American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 8

Rubber Man

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2011 on FX

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  • Casper the not-so-friendly gimp...


    Ok, so this was the first episode of the season that I didn't love. It was a great episode, but it just lacked the cohesion of the previous eps.

    Tate, the ever adorable yet clearly psychotic Kurt Cobain wannabe, is the rubberdude. He shot up his school, raped Viv, killed the previous owners, and yet I STILL feel some real sympathy for the kid. For this fact alone the writers deserve some proper high-fives. To create a character that commits such dispicably evil acts and yet still does not come across as totally and irrevocably repellant to the audience is quite the feat.

    There's much more to Tate, that much is clear, but I think what really peaked my interest was Moira's little interaction with him in the basement. Telling him that he needs to stop trying to please all the women in the house. His motive for killing the previous owners and raping Viv is that he is trying to acquire a baby to make Nora happy. What on earth did Constance do or let happen to this kid whilst he was alive?!

    Hayden is an annoying little addition to the episode this week. Her vendetta against Viv comes across as immature and unsavoury rather than the insane and twisted I imagine they were going for in the script.

    Constance and Larry were both missing from this episode and it really did show. The real highlights of the episode were Marcy the anti-PC realtor and Moira the bi-aged maid and possibly the saddest character to ever grace TV screens.

    Ben completed his character development into an all-out douche bag of epic proportions, and I found myself do a little internal *sqee* when Viv shot him, and a big hefty sigh of disappointment when he turned out to be perfectly fine.

    Violet's shining moment this week was her confrontation with Ben, where she comments upon his perverted taste in women and how she's surprised he hasn't tried anything with her yet. She's a fiesty little one! I forsee her guilt over lying and indirectly contributing to her mother's sectioning being a big issue over the next few weeks.

    All in all the episode was a good one, with a tonne of answers to go along with a pile more questions- although at the moment the writers are getting that balance of give-and-take spot on and avoiding going down the Lost route of all Q's and no A's. In the coming weeks I look forward to witnessing (hopefully) Ben's downfall, Violet's struggle to decide who's side she's on- the living or the dead?, and most of all I am keen as mustard to find out exactly what Constance and Tate's deal is....

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