American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 9

Spooky Little Girl

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2011 on FX

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  • Heteropaternal Superfecundation

    What the--how the--who--what the hell is going on with this show?? Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk must be like two stoned mad scientists brainstorming in between sips of V-juice and morsels of human liver, trying to come up with new ways to torture and confuse the audience. The weird part of it all is, I'm still going to watch this show next week!

    This episode was basically a televised scrapbook of ideas pieced together with bits of string, the end result being a complete mess from which it is very difficult to become disentangled. As I'm writing this, I have no clue where to begin. Give me a minute.

    This is what happened within a span of forty minutes (Spoilers)

    - We were introduced to Elizabeth Short aka Black Dahlia (played by Mena Suvari). We saw her get raped, murdered (sort of), chopped up and dumped. That was 64 years ago.

    - Constance fought with her boy toy, found out that Tate raped Vivien, confronted Tate, then mommy-slapped him for being such a disappointment.

    - We saw Hayden have sex with Constance's boy toy...twice. Then she stabbed him repeatedly (thus rendering him dead) and enlisted crazy Larry's help to dump his chopped up pieces into a spot away from horror house (still trying to come up with a better name for the place).

    - We saw young Moira flirt with Ben. Then she flirted some more. Then she made out with the ghost of Elizabeth Short (who came to Ben for advice and treatment. Don't ask).

    - Vivien's doctor informed Ben that one of Vivien's twins has a different father (you heard me), Ben got pissed, visited Vivien and expressed his displeasure by growling at the back of her neck.

    - Hayden tried to seduce Ben again, failed, then hinted that security guy Luke might be the father of twin number 2, Ben got pissed for a second time, confronted Luke who told him that he never slept with Vivien and even if he did, he's shooting blanks anyway, so screw you, and he walked away.

    - Constance chatted with medium lady who revealed that when a ghost has sex with a non-ghost like Vivien, the resulting offspring could bring about the end of the world.

    Whew! Glad to get that out of my system. So did the story really go forward? I honestly don't know.

    The most significant developments in my opinion were

    - Ben realizing that Vivien was raped and

    - Ben catching his first glimpse of the real Moira.

    So is this the push Ben needs to realize that the house is haunted? Who are we kidding? Of course not. Hayden is walking around the house like she owns the place. And despite getting walloped in the head, and still coming back without a scratch, Ben doesn't suspect she's a ghost.

    Ever squished a cockroach with your boot, or a book? You know that if you lift your boot (or your book), the resulting sight will not be a pretty one. Yet try as you might, you WILL be curious and you WILL see what's underneath, and yes it will be gross.

    American Horror Story is that cockroach. And I will lift my boot every week to see what's underneath, no matter how sick it's going to make me feel afterwards.


    - No Violet in this episode. So on the bright side, things could have been worse.

    - This episode did not help me with my fear of dentists.

    - Are the Harmons having an open house? It seems anyone can go anyplace and have sex anywhere.
  • Spooky Little Girl


    Spooky Little Girl was a perfect episode of American Horror Story and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it felt like a Classic. The story writing, the actors and their portrayals of their characters, the cinematography, editing and directing were all perfect and really maintain the series stamina. I loved seeing Mena as Elizabeth Short, and it was great to see more of Jessica Lange. The story in this episode really blew me away with all the revelations within the show to characters and in general to the audience. From what Billie Dean Howard revealed to Constance, this series has shown its true potential for longevity. This episode should really hook viewers as it certainly did for me, though I was already. I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!!!

  • Ghost sluts are all over the show *spoilers ahead*


    This time episode we found out about how "doctor Frankenstein" became how he was. He was a rapist while a dentist session. But once he killed a girl while anesthetization. And then some guy came to cut this poor girl into pieces. Who is this guy? New ghost?

    Hayden want to get Ben. So he screwed with Constance's lover to prove he could do this with alive person. But after Ben pushed her away she wanted to stay with young lover. But apparently he loves Constance and Hayden kills him. Slut #1 plus man slut #1.

    Moira wants to screw with Ben(how did this guy become so popular?). And he decline, Moira prose him a threesome with other ghost girl(from beginning of the episode). But Ben declined this offer too. Wow, why didn't he do this before. However slut#2 and #3.

    Now it is know about nature of Vivien's twins. One from the Ben and other from rubber guy aka Tate. Ben thinks this was Vivien's affair with security guy. But he convinced Ben that it wasn't him. Now Ben's got some understanding what is going on in this house.

    "Congratulations, Dr. Harmon! You're finally started to see things as they are." (c) Moira

    And in the there were also an end of the world prediction. Let's see is it true!

  • Another slightly peculiar episode....


    So after last week's bizarre episode that ended with Viv being dragged off to an insane asylum, what were we expecting from this week's episode? Resolution? Educated guesses? Christmas cheer? No... we got none of that, and not just because I've been spending my time recently in Germany- AHS is AHS no matter where you download it from- it still gives you the creeps.

    Viv seems oddly passive about the entire situation and Ben seems all too ready for alternative explanations IMO.

    The security dude appears all too happy to wind up Ben, which leads me to suggest that he either FEELS or KNOWS too much about Viv to simply let her go like that.

    There is no Violet in this episode and very little Tate, although I think we catch a glimpse of Tate being very confused and conflicted over his mother in this episode. We discover that spectral beings can have physical intercourse and even impregnate humans... but what does this mean for Viv's twins? Is one the anti-christ? If so then what is the other? I just cannot see the anti-christ sharing a womb with a completely irrelevant being..... DUN DUN DUN!

    Although we were expecting something *big* to be introduced to the season- I was not expecting this "anti-christ" business. Nor do I trust it as a plot line tbh. The revelation scene with the psychic and Constance wasn't great IMO, it had a distinctly cheesey vibe to it. I worry that AHS will go down the dreaded Supernatural plot path- trying to best itself with bigger and bigger shocks and turns. Of all the haunted houses in all of California, let alone the world- the devil picks this one? Really? I suppose it's a little like the lottery- someone has to win it.

  • I liked it but it was a very odd episode.


    I couldn't agree more with the previous review I've just read and have approved by my "I like ticking".

    Moving over to my appreciation on last episode:

    We can really recognize some similitude with Nip Tuck's environment. All is very fantastic and at each episode they over magnify every story or character.

    Sex and dirty sex everywhere, people being killed and butchered everywhere, people with serious psychological disorders everywhere. Oh c'mon!

    Those who watched "Nip Tuck" know what I'm talking about. In the beg, we are impressed by the universe of characters and plot they build up, but as time goes by, we realise everything goes rather too far and it becomes difficult to cope with all the plot.

    When I first watched this show, I said to myself "well, at least, the ex- Nip Tuckers are proposing a series which universe is thoroughly unreal. They can go farther and further with no risk of disappointing the audience!"

    Well, if the next episode follows the same path as yesterday's....then I was wrong. If they are preparing a new circus in the "nip tuck style", this show will become really boring.

    So, I hope they try to come back to a more traditional horror film. HOpe they don't try to create illimited characters having already been elliminated and/or still to be elliminated or the already dead characters killing living ones or butchering everyone.

    If they continue to exponentialize the death stories like this, this show will becomo VERY, VERY, VERY TIRESOME and completely non-sense!!! That said, I'm questioning myself if a horror story may slightly be expected as a "making sense show".