American Horror Story

Season 2 Episode 11

Spilt Milk

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2013 on FX

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  • not a review but a response to debsullivan94's stupid allegations


    I clicked your name and then contributions and forums. Your other two reviews have NOT been deleted. Learn to find your reviews. Click your name then go to the left side of your screen and click your contributions then click forums. You have one review under The Name Game episode and one under the show itself.

    Your allegations are wrong.

    You are entitled to your opinions on the show but don't bitch about a conspiracy without knowing the facts and doing just the basic amount of research before proclaiming fraud.

    Sorry to be harsh but I'm trying to educate you and trying (but not succeeding in my bias since I love the show and you hate it) to defend the integrity of the site and its reviews. Anyway, your reviews have not been deleted.

    Sorry to post this as a review but I can't reply to the persons comment and wanted to stick up for the integrity of the site (and educate the poster)
  • Spilt Milk

    Spilt Milk was a very entertaining episode of American Horror Story and I really enjoyed watching because there is a lot of character development and plot progression. it was fun watching the various characters struggle with their own issues. suspense and drama regarding Kit and his child. Lana was bad ass and one tough broad. It was awesome how she escaped got revenge and tried to bring Briarcliff's indiscretions to light. I certainly liked how everything played out and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • #211 'Split Milk'

    The best episode of the entire season yet. I am mesmerized by the pace of this show. Everything happens so quickly, everything happens for a reason, everything leaves a little twist. Top notch acting, directing, editing & writing - well, there always is.

    Mother Claudia gets Lana out of Briarcliff and she takes evidence that clearly says 'Thredson is Bloody Face'. Then waits for him at his place (while the police is on the way - well, they usually are), confronts him about the things he did to her, asks for Wendy's body, but everything was destroyed - there are only ashes left. He confessed that he was practicing on her dead body, prepared himself for Lana - yes, he was having sex with her dead lover and we're talking several positions here. Yes, he didn't like the way she looked at him during those acts, it was shameful & distracting to him. Thredson then wants to make himself another drink but Lana shoots him to his head and he dies. Wendy's ashes are laid to rest and Lana's going to write and release a book about the things she experienced at Briarcliff. She goes to the police, tells them all the stories of the events she had to suffer through in there and they get her a court allowance to visit Judge whom she's determined to help out of the institution. Sadly, Monsignor informs them of Jude's recent passing - she hanged herself in her cell. That's of course a bloody lie and moments later we see Jude looking crazier than ever in her narrow solitary. Months later she gives birth to her baby boy.

    In spite of these recent events - Thredson being exposed and killed (still believed to be just a suicide) clears Kit Walker's name who is now a proud father of Grace's child. He doesn't want to leave alone as he feels responsibility to his newborn baby and blackmails Monsignor to eventually release a mother of his child because he'd be very interesting to the reporters and photographs luring outside the 'Asylum' looking for some answers to Lana's shocking newspaper articles. Kit and Lana arrive to his old house only to find his missing wife Alma with another baby. Good job, Kit. You're loaded. But not with ca$h.

    Meanwhile in 2012 - Johnny Morgan (Arthur's and Lana's child) hires a prostitute (who knows if she was one, maybe she just needed money for her 3 weeks old baby) to disturbingly drink milk from her fully loaded huge breasts (!!!) and gets really angry and violent when they start talking about his mother. This guy is clearly insane. Whacky psycho. What more can I say? I'm dying to see the last 2 episodes of this brilliant season, I like it more than I actually did last year. It's gonna be one hell of a roller coaster. [10/10]

  • More relieve, more plots wrap up

    In this episode more relieve, more plots wrap up , I never thought It'd even end that but still dangerous.

    I wonder still how there will be 2 more without the main villain.
  • What the . . . ?

    Now I know why there are no negative "Fan Reviews" . . . because you delete the ones that are made!!!! I've left two negative comments in the past two weeks and I see that both have been deleted. That's just sad. Is this the only way you can survive? By posting bogus, flattering comments and deleting everything else? The show must be in bigger trouble than I thought. I'll take my comments to other blogs that WON'T delete them.
  • Happily ever after....

    oh wait, it's American Horror Story we're talking about, so I wouldn't say "Hurray!" that fast... after all, there are still T-W-O episodes left. Whatelse is there left to happen?!

    I mean, Spilt Milk has incredibly killed off the last (last?) main villain of the show. With Dr. Arden, Sister Mary Eunice (aka The Awesome Possessed Nun) and now Dr. Thredson gone, we've been granted a almost full lengh episode of happy endings, plus some more of the aliens themselves!

    It just worked out so perfectly that I was kinda expecting a "that's all folks, see ya next season" finale. BUT....

    but there are still two episodes left and I cannot even begin to imagine whatelse is left to happen. Okay, I'm easily surprised and not quite imaginative, still I believe that maybe all this happiness was a way of the producers to say: okay, you wanted a happy ending, you got it. Now, let's get back to real life.