American Horror Story

Season 1 Episode 9

Spooky Little Girl

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2011 on FX

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  • Another slightly peculiar episode....


    So after last week's bizarre episode that ended with Viv being dragged off to an insane asylum, what were we expecting from this week's episode? Resolution? Educated guesses? Christmas cheer? No... we got none of that, and not just because I've been spending my time recently in Germany- AHS is AHS no matter where you download it from- it still gives you the creeps.

    Viv seems oddly passive about the entire situation and Ben seems all too ready for alternative explanations IMO.

    The security dude appears all too happy to wind up Ben, which leads me to suggest that he either FEELS or KNOWS too much about Viv to simply let her go like that.

    There is no Violet in this episode and very little Tate, although I think we catch a glimpse of Tate being very confused and conflicted over his mother in this episode. We discover that spectral beings can have physical intercourse and even impregnate humans... but what does this mean for Viv's twins? Is one the anti-christ? If so then what is the other? I just cannot see the anti-christ sharing a womb with a completely irrelevant being..... DUN DUN DUN!

    Although we were expecting something *big* to be introduced to the season- I was not expecting this "anti-christ" business. Nor do I trust it as a plot line tbh. The revelation scene with the psychic and Constance wasn't great IMO, it had a distinctly cheesey vibe to it. I worry that AHS will go down the dreaded Supernatural plot path- trying to best itself with bigger and bigger shocks and turns. Of all the haunted houses in all of California, let alone the world- the devil picks this one? Really? I suppose it's a little like the lottery- someone has to win it.