American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 6

Piggy, Piggy

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2011 on FX

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  • Piggy, Piggy


    Piggy, Piggy was a superb episode of American Horror Story and I really enjoyed watching the episode. The opening was pretty intense and may be a sensitive subject for many but I feel it was portrayed in respectable yet vivid manner that only this show could get away with. The sense of fear and terror definitely translated through the screen. Violet learns more about herself and takes drastic action. Tate shows a side that makes you sympathize with him despite what he had done in the past. The most disgusting and horrifying part for me was Vivien devouring that brain! The whole Piggy Man story was funny and scary. It amuses me that the security guy didn't tell them earlier that Hayden escaped. I look forward to watching the next episode as I'm hooked!!!!!!!