American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 7

Open House

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2011 on FX

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  • Last week's episode was a hard act to follow, but it was pulled off well.


    So this week's episode started out with a flashback of Larry and Constance. Who saw that coming? Not me, but then at the same time, I was not surprised. Constance decides that instead of social services taking her son because they think she's grieviously neglecting him, he'd be better off dead... interesting theory. Larry reluctantly complies to her request, and you can see that he does it out of his adoration of Constance, but that he also cares for Beau.

    The Larry/Marcy interaction is an interesting one, and I got the feeling that they have met before... unless Marcy just is that strange that she goes about pulling guns on every unscheduled disabled person that turns up to an open house? Larry definitely overplayed himself here, pushed his luck, yet still got his way.

    I'm beginning to wonder whether Tate is so unaware that he's dead. He knows about the other ghosts in the house, and knows that if you tell them to "go away" then they will. When Violet points out how well he knows the house he replies "I guess I do" with a pained/confused look on his face. Perhaps he suspects his own reality.

    The reason as to why he hates his mother so much is still somewhat of a mystery to me. Is it simply because of her affair with the neighbour (that we now know is Larry)? Or is there some other reason? Is Tate simply a very angry young man or is there more to it? Does he know what happened to his brother Beau perhaps?

    Constance's desperation to stop the house from being demolished was well acted, as always, by Lange. We know enough to know that she is not what you might call a "good woman", but we've seen enough to feel how deeply she cares and pains for her children. She will go to any lengths for them. Her interaction with Beau was touching, and the heartbreak in her eyes when Tate says that he hates her... wow.

    Solidified in this episode was the suspicion we've all had, I'm sure, that the "Infantata" or mutilated baby in the basement, is in fact Thadius Montgomery. Nora seems to be the only character in the house so far that recognises and appears repentant for her own sins.

    Moira's little transition in this episode, was from a dead harlot to a dead NAIVE harlot. Her child-like dispair and sorrow at the realisation that the not-persian had lied to her was extremely sad. The fact that she said "why do THEY always lie" leads us to believe that this woman has had way more than her fair share of deceitful and disrespectful men. Poor girl. Or poor old lady. Either way.

    What brought down this episode from potentially great to simply good, was again that annoying character of Ben. Week by week he gets more and more repellant to me. Perhaps this is intentional, and I sure hope so. His breaking in to Larry's home and trying to act all intimidating and scary sitting in the dark with a cigarette was lame, and just made him look like a douche to be honest. Not even Larry was afraid. (BTW Larry's off-hand offer of "Nescafe?" MADE this scene!) And when he dropped his dog-end on the floor as he left... I didn't feel spooked or tense, I just felt like he was an extremely rude man... but perhaps that's because I'm English and politeness is key to us, even when intimidating disabled folks.

    The moment in this episode that I decided resolutely that I cannot abide Ben though, was at the dinner table, when he points his steak knife at Viv aggressively and threatens "Do not screw up selling this house". Bastard. What an utterly vile thing to do to anyone, let alone your pregnant wife!

    The episode ended with a brutal, cold and downright gross killing perputrated by Larry and Moira under Constance's direction. We should've felt repulsed, but instead I found myself feeling relieved that these characters had found a way to temporarily save the house, and sympathy for each of their plights that drove them to this act.

    Oh, and now Viv has seen the photo of Nora and connected it to the woman that viewed the house a few weeks back... she now knows what's up... interesting...

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