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  • Mella

    The BEST TV SHOW EVER!!! Love you all guys!!!! Can't wait for 5th season :)
  • help.

    all i want to do is watch the show to catch up, i dont know how. can someone help me? please.
  • This is one of the best shows ever on TV

    Every season this show gets more intense and better, the writers are twisted (in the best way possible)! season 4 is off the hook and Finn Whitlock and Naomi Grossman's (even though Naomi's character isnt that prominent) performances are insanely good. Somebody give these two emmy!

    cant wait to see where this shows goes in the future
  • makes waiting for next episode horrible!

    Alot of people complained this season hasn't delivered like the others, I so disagree!

    Luv this season this one has been by far my favorite! Only thing I wished they had kept going was the clown, but other wise great season so far!
  • American Horror Story delivers!

    Every season of AHS brings new ways of shocking, scaring, and making its audience say WTF!!! AHS does this while adding in real human emotion, superb acting, and interesting stories. AHS is able to shock the audience while making them feel for the characters which is very unique and why AHS is my personal favorite show!
  • Every Season is Amazing

    Each season is so unique and predictably great. Love it!

    I'm hoping Ryan Morphy's Scream Queens maintains this same high quality. Two of his shows will be better than one!
  • American Horror Story Keeps Audiences Riveted

    From the creepy theme to the songs and imagery in between this show is a wild rollercoaster of a ride!

    Jessica Lange is stellar in every season and is more than a reason to be watching.

    But if her magnificent acting wasn't excuse enough to be glued, than her singing is.

    If you haven't tuned into season 4, currently underway on FX, her character, Elsa Mars manages to perform a song in nearly every episode.

    This season takes a to a nightmare of a "Freak Show" ran by the manipulative, fame hungry, Elsa.

    Where trouble is under-foot, everyone has a story and things are not as they seem.

    Naturally, murder is on the menu. After all, this is American HORROR Story.

    So far the only cross-over character, to play the same character in more than one season, is Pepper the "Pinhead". She was first seen in Season 2 Asylum, portrayed expertly by Naomi Grossman.

    To summarize, should you tune-in? If you like twisted, macabre stories, psychotic characters -ahem, Dandy Mott and Twisty the Clown- than Yes!

    While not as gruesome as the First Season, and the soundtrack is not as annoying as the Second Season (can anyone forget Dominique?!) the acting, imagery, and storylines are more than worthy of a tune-in.

    Parents, and overtly moral types be cautioned; this show is extremely Adult Themed and Will Test your sensibilities.

    *Nudity, Sexual Situations, Mild Strong Language, Violence are prevalent throughout All Seasons of the series.

  • Never a disappointment

    I love the concept of a story told in 13 episode. Love the innovation of same actors in different roles. I hope you can keep coming up with great story lines for future them want more!
  • Should not be on television

    I was just introduced to this show a little while ago. While I am an avid horror movie fan, I cannot believe this show is allowed on television! I completely understand now why some people think other shows are boring and slow when they are fans of this. Initially, I was compelled by the storylines and as they progressed I was completely repulsed by the gore, the sex and the perverseness of this show. I think it does not belong on television and certainly not as a show that has sponsored ads. It is a testament to society that this filth has such a following. It is disgusting with no amount of redemption by good acting.
  • creepy!

    I love all the themes to this show! Keep making them!!!
  • Jessica sings

    Well , I am shocked the airing of AHS was excellent . Jessica Lang sang her tail off and it was good I wish I had the soundtrack. that song and the music was something new for me and I have to say I'm just floored with it and she looked much better than before.
  • Freakshow + Twisty!!!!

    I'd never seen the show till I was at my mates. She was telling me about it and then checked to see if the first episode of the fourth season was out, which it was. She could barely contain her excitement she was so happy. She also explained to me that they change story and characters each season so I wouldn't have to watch the previous seasons (though I still might).

    It took me a while to get into it. But when I saw Twisty appear I became instantly hooked! I LOVE his character (yes he's a psycho but i'm excited to find out why). John Carroll Lynch plays him PERFECTLY. How he captures all the different emotions JUST using his eyes is incredible. He freaks the hell out of me (which I love). I really hope he stays till the finale! I can't imagine watching it without him.

    So keen for the rest of the episodes!
  • American Horror Story Continues to be Creepy

    I absolutely love Season 4! It reminds me of the early 1900's MGM movie "Freaks". I could do without some of their musical numbers, but otherwise, so far, so good! It's creepy, scary, intriguing, and keeps me coming back for more!! Keep them coming American Horror Story!!!!!

  • American Vaudeville Story

    While Mrs Lange is amazing (where have you been all this this new season doesnt look like horror at all. Apart from the Clown who's maybe disturbing for my cat, the rest of the stories are just sad and easy clichees. No horror in being physically deformed. As far as Im concerned, they picked the wrong subject. Carnivale did a brilliant 2 seasons on carny people, I wonder why that was cancelled.

    If the writers wanted to dig into the American psyche for horror, they should have looked elsewhere: cults, (family) abuse, wrong imprisonments, just to name a few.

    I liked the other seasons, this one is: booo!
  • Joined the Freak Show.

