American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2011 on FX

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    Best word to describe the Pilot benchmark episode. Yes, it borrows from most horror movies, but at least they were good ones. But, aside from Supernatural, how many other horror-themed TV shows are there? (Dexter, not included.)

    The only thing preventing a better rating from is the gratuitous McDermbutt (the reviewer is male) and the, um, flowery language that seems to be seeded in every other line. (The male nudity should be paired with female nudity. If we see a guy's butt, I think it's only fair to see a lady's butt.) The language appeared emphasized by some actors, like they were told "This is cable, have fun with the words."

    This show comes across to me as more creepy than scary. I think all the online promos for the show harmed it a little - like I was desensitized whenever the moments meant to shock me didn't. I knew about the creature in the basement. I knew about the Plastic Fantastic Lover. But that doesn't mean this show was over-hyped and failed to deliver.

    What saved this show, for me, was the casting/writing. The character work, although twisted in so many different ways, cements the show. Everyone, even minor characters, make the show, even if we don't currently understand their place.

    Writing/Directing/Editing: 8 (less language/balance "nudity")

    Acting: 8 (only as good as what's in the script)

    Music: 9 (would be a different show without it)