American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2011 on FX

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  • Nothing to like about this soulless mess.


    I couldn't have been more disappointed by this show. I'm a fan of horror, through and through. From slasher to psychological to supernatural, I love a good scare. But the best scares come from a gripping story with characters you truly care about.

    This show couldn't care less about any of that. Instead, it cares about being edgy, bold, brash, fearless, current, twisted, sexy, blah blah blah. Like other viewers, I too felt assaulted by the constant reminders of all we can get away with on FX.

    Further, it was completely uninspired and thoroughly cliche. Creepy twins? Check. Strange neighbors? Check. Crazy Christian? Check. Angry daughter? Check. Telegraphed jump scares? Check. Cryptic warnings? Check

    This "paint-by-the-numbers" approach coupled with a determination to push the envelope simply for the sake of doing so, results in a completely uninteresting journey that one endures, hoping for some payoff in the end, only to find out that there is none.

    For Pete's sake, people. Go back and watch The Exorcist. Go back and watch Psycho. Go back and watch Halloween. Heck, to some extent, watch Paranormal Activity. Keep it SIMPLE. Be CREATIVE. Give us characters we care about and feel protective of, so our heart breaks and our pulse races at the thought of malevolent forces attacking them.

    Meanwhile, aspiring horror writers and directors should view American Horror Story as the perfect model of what NOT to do.

    The danger here is that folks may be drawn in by the shock value of this mess, and may continue to watch out of morbid curiosity, resulting in favorable ratings. If that happens, then unfortunately, in an industry more and more driven by "the bottom line", we can expect to see more offerings of this sort.

    So here's hoping that folks will be offended that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk think so little of them, as to shamelessly tap into their basest instincts and expect them to put their better judgment aside, and allow themselves to be drawn into their lifeless, unoriginal, sick world that is American Horror Story.

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