American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 9

Spooky Little Girl

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

In 1947, Elizabeth Short comes to the Murder House, where Dr. David Curan is using the house as his dentist office. They talk and he explains that he's not married, and the woman says that her friend Nabby Pierce recommended him. Elizabeth says that Nabby also said that Dr. Curan is willing to make "arrangements" with women who can't afford his dental fees. She explains that she plans to be an actress and is trying to establish herself, and offers an "arrangement" Dr. Curan gives Elizabeth gas and has her remove the dahlia from her hair.

Later, a mother is walking her daughter when they see Elizabeth's hideously disfigured corpse, cut in half with her mouth ripped open.


In the present, Moira is making the bed when Ben comes in and asks her to make Violet a sandwich. She flirts with him and says his secret that he's attracted to her is safe. Moira says that he has a diseased mind and he says that she must have low self-esteem to throw herself at a married man who doesn't want her. She says that she knows he wants her but Ben insists that he loves his wife and wants a normal, boring family. Moira goes but warns that it's just a matter of time until he gives into her.

Constance is at home, painting, drinking, and smoking, when her lover Travis comes in walking her dogs. He complains that she's drinking and smoking the remaining cigarettes. He points out that he has a job, but Constance reminds him that he's just working in a call center and that she's paying for his head shots. When Travis offers his condolences on Adelaide's death, Constance accuses him of having sex with her daughter when she was gone, and tells him to get her more cigarettes.

As Travis goes down to the store, Hayden whistles at him from the lawn of the Murder House. She realizes that he's with Constance and they flirt. They end up going inside and making love, and Hayden assures him that she can't get pregnant. When Travis says that he isn't going to tell his lover what happened, Hayden says that sex is the only weapon Travis has against her, and that she's afraid of losing him. If his lover is proven right, she'll start treating him nicely again. As Hayden goes, Travis asks what her deal was, and she says that she'll be moving into the Murder House soon because she and Ben are in love. When he wonders why she had sex with him, Hayden says that she wanted to know if she could make love to a living man.

The next day, Detective Jack Colquist of Missing Persons arrives to see Ben. He has Hayden's sister Marla with him, and she believes Ben had something to do with Hayden's disappearance. Ben denies knowing anything about where Hayden is, and Colquist points out that when he saw Hayden there, Ben was digging the gazebo. Before Ben can respond, Hayden comes into the room. She tells her sister that she didn't take her calls because she figured she was asking for money, and tells Marla that she's decided to stay in L.A.

Once Colquist and Marla leave, Hayden tells Ben that she deserves punishment for when she was crazy. She reminds Ben that she's been there for him since the beginning and then tells him that she had the abortion.

Later, Ben is in his office when Elizabeth comes in. He has no idea who she is, and Elizabeth says that something terrible happened to her. She tells Ben that she does things with men that she shouldn't, and she just wants one person to believe in her. Ben says that he knows how she feels and makes an appointment with her for the next day. When he asks how she plans to pay for her treatment, Elizabeth stands up and asks if he thinks she's beautiful, and then removes her clothes. Ben tells her to stop but she says that he's the only one who can understand her. He assures her that she can feel safe with him, but imagines kissing her. The phone rings and Elizabeth leaves, while Ben takes the call from Dr. Hall. She says that she's spoken with Vivien's psychiatrist, and is only telling Ben because he's the designated health proxy. According to the tests, each of Vivien's unborn twins has a different father. Dr. Hall says that it's rare, but it means that Vivien had sex with two different men within 48 hours.

Moira is cleaning when Constance comes over and demands to know where Violet is. She assumes that Violet was the one having sex with Travis, but Moira tells her that Violet has more class. She tells Constance that Violet is in love with Tate, and that Vivien's twins were fathered by two different men. Shocked, Constance goes to the basement and calls out for Tate. He appears and she asks if it's true that he impregnated Vivien. Constance realizes that it's true and he begs her not to tell Violet, and she starts slapping Tate. He falls to the ground, sobbing.

Ben goes to the office and finds Moira and Elizabeth making love on the couch. They invite him to join and he briefly imagines being with them. He then tells Elizabeth to leave and fires Moira. Elizabeth tells Moira that she said it would work, but Hayden comes in and tells Elizabeth that Moira is using her. As Ben leaves, Hayden sits down with Elizabeth, who says that that her only dream is to become famous. Hayden explains that she's Elizabeth Short.


