will hurt Vivien and the baby and it's better if they just end it now. She grabs Vivien but Ben comes in and yells at her to stop. Hayden tells him to tell Vivien about Boston and the baby, and Ben admits that he went to Boston to be with Hayden. His wife points out that Ben had ended the affair over a year ago, but Ben admits that he went back to Hayden and that he lied to Vivien about that as well. He tells Hayden to put down the knife now that Vivien knows the truth. As Hayden hesitates, Luke arrives in response to the alarm and Vivien tells him that Hayden is the intruder.

Constance brings Violet to her kitchen, serves her tea, and explains that Adelaide wanted to be a pretty girl, but she wasn't pretty in the morgue under the fluorescent lights. She explains that she made Adelaide up as she was saying goodbye. Violet apologizes and Constance says that she was just trying to help, but she was the one who let Adelaide go out into the world. Violet asks for a cigarette and Constance offers her one and lights it up. She explains that Adelaide was a willful child and inherited it from her, and figures that she was more like Constance than her other children. When Violet points out that she didn't know Constance had other children, Constance says that Tate is her son but insists that he can't learn that his sister has passed on. She explains that Tate doesn't react well to certain things and asks Violet to promise not to tell him. Constance says that her son has the soul of a poet but none of the steel that lets him resist the horrors of the world, the steel that she has, that Adelaide had, and that Violet has. She suggests that Tate is attracted to Violet because he craves her strength, and shows Violet a photo of Tate and Adelaide together.

Tate runs to the beach and the five students' corner him. One of the girls, Steph, reminds him that Tate put a gun to her head and asked if she believed in God, and when she said yes, Tate pulled the trigger. Kyle shoves him to the ground and demands to know why he went after them and ruined all their potential. Tate insists that they have the wrong guy and that they're just hallucinations, but Chloe says that they're real and begs him to say what he did. She says that she would have been 34 years old if she hadn't died, but Tate insists that he doesn't know her or the others. As the sun comes up, the five students leave.

As the dawn comes, all of the house's victims come back. Moira tells Chad that her mother is dead and he offers his condolences. She admits that she couldn't go with her. Patrick tries to apologize to Chad, saying that he couldn't help himself, but Chad says that he's doomed to be trapped in the house, unable to make it the way he wants. Moira says that he is trapped.

As Luke takes Hayden to the police, he says that she's evil and that no one does things like that out of love. Hayden admits that she put tomatoes in the microwave and says that it was a prank, and tells Luke that Ben was the love of her life. She wonders what will happen now and Luke tells her that she's going to jail. As he pulls up to the police station, he looks in the back and discovers that Hayden has vanished.

Ben is packing in the bedroom and notices the shattered picture frame. He then goes down to the kitchen and kisses Vivien on the forehead, and then leaves without a word.

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