American Horror Story

Season 2 Episode 10

The Name Game

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 02, 2013 on FX

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  • #210 'The Name Game'

    Another great episode. The writers had a few excellent twists and turns in store for us for the first episode of 2013. It was only to be expected but we got even more than what we bargained for.

    Sister Mary Eunice (ehm, actually that Satan inside her) is spinning out of control and she does everything she can to make Jude's stay as a patient at Briarcliff as bad as possible. But that is apparently not enough for her. After raping (!!!) poor Monsignor Timothy who survived being assaulted and crucified by Mr. Emerson Killer Santa at the end of the last episode. He returned to the asylum to fight the Devil and free Mary Eunice's soul and he succeeded. She is finally dead (not gonna go into details, you need to watch this priceless and totally unexpected scene) and Dr. Arden decides to perform a cremation of her body. After abruptly ending his experiment (he shot all his creatures in the woods) and Mary Eunice's death he has nothing to loose and commits a suicide (another unexpected twist).

    Dr. Thredson surprisingly delivers Grace's baby (with Pepper's assistance) and shows it to shocked Kit. Meanwhile Lana saves a tape with his confession and threatens to use it if he ever hurts Kit or another patient at the facility (he was hired to work there full time). Jude tells Mother Superior that she's getting married to Monsignor, they're leaving to Rome together, he loves her cooking and killed Mary Eunice because she defiled him and tried to steal him away from her. I know, not the best things to say when you're a psychiatric patient. She also told her to help Lana Winters get out of the Briarcliff because she does not belong in there. But I think she was still weak and a little bit confused after those electroshocks they gave her even though she was telling the truth.

    Oh and did I mention that cute little 'Glee' moment with Jessica Lange singing 'The Name Game' and dancing with the rest of the patients? That was certainly not expected. [9.5/10]