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  • Love this show

    add me on facebook if you are a fan,my name is Andoria C King
  • American Error story!

    First season was very unique and special! then second season came with more interesting characters and real horror stories, but third season is missing something, it's good, but may be if it didn't come after two strong seasons.

    Jessica Lange is amazing as she was in the other two seasons but the whole story in the third season is not catching me as the last two ones.

    Hopefully season four comes with shocking story.

    I gave it 7.5
  • Ranks 2nd Best(In my Opinion) Bravo!!!

    Although I loved Season 1, and wasn't too fond of Season 2!!! This season blew me away!!! All of the actors and actresses are phenomenal and I get the concept of Season 3!!! I say keep up the good work and can't wait to see this season on Netflix like the rest of the seasons!!! ;) I am one happy viewer
  • American "Drama" Story

    Season one and two of American Horror Story were phenomenal and captured my absolute adoration. There was deception, blood, gore, everything you can ask for in a television show ,but then came season three. I was anticipating season three to be something I would've never expected, but I got a smack in the face when the drama amongst witches became the horror of the story. The season has increasingly developed into a better story over the course of the season ,but there is a lot of drama and not enough substance. I admire every single character in the story ,but I believe Evan Peters should have more a part in the storyline this season. The season has still been good, but not good enough. However I'm still looking forward to see how the rest of the season plays out.
  • American Horror Story

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  • Wat the F!

    Why do they keep staggering the air dates of AHS? Now we have to wait til after xmas to see the next episode. This type of crap really annoys me about US television. are there too many charlie brown christmas specials to air? or maybe its that the adverts will now be running 24/7 until xmas is over and the shopping holiday is done.
  • Watch Season 2 and only Season 2

    Season 2 was awesome, creepy, scary, violent, twisted, and more than a little weird. Perfect balance in a horror show, the story changes completely every season and i can only recommend season 2 as season 1 is flat out stupid "if a ghost can get her pregnant, you must aquit!" and season 3 misses out everything but violence and weirdness, i will be tuning in next season, the best part is that the show changes every time and its 1/3 so far, lets hope that they drop some of the writers and clean up the act for a good season next year. Till then!
  • The Searching of the Wretched Soul In Order to Wring Out a Little Creativity

    In reading some of the comments, I am disturbed (ha, ha really disturbed) that viewers are looking for cohesiveness in their insanity. A horror is story is just that - a story. I really enjoy the new acting talent, and I am in awe of the veterans that this production offers. To me, this type of entertainment is well served by the contiguous stretching of our imaginations. The trick (or treat) is simply to go along with the flow. Enjoy the show - I am.
  • Excellent Show

    Great writing always entertaining:)
  • I don't understand.

    Everyone around me is seeing something in this show that I can't. I'll admit that the first and second episode of the first season were passable after the first viewing, but it all went downhill from there. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk simply cannot write. I try to overlook all of the stupid, subtly over the top lines but it's impossible. There are just too many haha. Even if I could, they break one of the most important rules in writing television and movie: show, don't tell. Within the first few minutes of the season three premiere, Taissa Farmiga's character, Zoe, says "So, apparently I'm a . Aside from that, the acting is sometimes melodramatic and terrible, yet the actors are ones that I normally enjoy: at least to some of them. The storyline like the show in general is disorganized. Pointless, unnecessary things tended to be piled on and on until I just stopped caring. Sorry to be so harsh. No judgement, watch away ;] I just don't understand.
  • Season 3: So awfully boring

    I liked season 1 a lot and season 2 was just great and so much better... but season 3??? I think I will stop watching. It is so borning and it seems like they really don't know the direction they want to be going to. It is a mix of so many tv shows and nothing innovative or new. I love the actors though and Jessica Lange is still my favorite. But I can't really say that season 3 is interesting - I can't even watch an episode through not doing something else alongside
  • Am I seeing Charmed?

    This season doesnt seems to be as good as season two, neither seems to be made by the same crew. Production seems headed for a much less demanding viewer. Jessica Lange the better by far... (sorry about my english)
  • So far not so bad...

    I absolutely loved season one. I thought season two was going even better ... until they brought aliens into the mix ... SO DISAPPOINTING. Season three, so far, doesn't seem to be going so bad. There are a couple of things that don't quite seem to fit and I feel like every week they introduce a really important new element for the plot but the next week they forget all about it, which is not great for continuity purposes. All in all, it's not that bad; I just really hope they don't mess it up with some idiotic new idea like they did with season two.
  • The mother of modern horror

    Just registered to contribute on this stunning horror show. I have to admit, without Jessica Lange playing a main character, the show would probably only be half as good. She represents this dark and powerful role. The writing is superb. Personally I enjoyed season 2 the most. Season three has some confusing elements in it, but due to the fact that I`m a huge fan I kind of ignore them. Things happen too fast, but maybe that`s what makes the show so special.
  • Great show for REAL Horror fans!

