American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 10

Smoldering Children

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2011 on FX

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  • Gimp Suit Madness

    So how disgusted are you feeling right now?? A lot? Every episode in this freak show of a series has left us with the need to take a cold, long shower to wash off the gunk of human (and spectral) nastiness associated with it. The message is clear - Be prepared to be grossed out every week, and like it.

    So after the supposedly 'massive' revelation that one of Vivien's twins is the Antichrist, this episode followed up by completely forgetting about it and focused on Violet, Tate and the late boy-toy Travis's murder. After being absent from the previous episode (and from school apparently, where the hell was she?), Violet reinforced the opinion that of all the pissed off teenagers on the face of the planet, she is the worst, and the dumbest. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she's a GHOST.

    Oh yes! The big reveal tonight was that Violet is indeed dead. Kudos to the twisted freaks who called it right after the bathtub scene a few episodes ago. I didn't.

    But this is where I got really confused (it doesn't take a lot). So can Violet leave the house or not? When I say house, I mean house minus garden. In one scene, she went all the way to the gate. But in the next, she barely got out the front door. Watch the scene again. You'll see what I mean. The discrepancy is not negligible, writers! It's a big ass garden.

    Besides, Hayden could leave the house when she got arrested by Luke. Moira left the house on Halloween (but not on any other day apparently). What the bleedin' hell is going on here? Writers. Kindly clarify.

    Meanwhile, Constance became the prime suspect in Travis's murder, and she didn't like it one bit. After some huffing and hawing (the hawing involved trying to cut crazy Larry's balls off), she discovered that one of the ghosts inside murder house (Hayden, but Constance doesn't know that) killed Travis and Larry just disposed of the body. Larry ended up confessing to the crime because he felt guilty about his previous actions. You know, the actions that made his wife burn herself and her kids. Is it just me, or did the sight of his kid's burnt faces actually register genuine regret on his face? Believe it or not, he was actually my best character on the show. His incarceration indicates that we may have seen the last of him. Bollocks.

    I honestly don't know what to make of this episode. I enjoyed Ben getting his ass kicked. But, if there is anyone in this show who needs a good ol' fashioned tune up, its Tate. Maybe Constance should pay him another visit.


    - Being a resident Hooplehead, I was glad to see Deadwood alumni W. Earl Brown (the Verminator) again. Now I really hate Tate. Nobody messes with Dan Dority!

    - Constance's lawyer. He's the guy from Hostel, right? And Dumb and Dumberer? His talent agent sucks!

    - No more crazy Larry? Bollocks again.

    - Jessica Lange has been spectacular throughout this series. It needed to be said.

    Yes, I'll be tuning in next week. Don't ask me why. Shut up and watch.