American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 7

Open House

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

In 1994, Larry visits Constance, who has taken the phone off the hook. She informs him that they're going to charge her with criminal child neglect and take her son away, and then put him in an institution. Larry says that he loves Constance and will do anything for her, and she asks him to do what they discussed. Larry goes up to the attic and calls to Beau, a deformed boy who is chained up in the attic. Beau tosses him a ball and Larry tosses it back, but then says that it's too late for bed and tucks him into bed. Once Beau goes to sleep, Larry smothers him with a pillow, asking God to forgive him. In the present, Ben and Vivien meet with Dr. Hall, who tells them that Vivien is having twins and they're perfectly healthy. Marcy shows Joe Escandarian around the Murder House and takes him to the kitchen. He sees Moira as her younger self and flirts with her, and Vivien comes in. Escandarian considers putting in a pool and Moira encourages him, saying he'd have to dig up the entire yard. He asks what's wrong with it and Marcy claims that Vivien is a motivated seller. However, Vivien tells him that there have been violent deaths in the house. The information doesn't deter him and he asks her to call him if she gets another offer. Afterward, Marcy complains to Vivien that she's trying to ruin her chances of selling the house, but Vivien insists that they should be honest. When Marcy and Vivien go back to the kitchen, they find Larry eating the snacks. Marcy orders him out and when he refuses, claiming his face was burned when he was a fireman, Marcy takes out a gun and orders him out. Vivien tells her to put the gun down and Larry threatens to sue them under the Disability Act, and Marcy relents. They take him around the house and he's particularly interested in the fireplace, admiring the flames. Larry suggests that they should put a mural up on the wall. That night, Vivien masturbates and imagines herself having sex with first Luke, then Ben, and finally the rubber man. She snaps out of it when she realizes that no one is there. Tate finds Violet cutting herself and makes her promise to stop. She then tells him that her parents have planned a dinner party. He's busy reading a book and asks if she believes in ghosts. Violet wonders why he's interested, and Tate says that there must be a better place for people like Violet. However, he says that the house is a better place for him since Violet has moved in. At dinner, Violet isn't interested in eating and they ask if she has a problem. Ben says that she's acting depressed, and Violet says that they dragged her out to California and then sold the house that she likes without asking her. She tells them to continue neglecting her and walks away, and Vivien suggests that they keep the house. Ben doesn't agree and Vivien says that they have two buyers. She describes Larry, who Ben recognizes, and then says that she's going to go on the Murder Tour with Marcy to find out everything about the house and tell any potential buyers. Ben warns her not to screw up selling the house, insisting that family comes first for him. Escandarian comes back and Young Moira greets him at the door. She leads him upstairs to Violet's bedroom and suggests that he put in a sex swing. Moira then takes down his pants and says that he'll never want to leave the house. A few minutes later, they emerge and Ben sees them. Moira explains that Escandarian is there to look at the house, and he tells Ben that he plans to tear the place down once he buys it. Larry comes home and finds Ben waiting for him. Ben tells him that he checked out his story and that he didn't go to prison for killing his wife and two daughters. Larry admits that he didn't murder them but that they died in the house, and Ben figures that he didn't kill Hayden, either. Larry says that he told the truth when he said that the house has influence, and says that he needs to buy the house because it's the only place where he can be happy with her. Larry explains to his wife Lorraine that he's fallen in love with Constance, and says that she should take the girls and move back in with her mother in Ohio. When Lorraine objects to having Constance move into the house, Larry says that it was Constance's house first. Lorraine runs upstairs and Larry follows, and discovers that she's set their daughter's bedroom on fire and herself with it. Larry insists that he needs the house, but Ben tells him that Escandarian plans to tear the house down. When Larry says that he can't, Ben says that he is and plans to file a restraining order against Larry. The next day, Stan gives the Murder Tour while Marcy and Vivien go along. They finally come to the Murder House and Stan introduces Vivien, who he recognized from the last tour she took. Stan then describes how the Montgomerys built the house there and that their son Thaddeus was dismembered. Dr. Montgomery staggers upstairs and finds Nora polishing silver and mourning the death of their son. She insists that it's his fault, but her husband tells her that the baby is upstairs and waiting in the nursery. Smiling, Nora goes to her son and finds something on the floor, hissing. She goes back to Charles and says that he's a genius, and asks how he did it. He explains that he used the beating heart from one of their girls but then asks where the baby was. Nora tells him that she thought he was hungry and tries to nurse him, and reveals her bloody chest. She says that they're damned for what they did to the girls and their babies, and says that she stabbed the baby with a letter opener. When Charles insists that it's the only thing he's ever succeeded at, Nora says that they'll call a press conference and