American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 8

Rubber Man

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

Six months ago, the Rubber Man moves through the hallways of the Murder House. Marcy is outside putting up the "Sold" sign. Inside, Nora Montgomery walks through the house, sees the Harmons' furnishings, and insists that her house is ruined. A man comes up behind her and asks what he can do to comfort her, and Nora says that she wants her baby. That night, the man goes to the trash can and removes the rubber suit that Ben has thrown away. He then dons it and has sex with Vivien while Ben is sleepwalking. Ben comes back a few minutes later, walking past the Rubber Man without seeing him, and neither one of them are aware of what actually happened. In a downstairs bathroom, Tate removes the mask of the rubber suit. Now, Vivien shows Moira and Marcy the photo of Nora and insists that a woman who looks just like Nora. Marcy figures that it's Nora's granddaughter and believes that Vivien is deluded. She goes to find Escandarian and seal the deal to sell the Murder House, while Moira tries to reassure Vivien. In 2010, Chad meets with a lesbian friend, Peggy, and complains that Patrick is interested in someone else, an online bondage freak using the name JungleJim4342. Peggy tells him that Chad has to step up his act and indulge him with some S&M of his own. Chad reluctantly goes to an S&M shop and the owner, Gary, suggests that Patrick may want to be dominant for once in their relationship. He then shows Chad a full-body rubber suit and harness, and explains that it dehumanizes the submissive and turns them into a sex toy. Gary convinces Chad to try it on and says that he can use it for Halloween if it doesn't work out otherwise. Later, Chad dons the rubber suit and comes in the room to see Patrick. Patrick laughs and tells Chad to take it off. Chad removes it and says that he knows it turns him on, but Patrick says that the sex is even worse when Chad tries so hard. Chad asks him who JungleJim4342 is and Patrick says that they only have an online relationship so it's not cheating. When he prepares to leave, Patrick says that he knows they're going under and wonders what Chad will do when they run out of money. He goes and Chad sits down, sobbing. Now, Nora is in the bedroom crying when Hayden comes in. Hayden says that she's stuck there like the others, but Nora doesn't believe her. When she refuses to accept it, Hayden says that there are other innocents trapped there, as well as other bitches like Moira, who hates her. However, Hayden also says that there is a power in the Murder House that they can use it to make themselves known, and that she has a need to express her rage and act out. It even allows her to "kill" the ghost of Hugo, but nothing sticks. When Nora still refuses to believe, Hayden takes her hand and places it on the exit wound in the back of her head. Nora doesn't know or remember why she would have killed herself, and can only remember that her baby is missing. Hayden says that her baby is missing too, and Vivien gets to have two plus Violet. She tells Nora that they should take both twins after driving Vivien insane. In the bathroom, Vivien contemplates herself and figures that she's just tired. She calls out to Violet and goes to see where her daughter is, and a ball rolls down the hallway and stops at her feet. Vivien turns on the light but sees nothing, and the light flickers and then explodes. Hayden, unseen behind her, laughs and then shoves a wardrobe at her. Vivien retreats to the bathroom and closes the door, and sees the rubber mask on the sink. In 2010, Tate puts the rubber suit on and then first drowns Chad in the apple bucket and then breaks his neck. When Patrick comes in, Tate easily tosses him across the table and then beats him to death. Tate then throws the corpse down into the basement. Nora is there and insists that it's wrong. Tate comes downstairs and tells Nora that Chad and Patrick were fighting and weren't going to adopt a baby, so now a new couple can move in and give Nora what she needs. Violet is in the basement rolling a ball into the shadows and calling to whom she believes is the ghost of Beau. Ben comes downstairs and wonders what she's doing, but Violet says that it's nothing. He takes her upstairs and demands to know why she hasn't been going to school for the last two weeks. Violet explains that she's been bullied and doesn't want to go, and that Vivien is out of it. Ben tries to get through to her but Violet says that Ben drove her insane and storms off. Vivien is in the kitchen, crying, when Moira comes in and asks if she's okay. When Moira asks what's wrong, Vivien explains that she just checked the drug that her doctor gave her for nausea, and has discovered that it can cause hallucinatory side effects. She tells Moira that she's seeing things and the housekeeper says that she just needs a good cry. Vivien starts sobbing and says that everyone thinks that she's crazy. Moira tells her about the plot of a book, The Yellow