American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 8

Rubber Man

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2011 on FX

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  • Mixed Nuts


    After watching the most recent episode of American Horror Story, I was left with the impression that the writers are just as confused as we are. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to keep watching it every week. But 'Rubber Man' left a bad taste in my mouth.

    To begin with, may I say that the Harmons are the WORST FAMILY EVER. It's a wonder they've tolerated each other for this long. Here are my character sketches:

    Ben Harmon - Husband, Father, Egomaniacal moron. Inspite of personally seeing his dead mistress Hayden hovering around the house, he would much rather believe that Vivien has gone crazy than be open to the possibility that she's telling the truth. That being said, maybe his actions were deliberate, and he wanted Vivien out of the way (although he genuinely looked concerned for her well-being). Multiple sources including crazy Larry have repeated that the house has bad mojo. So he's either dumber than an intellectually challenged brick, or he has a hidden agenda yet to be revealed.

    Vivien Harmon - Wife, Mother, Brain-eater. Yes, she's undoubtedly loony. But not straight-jacket loony. I've hated her character ever since the show began. Not for any specific reason. She's just....well, IRRITATING. Ben was an idiot for cheating on her, but his reasons for doing it are quite obvious. This was the first time I felt a tinge of pity for her. Maybe because she has the spawn(s) of Satan as her future AND current offspring. Besides, she WAS violated by a deranged teenage ghost in a gimp suit. I'll cut her some slack.

    Violet Harmon - Yes, she's a teenager. Yes, she's pissed. But seriously, what could Vivien have possibly done to be royally screwed by her own daughter like that? So let me get this straight. She would much rather lie through her teeth to stay in the house with her dead, rapist-murderer creeper boyfriend, than back up her pregnant, emotionally vulnerable mom, who just found out that her cheating bastard of a husband was still in touch with his mistress. Talk about being a cold-hearted bitch! There are feelers going around that she might already be a ghost (the bathtub scene where she tried to commit suicide). But that's no excuse.That's still your Mom! Despite whatever that's happened, Ben and Vivien haven't been the worst parents. She just became my new worst character on the show.

    The big reveal for this episode was of course, the identity of rubber man. It wasn't much of a surprise to see Tate revealed as the gimp ghost. But again, it's difficult to figure out what the writers are thinking. This show actually seems to have 2 Tates. Let's call them Tates 1 and 2.

    Tate 1 - Gimp suit ghost, butchers people for pleasure and approval, completely aware of his actions

    Tate 2 - Has no clue that he's dead, is in love with Violet, doesn't remember slaughtering his fellow schoolmates.

    Both Tates however, are aware of the existence of the ghosts around the house. There are so many discrepancies in his character that it's bordering on stupid!


    - No Constance or Larry in this episode. Maybe that's why I felt a little underwhelmed.

    - Ok. So we saw how the gay couple got killed. What was the point?

    -The problem now arises - Who do we root for? There isn't anyone on the show left to like. I'll probably keep watching just to catch a glimpse of young Moira. Woof!

    - We saw how the Harmons spent their Thanksgiving. Here's to hoping you have a better one!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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