American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 2

Home Invasion

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

In 1968, three women in the house are heading for the Hollywood Bowl to hear The Doors. They stop in the living room to invite their roommate, Maria, to come along. She says she has to study for a test and they tease her until the nurse, Gladys, tells them to stop. Once they leave, there's a knock at the door and Maria answers it. There's a man at the door, Franklin with a head injury. Maria invites him in and treats his wound. He notices Maria's cross necklace and asks if she thinks Jesus can save her. Maria says that they're all saved, and then admits that she can't find any sign of a cut. Franklin hits her in the head with an ash tray, knocking her out, and then knocks out Gladys.

When Maria wakes up, she finds herself on the couch. The invader tosses her a nurse's uniform and tells her to remove her clothes and put on the coat. Maria says that she's a virgin, and the invader draws a knife and tells her to strip. Once she puts on the uniform, he ties her up and reminds her that he said Jesus can't save her. Maria prays to God and the man studies her. Once she finishes, Maria looks up and discovers that the man has slipped away. She wonders if he's left for good... and he stabs her in the back repeatedly.

In the present, Ben meets with Tate for a session. Ben's phone rings and he turns it off, and Tate asks if he's thinking about sex. He admits that he jerks off to Violet and describes what he does to her, but Ben refuses to be baited. Tate says that Ben isn't helping him make his visions of blood and carnage go away and brings up ben's affair, and Ben says that their time is up for the day. Once Tate leaves, the phone rings again and he answers it. A woman at the other end says that she's pregnant.

At a skate park, Violet meets with Leah, who is now smoking and terrified by everything. Leah insists that she was attacked by the Infantata and that Violet saw it as well. Violet insists that the Infantata was just Tate freaking them out, but Leah points out that her hair is turning white from fear. She asks Violet if she believes in the Devil. When Violet says she doesn't, Leah says that she's looked into his eyes.

That night, Violet steps in her bed and Tate watches her from the room. The security alarm goes off and Ben races downstairs. He shuts down the alarm and hears movement in the basement. When he goes to investigate, he discovers that Adelaide has broken into the house and is tossing a ball against the wall. As Ben leads her out, he doesn't see someone roll the ball back across the floor. Once he sends the girl home, Ben tells Vivien to forget it and calls the girl a freak. Vivien snaps at him and then admits that she isn't suffering from any morning sickness. She insists that there's something wrong with the baby and Ben tries to reassure her. He insists that the baby is their salvation and kisses her.

Ben meets with another patient, an actress named Bianca, who describes her recurring nightmare of being stuck in an elevator and being cut in half when she tries to climb out. She then asks if Ben thinks it's weird living in Murder House. He's surprised and Bianca admits that it's what made her choose Ben as a psychiatrist. He prefers to focus on her nightmare and asks if she's been sexually abused. Bianca says that she hasn't and Ben suggests that there may be something in her that is shut down.

Afterward, Ben calls Tate's mother and says that he can't treat him anymore. Bianca comes in the kitchen and explains that she tried to leave but got turned around. He guides her to the front door and continues his conversation with Mrs. Langdon.

At home, Constance is making cupcakes and tells Adelaide that she has special gifts. She mixes ipecac into the cupcake mix and then has Adelaide spit into it.

Ben is jogging and remembering the woman he had an affair with. He stops in a tunnel and cries, and Larry approaches him. He figures that the house knows whatever is tearing Ben up and will use it against him, but Ben says it has nothing to do about the house. He says that Hayden called him from Boston, and Larry says that to save his family he's going to have to do the honorable thing: lie.

That night, Ben tells Vivien that the parents of a former patient want him to come out to Boston to see their daughter. Vivien believes him and says that he's a good man.

Constance comes to see Vivien and offers her two cupcakes for Violet. She realizes that Vivien is pregnant, saying she could smell the pheromones. Constance asks to hand the cupcakes personally and when Vivien says her daughter isn't there, says she'll bring them back later. Vivien asks if she can smell anything else about the baby and offers coffee, and Vivien cuts one of the cupcakes in half and offers to split it. As she prepares to eat it, Vivien asks if Constance would have done anything different if she knew about Adelaide's condition before the girl was born. Constance admits that she still would have had the girl and that she had three other children, and two of them had other maladies. However, she had a son who was physically perfect but had other problems.

Constance assures Vivien that her child is fine just as Ben comes through on his way to Boston. He reaches for the cupcake but Constance pulls it away. Moira comes in and Constance gives her orders to clean up, and admits that they go way back and that Moira used to work for her. Constance concludes by saying that it's heartbreaking when the promise of a child is broken. Ben sees the young Moira as she takes his bag to the car. Once they're alone, Ben tells Vivien that he wishes she could come with him and hugs her tight.