Dr. Curan has sex with the gassed Elizabeth in the dental chair. Once he's done, he removes the mask and starts to check her teeth, but realizes that she's dead. He hauls her down to the basement and Dr. Charles Montgomery appears. He introduces himself as a renowned surgeon and says that he's there to help. Charles cuts her in half, removes her intestines, drains her blood, and disfigures her face with a hideous smile-cut.


Hayden tells Elizabeth that she was famous for two months, and Elizabeth realizes that she did become somebody.

Ben goes to see Vivien and her doctor explains that they had to keep her restrained. When an orderly suggested that the rapist in a rubber suit was a sexual fantasy, Vivien attacked him. Ben sits with his wife and explains that he'd move Heaven and Hell to get the Vivien that he knew out of the hospital. However, Ben tells her that Vivien isn't the woman he knew, and that she ruined their family with betrayal and lies. He says that he wouldn't lift a finger to get out the way that he feels and then walks out.


Two years earlier, Ben and Hayden go out drinking and she eventually admits that she has a crush on him. He tells her that she's attractive and smart and that she can have any man she wants.


Hayden finds Ben standing on the gazebo and tells him that they were meant to be together, and that he needed her. She assures him that he was a consenting adult and still is. When Ben says that his marriage was a mess when they met, and she points out that now it's even worse. However, he insists that they weren't meant to be together and that he used her. Ben tells Hayden that he doesn't love her and never does. Crying, Hayden asks for a hug but then starts kissing him. He pushes her away and says that she can't hang around, and Hayden tells him that Vivien and Luke were having an affair.

Travis is putting away groceries when Constance comes in and apologizes for her earlier comments. She kisses him and then asks him to marry her. Travis laughs, but Constance says that there is going to be a child and she wants to raise it as their own. She insists that she won't make the same mistakes she did the last time, and that Travis will be a great father. He suggests they should wait until he has his career established, but Constance tells him that he's never going to make it as an underwear model. She knows from personal experience that it will never work and offers him the chance to be somebody. When Travis argues, Constance says that he's not even a man, much less a father. When he tries to grab her, Constance says that the last man who struck her came to an unpleasant end.

Travis storms out and goes to the Murder House, and makes love to Hayden in the basement. Once he's done, Hayden starts thinking about Ben and then suggests that they make love again. Travis tells her to finish herself off and goes to make things up with Constance and be a father for Constance's child. Hayden asks for a hug and when he embraces her, stabs him repeatedly and says that she had a great time.

Hayden wonder what to do with him, and Travis' ghost appears and says that now he never will become famous, just like Constance said. Elizabeth arrives and says that now he might have an even better chance. Hayden figures that Ben will go to prison once they find the body, but Charles offers to cut it up if they can find someone to carry it out. After a moment, Hayden says she knows someone who owes her a favor.

Later, boys are playing basketball when they find Travis' naked corpse near a bridge, cut in half with the same facial scar. Down the street, Larry watches and then walks away.

Constance goes to see Vivien at the hospital, bringing flowers. She asks if the twins are okay and Vivien says that they've been growing rapidly. Constance assures her that she intends to get Vivien whatever help she needs and that she has a special gift with babies. Vivien asks her to leave for now and Constance says that she knows the pain of everyone doubting you. As she goes, Vivien tells her that she was raped, and asks her not to tell anyone so that she can get out of the hospital.

Ben triggers the security alarm to get Luke to come over. When Luke arrives, Ben accuses him of having an affair with Vivien and getting her pregnant. He demands the truth and Luke tells him that he's sterile. He tells Ben that Vivien was clearly a busy girl. When Ben takes offense, Luke points out that he's the one accusing his wife and says that Vivien may be safer locked up in the hospital.

Ben looks around and finds the rubber suit. Moira shows up and he demands that she tell her what went on. Ben admits that he made a mistake putting Vivien in the hospital, and realizes that someone really attacked her. Moira walks to the door, and then appears to him as her elderly self. She tells him that he's finally starting to see things as they really are and leaves.

Billie Dean comes to see Constance and talks about her career on Lifetime. However, Constance says that she has something more important to focus on. She asks Billie Dean what happens when a human copulates with a spirit and there is a conception. Billie Dean tells her about the Pope's box, and how when a new Pope is chosen, he is taken to the Room of Tears. He is given a key to a box, and the box contains the ultimate secret of the end of the world. It foretells of how the anti-Christ, born of human and spirit, will usher in the End of Times.