American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 6

Piggy, Piggy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2011 on FX

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  • A great episode, revealing more than Tate's background...


    This episode was undoubtedly beautifully crafted and as sorrowful as it was horrific. Tate's story is one that seems to have captured the hearts and minds of viewers- whether positively or negatively. I'm surprised that an American show tackled the subject of high school mass murder so blatantly- but perhaps this is in itself what made it such a striking episode. The reality of it. Past murders we've seen on the show have been awful, but presumably unrelatable to a very large proportion of the audience- the issue of highschool mass murder resonates with the audience on a much more "real" level- every school student in the western world has at the very least experienced the consequences of murders such as the columbine killings, be it in the introduction of cameras, metal detectors or just a general feeling of mistrust in schools today.

    Outside of Tate and Violet's storyline this week, I personally felt the weakness of the other characters. And by other characters I do mean Ben and Viv. I'm not sure what it is about Ben exactly, but not only to I have no compassion for the character, but I genuinely have no interest in him either. The best scenes he has are as a facilitator to Tate's revelations about himself and his past. Viv is a slightly more interesting character, but really only very slightly. She seemed to have given up on her bad feelings about the house entirely too quickly and I'd sincerely question these two's decision to have another baby given that they don't seem to have any idea where or what their daughter's up to most of the time. Not to mention the fact that she's constantly in the bathroom, with the door wide open and cutting her wrists... yet neither seems to have noticed that either...

    On one last note: Addie really is sorely missed, and the scene with Constance and the medium was touching beyond belief- Jessica Lange really is a godsend to this show!

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