American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 10

Smoldering Children

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2011 on FX

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  • Interesting twist

    Well, definitely a disturbing episode to say the least. I liked seeing the guy from Young & The Restless in a new role! Haha. But yeah, disturbing look back at the murder this week and then the reply with Travis. Ben and Vivien - not much happening in this episode, but it seems to set up the next episode: delivering these children. Overall the episode was good, but just didn't feel as tightly written as some of the other episodes.

    [SPOILERS ahead] I really didn't see it coming, the fact that Violet was dead. But then all the pieces fit together - she couldn't leave the house (missed school for 16 days), people kept appearing to her, etc.

    Like a previous reviewer below, there are still crass inconsistencies - he mentions the fact that Violet couldn't leave but Hayden can. Also why was the gate locked from the inside, we don't see it locked on other occasions. I am finally starting to understand this house, but it does seem to have rules of its own as well.

    I really don't like Larry's character, so perhaps he will be gone for good now. They added another thing to his story now... so did he get burned at work? Or at home or whatever... I really didn't get that.

    One thing this show should have done was started with a larger main cast at the beginning. There's a lot of supporting cast and members that come and go, but it would be nicer to have some depth with a couple of core characters that are around more often, rather than guest stars.