    AHS has by far been the best series I've watched. Since the first episode of 'Murder House' I've been hooked. Although at first you're terrified to death as the scenes are so vivid and gory and you just can't help but keep the light on. Even the intro of each season gives you goosebumps and the music thrills you. At first I was a bit disappointed with the fact that each season has a complety different story line, but you get used it and you learn to appreciate the fine acting, costumes, suspense and frights. Another plus to the series is that the guest stars are people like Adam Levine which is always a thumbs up.

    I am not one for horrors but this series is amazing.

    Murder House was terrifying yet intriguing; Asylum was gross but fascinating and Coven was a breath of fresh air as it was not so gruesome.

    The actors have definitely played their rolls well and the producers have done a really brilliant job.

    So excited to watch 'Freak Show'.
  • It's a FREAKing good SHOW

    It's a piece of art!

    Good like an old fashioned psychological horror movie and yet, so fresh!

    I'm left speechless by the premiere and this doesn't happen often to me!

  • amazing!

    I am a fan of horror shows and I like how these series has a different theme for each season although with mostly the same main cast. Personally I liked Coven best, can't wait for Season 4!
  • Meh!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is like watching an endless late night TV B-movie with low budget production. How can you people enjoy watching this when there are hundreds of creepy thrillers and horror movies in existence that make this show look like a joke!? And that whole love story between the blond boy and the girl (Taissa Farmiga) is so BS. She barely met him at a party for a few minutes and now she wants to resurrect him, and goes to his house to talk to his mom? Jesus SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HIM!! They talked for a minute at a fricking scene with the obese girl (who is part of the main cast) pleasuring herself for the minotaur was an eyesore and disgusting! An 8.6 rating for this mess? Please.

    HOW MANY "TEN"???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Top Shows - Horror on TV :D

    1st season again, 2nd season (11-12, 14) FX, LIBRARY DVD
  • Keep them coming

    Jessica Lange is so amazing in capturing every character she has played. She is like the mother of the whole crew, she makes this show. All the guys do a great job. I love how you use the same people, i hate movies when they change the characters. Cant wait until season 4. Season 3 was our favorite along with season 1.. Each episode kept us wanting more. Please keep them coming.
  • I'm in a middle of Season 3

    So far so good tho I prefer the settings of AHS Asylum which was quite uniqe TV show, even better then overall very good first season. Jessica Lange is amazing as always and the storyline is intriguing tho a bit lighter. I will give my final thought after I finish the whole season. I recommend American Horror Story, perfect choice for horror fans but also for everyone else who enjoy good writing, a bit of mystery mixed with some shocking moments.
  • All bitch, not enough witch.

    Dull as dishwater compared to the first two seasons.
  • Season 4

    I think next season will be devoted to science fiction of 1950

    1950 Golden Age of science fiction

    Such as a time machine, aliens, robots, experiments on human beings.

    Probably ideas can be taken from the works of authors such as

    Robert A. Heinlein (te puppet Masters) - clue in 11 series season 3?

    John Campbell (The thing)

    John Wyndham (The day of te triffids)

    Ray Bradbury (a Sound Of Thunder)

    What do you think?
  • Best Season Yet

    I totally disagree with 'tschwartz'. Season 1 was dark and Season 2 was even darker. Season 3 was truly a breath of fresh air from the staleness of the past. I absolutely loved Season 3 and am only sorry sweet Misty didnt survive the trip. Stevie Nicks was an enormous bonus with Fleetwoods music and main theme (original) running through the series.

    It is a very very rare thing to compliment a later season over its predecessors but this one takes the cake. Simply wonderful and ended triumphantly that few may have guessed. Kudos to the writers/creators you have done a wonderful job as well as all the performers. The Coven in my book goes down as one of the best in TV Series. I only hope that the future series will live up to what was Season 3.
  • Love this show

    add me on facebook if you are a fan,my name is Andoria C King
  • American Error story!

    First season was very unique and special! then second season came with more interesting characters and real horror stories, but third season is missing something, it's good, but may be if it didn't come after two strong seasons.

    Jessica Lange is amazing as she was in the other two seasons but the whole story in the third season is not catching me as the last two ones.

    Hopefully season four comes with shocking story.

    I gave it 7.5
  • Ranks 2nd Best(In my Opinion) Bravo!!!

    Although I loved Season 1, and wasn't too fond of Season 2!!! This season blew me away!!! All of the actors and actresses are phenomenal and I get the concept of Season 3!!! I say keep up the good work and can't wait to see this season on Netflix like the rest of the seasons!!! ;) I am one happy viewer
  • American "Drama" Story

    Season one and two of American Horror Story were phenomenal and captured my absolute adoration. There was deception, blood, gore, everything you can ask for in a television show ,but then came season three. I was anticipating season three to be something I would've never expected, but I got a smack in the face when the drama amongst witches became the horror of the story. The season has increasingly developed into a better story over the course of the season ,but there is a lot of drama and not enough substance. I admire every single character in the story ,but I believe Evan Peters should have more a part in the storyline this season. The season has still been good, but not good enough. However I'm still looking forward to see how the rest of the season plays out.
  • American Horror Story

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  • Wat the F!

    Why do they keep staggering the air dates of AHS? Now we have to wait til after xmas to see the next episode. This type of crap really annoys me about US television. are there too many charlie brown christmas specials to air? or maybe its that the adverts will now be running 24/7 until xmas is over and the shopping holiday is done.
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