    If you want the good old fashioned creeps from a updated telling of a classic American tale of the dark and twisted supernatural, then this show is for you. Season 1 was a the classic haunted house story & Season 3 is doing a great job of telling the Salem Witch gone NOLA story. Season 3, for all it's good intentions, at best and could've been superb if they didn't get distracted and through everything and the kitchen sink at you in their screen play (if you have ADD or are a scatter brain type you'll probably enjoy it . But so far the show as a whole rocks, super enjoying this season and excited to see the future story lines chosen for the next seasons!
  • I'm done

    The show has been on a study decline since season one, season two was ok but season 3 what a disaster!!
  • Anger and Hatred Run Amok

    But then, with a character based on serial killer and sadist, LaLaurie, what more could be expected? And the gang rape sequence did little to nothing to profile the Madision character. Had to search for any redeeming qualities in this show. The great talents of Lange and Bates just seem wasted.
  • Great tv show with different stories every season.

    Season one was pretty average and felt kinda amateuristic but the end was great! Season 2 was amazing! One of the best seasons,amazing!Now looking forward for season 3 for the amazing Kathy Bates!It's fun and definitely something else,a tv show with every season a different story.
  • Can't take the heat? Get outta the kitchen. Don't watch if you can't handle it.

    Some people like chocolate ice cream. Some people like vanilla ice cream. Then there are people who like the bacon-and-eggs-with-a-side-of-green-tea ice cream. This show, like the killer ice cream from Hades, isn't for everybody. Don't like it? Don't watch it. Quit wasting your time posting about something you don't like and go do something you DO.
  • this show sucks!

    it sucks..
  • American Horror Story

    Wish I could but we are not allowed to see this in Australia :-(. ?
  • Such a great show.

    Original, interesting, suspenseful. American Horror Story is a great piece of work. Jessica Lange is brilliant in her roles as Constance and Jude, can't wait to see her in season three.
  • It's so different.

    I loved the second season of AHS! It was such an interesting spin on a horror story, but I can't say that I was crazy about the alien storyline.

    For me, it was just too big a leap!

    Can't wait for season 3!
  • 2014?

    Returning October 2014? Dont you mean 2013?
  • Just what you need.

    This one knows exactly how to turn my stomach. Just the way I love it
  • American Horror Story

    This show is original, so original. The plot lines are fantastic and the show itself has a very unique feel to it. The acting is pretty good too and the directing is outstanding. If you like horror you have to watch this show and if you are not a fan (like me) at least give the first episode a try.
  • Returning Oct. 2014???

    Is this correct.... It says American Horror Story will be returning October 2014... thats over a year away... SERIOUSLY???
  • Truly horrifying - at least for a wuss like me

    I just started the first season. Horror is so not my thing but somehow this is a show I like to watch. Even though I can only watch it when it's not dark outside so I don't freak out too much. I actually didn't think this show was supposed to be scary but something in the show really captures you and makes you want more.

    The actors are amazing, the story is well written. You never know what's going to happen next and actually I have no idea what (or who) is the evil. Everytime I think I'm on to something I find myself confused again.

    Hard to really give a proper rating since I haven't seen even the whole first season but this is for now. The only down side is that I'm so scared all the time I don't know if it's a good thing...
  • American Suspense

    American Horror story is one of m favorite shows on television or not. It is about number three.

    Here are my multiple reviews:

    American Horror Story: Murder House (Season 1) Review:

    This was very suspenseful and I absolutely loved Tate this season. He was deranged but in a way that you could usually see the sence behind the things he does. The star-crossed lovers story between him and Violet was quite interesting and it had a satisfying yet it was also an ending that made me wonder what was going to happen next. The season ended in such a way that made me think "Wow, I can't wait until Season But then they never continued, leaving that ending to hang on a cliff for the rest of time. 9.5/10.

    American Horror Story: Asylum (Season 2) Review:

    This season was absolutely amazing, it ended in a way that I was satisfied (yet also had my mouth wide-open into the first five minutes of the replay of the episode). I was happy from the begining because this season was psychological horror, my favorite form of horror. In the begining, I was sceptical because they were doing stuff with "aliens", but I eventually ended up loving that story. Evan Peters managed to make his character my favorite this season (Kit) as well, allllthough his character now is almost completely different from Tate in season 1. My least favorite episode was still amazing, my only problem was that it gave me a headache in the middle of the episode. This season was amazing. At a point in the middle f the season, a twist came that was the most unexpected thing that could have happened at that point. 10/10.

    American Horror Story: Coven (Season 3) Review:

    Review coming after the season finale came out.
  • Perfection

    AHS is one of the best shows on at the moment with great acting, direction, plot twists and mystery. It excels in all facets of horror unlike other shows in the Genre as its creepy and scares the crap out of me, lots of blood gore and macabre humour.

    The 1st season was amazing as its unpredictable with so much twists and amazing performances especially from Evan Peters playing the troubled teenager and Jessica Lange.

    The 2nd is mind blowing as its more focused and the plot is well scripted unlike the previous season and the attention detail is intriguing.
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