Violet is in her room when Vivien comes in with Constance's cupcake. She suggests they have a girl's night out but Violet insists that she has homework. Violet then complains that Vivien kept the fact that she was pregnant from her and points out the increased chance of a miscarriage. Vivien snaps at her and tells her to say all of her mean things, and Violet says that she's weak. She walks out and Violet places the cupcake out in the hallway.

In the kitchen, Vivien tries to call Ben. He's having wine with Hayden and ignores the call. She says that she's over him and just needs his support. Ben assures her that she'll have it when she gets her abortion of his child the next day. He offers her a toast for handling it with grace and maturity and then says that he'll sleep on the couch. Hayden is fine with that. When he tries to take Vivien's call, Hayden sees it and breaks into tears, sobbing that she only wanted him to love her. Ben turns the phone off and puts it away.

Vivien is watching a horror movie when the doorbell rings. She goes to answer it and sees a woman with a head injury. The woman claims that there's a man after her and pounds on the door, and Vivien goes to get her phone. She discovers that it's gone and goes back to the door. The woman has disappeared but someone moves behind her. Violet comes downstairs and Vivien tells her to get her phone and lock herself in her room as the doorbell rings. As Violet goes through her purse, a man wearing a black leather mask comes in behind her. Downstairs, Vivien goes to the door and sees the woman outside, wearing a mask… and a man wearing a similar mask comes up behind her as she turns to face him.

The three intruders tie up Vivien and Violet and remove their masks. The two women and a man remove their mask: one of them is Bianca. They have the ashtray that Franklin used to attack Maria and plan to recreate the murders. The leader, Fiona, explains that they're paying tribute to Franklin and tell Violet to put on a nurse's uniform. Violet attacks the leader and runs off, and Vivien trips them., buying her daughter time to get away

Violet runs through the house and Tate grabs her and pulls her into hiding. He tells Violet to get the intruders to the basement and then hides as Fiona and Bianca grab Violet and take her out. In the other room, the man, Travis, says that he wants to killer her. Vivien sees Adelaide behind him and tells Travis that someone will get help and he'll fry. Travis turns but Adelaide has slipped away.

In the bathroom, Fiona runs water in the tub to recreate how Franklin drowned Gladys. Violet dresses slowly to stall for time, and Bianca finds the cupcake and eats it. She has stomach pains and runs off to find another bathroom, and Fiona forces Violet in the tub. Violet laughs and says that it's not the right tub, and Franklin used the tub they stored in the basement. Fiona finally believes her and calls for Bianca.

Constance is in her bedroom with a young man, Dallas, and admiring his beauty. He compliments her on her beauty and she invites him to dance with him. As she begins to kiss him, there's a knock on the door. Adelaide says that there's a bad man next door but Constance figures that she's talking about Ben and tells her to go away. Adelaide persists but Constance puts her in the bad girl closet which has mirrors mounted on all the walls. As Adelaide screams in horror, Constance goes back to her bedroom

In the bedroom, Bianca throws up into a wastepaper basket. She goes to find Fiona and enters the bathroom. Tate comes up behind her and chops her in the stomach with an axe. Bianca staggers down the hallway, trailing blood on the walls.

Travis puts Maria's cross on Vivien and then cuts her free so she can put on the second nurse's uniform. She turns around and starts to undress, and Vivien throws the dress in his face. They struggle and she grabs the ashtray and beats his skull in.

Fiona escorts Violet downstairs and the lights go out. Violet slips away and Tate calls out to Fiona. She follows his voice and discovers him standing next to the tub, filled with water. Gladys' corpse is in it, and rises out of the water as Fiona approaches.

Vivien finds Violet and they get out of the house. Constance sees them from her bedroom and watches as they run past.

Travis wakes up and sees someone in a nurse's uniform go past the door. He follows her into the basement and finds Fiona, her throat cut. Gladys and Maria are waiting for him.

The next morning, Ben and Hayden wait at the clinic. She insists that she's doing the right thing for both of them and wishes he could come in with her. Ben assures her that he'll be there when she's done. As Hayden leaves, Ben hears his phone ring and discovers that he has 13 unanswered calls.

Constance goes to the house's basement. Tate and Moira are there, and say that "they" killed them and that they have to get rid of the bodies. If they don't, Ben will stop treating Tate.

When Ben returns from Boston, Detectives Webb and Collier interview him. He maintains his lie and the detectives explain that they found Bianca's body six blocks away, all but cut in half. They figure that Bianca couldn't go through with the murders and ran away, and her two friends killed her. Violet comes in and thanks them for not dragging Tate into the police investigation. When Ben wonders if she let Tate in, she denies it and points out that he was there... and Ben wasn't. As Violet goes, she tells Vivien that she was brave. Ben apologizes to Vivien, and she says that they're selling the house.