announce his success to the world. As he embraces her, Nora puts a gun to his head and shoots him, and then herself. Stan says that the ghosts of Nora and Thaddeus are rumored to still haunt the walls, and that it was the first of many deaths. Vivien returns to see Dr. Hall and explains that she gets sick when she leaves the house. She worries that there's something wrong with the babies and says that she wants to take a CVS test. Dr. Hall insists that it isn't necessary but Vivien says that it would make her feel better and Dr. Hall agrees to schedule it later that week. Constance goes into the basement of the house and says that she got the flowers from Larry, and the card saying to meet them at "their" house. Constance says that it was never their house, either hers or his. Larry finally steps out and Constance asks if he's seen her new Beau. Larry says that Beau is handsome and Constance invites him over so she can get a good look at his shame. He says that he loves her but Constance says that he's disgusting and weak. When she says that he gave into the house, Larry says that she's the one who did it to him. Constance tells him to stay away and Larry warns that the Harmons are selling the house and that Escandarian plans to tear it down. He points out that no one knows what will happen to the others that reside there, and Constance walks away. Violet is walking through the house when she hears something in the attic. She goes up to investigate and a ball rolls out of the corner. Beau emerges from the shadows and Violet retreats, and Tate steps out of the shadows. He tells Beau to go away and the child retreats into the shadows and then disappears. Tate tells Violet that the ghosts of the house are appearing to her because she's evolved, and all she has to do is tell them to go away. He admits that he's been exploring the house after his sessions, and shows her a hidden trove of surgical tools, gay porn magazines, and jars bottles of baby parts. They finally find a box with photos of the Montgomerys. Later, Violet goes to her room to look at the photos, and the ghost of Maria appears to her, bearing the scars of her murder. She tells Violet to see what he's done to her, and Violet closes her eyes and tells her to go away. After a moment, the ghost disappears. The next day, Constance makes an appointment to see Escandarian at his home. He immediately asks how much she wants for the house and Constance asks for a drink. As he gets her one, Constance confirms that he isn't from California and talks about how there is no new land. Escandarian insists that he's improving on the past and building a new future. Constance tells him to stop unearthing while he's ahead and respect the past. She tells him he can't buy the house and Escandarian tells her to buy the house instead. When Constance says she can't afford it, Escandarian tells her that she has nothing he wants and to get out. As she goes, Constance says that someday his end will come and they'll be building on top of him. Tate meets with Ben for a session and says that he doesn't have any more visions. Ben says that the session is over and then asks him about Violet. Tate says that Ben is going to have to let her go, but Ben wants Tate to tell him if Violet is ever in trouble. He admits that he won't survive losing Violet, and Tate admits that his life would have been different if Ben had been his father. Constance comes to the Harmon kitchen and tells Moira that she's there to talk to her son. Moira notices that Constance has been crying and smiles in satisfaction. Constance ignores her and calls to her son as she walks through the house. Tate appears and his mother asks if the visits with Ben are helping. He says that they're getting to the root of the problem, that he hates his mother. Tate walks away and Constance goes up to the attic and calls to Beau. The boy emerges from the shadow and Constance sits with him, calling him her handsome boy. She then says that she has to say goodbye and that they're going to take everything away from her, but everything will be okay. Constance returns to the kitchen and accuses Moira of setting things up with Escandarian to get the house torn down. Moira explains that Escandarian said he'd build a swimming pool, and figures that when he digs up her bones, she'll be free and Constance will go to prison. Constance tells Moira that Escandarian plans to tear the house and put up affordable housing, sealing Moira's tomb forever. However, Constance says that she'll also lose her family. Moira realizes that her former employer is telling the truth and wonders why he lied, and Constance says that all men are liars. She suggests that they help each other and tells Moira to do what she does best. That night, Young Moira calls Escandarian to the house. He's eager for more of the same and she assures him that the Harmons are in bed for the night. Moira leads him to the basement and he undresses. As she starts to pleasure him, she uses her teeth and bites. Larry comes up behind Escandarian and suffocates him with a plastic bag. Constance steps out of the shadows and watches, and then tells Moira that she finally appreciates her talent. She then tells Larry to make sure that Escandarian is off the property before he dies so that his ghost won't come back. Violet is in her room looking at photos when Vivien comes to see her. She notes that Escandarian will probably buy the house and wants to talk to Violet about it, and says that then they'll stay with Violet's aunt. When Violet wonders about Ben, Vivien admits that she doesn't know. Violet asks how Vivien knew that she was in love with Ben, and Vivien says that love makes people crazy. Violet shows her the photos of the house and then a photo of Nora, and Vivien realizes it's the woman who showed up to see the house.