Wallpaper, and a husband who locks up a wife in a room. The wife goes insane, believing there are women trapped in the patterns of the wallpaper, and Moira says that men always find excuses to lock women away. She then talks about the history of hysterical paroxysm and says that men still drive women insane, and that Ben is the one responsible for Vivien's condition. Moira assures Vivien that she's not insane and that the house is possessed by malevolent spirits, and that Vivien needs to get out while she still can. Vivien packs and goes to wake up Violet, telling her that they're going to Vivien's sister. As they go to the car, Tate comes out and Violet sees him. She hesitates but then gets in the car. However, the ghosts of Fiona and Dallas, the dead intruders, are in the back, displaying their death wounds. Vivien and Violet run back into the house while Hayden watches in triumph. The next day, Ben learns what happens and confronts Vivien. She insists that the home invaders who tried to kill her are there, but Ben insists that she hallucinated them because of her stress and eating raw organs. Vivien tells him to talk to Violet because she was there. Violet is in her bedroom with Tate after having sex for the first time, who asks how it felt to cut herself for the first time. She realizes that he's really there and Tate says that he will as long as she wants him to be there. Violet realizes that Fiona and Dallas are there as well, and Tate says that they can't hurt her but that she can't tell anyone the truth. In the living room, Vivien reminds Ben that Hayden was there and figures that Ben is working with his mistress to drive Vivien out. She shows him the rubber mask and accuses Ben of having Hayden putting it there. Violet comes in and lies, telling her parents that she didn't see anything. Ben sends her away and then tells Vivien that he's staying and sleeping in his office so that the can protect Violet. Hayden confronts Tate, who is sulking in the basement. He says that he's tired of hurting people, but Hayden says that Vivien has bought tickets to take Violet away, and that Tate knows what he has to do. Tate says that he is and that he's psyching himself up to do it, and Hayden sits on his lap and says that they can make love until he's ready. Tate refuses, saying that he's in love, and walks away. Vivien calls Marcy to the house and demands to know where Escandarian is. Marcy tells her that Escandarian isn't returning her calls and suggests that Vivien scared him off. Vivien falls back, complaining that she's nauseous, and asks Marcy to get her a glass of water. When the realtor goes to the kitchen, Vivien takes Marcy's gun out of the purse and hides it in the sofa. When Marcy comes back, she asks her to come back later. That night, Vivien checks under her bed and makes sure the bedroom doors and windows are locked. She gets into bed but hears something moving around. Vivien turns on the lights but sees nothing, and gets up to investigate. As she checks the windows, something moves behind her. Finally the rubber man grabs her neck and puts out the lights. Fumbling in the dark, Vivien first activates the panic lifeline and then grabs the gun and shoots as someone enters the bedroom: Ben, who falls to the floor. Luke arrives and discovers that the police have already arrived and the EMTs have treated Ben's flesh wound. When Ben tells Luke that he can go, Luke tells the police that Ben and Vivien are separated, and that Ben was cheating on his wife. Ben tells him to get out. In her room, Vivien sees Hayden standing over her, screaming at her to wake up. Hayden smashes the panic lifeline and Vivien tells Hayden that she can have Ben. However, Hayden says that she can't leave Ben and that she has needs. She wants Vivien's twins and says that she's dead, and then tells Vivien that the father of her babies are there. The rubber man leaps out of the shadows, grabs Vivien, and throws her to the floor. Vivien screams at the rubber man to let her go... and she realizes that Ben and Luke are standing over her. She tries to explain that the rubber man and Hayden were both there, but they say that no one is there. Violet and the police come in, and Ben tells his wife that she's unstable and that he had to have her committed. Vivien has no choice but to agree and go with them. Luke tries to apologize and Vivien says that at least she'll be out of the house. As the police and Luke leave, Violet blames herself but Ben says that she did the best thing that she could by telling the truth. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves, and Tate comes over to hold Violet and tell her that he's there for her. Tate hauls Chad's corpse down to the cellar next to Patrick. Moira tells him that they can't murder the two lovers because they have family and friends that will become suspicious, and that Tate needs to stop taking orders from the women of the house. He takes the gun and shoots Chad, and then plants the gun on him, making it look like a murder-suicide.
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