American Horror Story

Season 3 Episode 8

The Sacred Taking

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2013 on FX

Episode Recap

Queenie goes beneath an underpass and walks among the homeless. One of them gets up and, holding a hammer, advances on her and prepares to rape her. Queenie grabs a board with nails in it and hits her own hand, forcing the rapist to drop his weapon. She then hits him with the board and knocks him to the ground. Zoe and Madison step out of the shadows and say that they need Queenie back with the Coven. Queenie says that Marie has set her straight on what's going on, but Zoe insists that with a new Supreme coming, things are changing. Unimpressed, Queenie uses a knife to cut open the rapist's chest and rip his hear tout of his chest. She then turns to her former friends and tells them that Marie needs a dark heart to boost Queenie's powers, and warns Zoe and Madison that a war is coming... and they're going to lose.

Fiona is unable to keep any food down because of the advancing cancer. She tells Cordelia that she's dying but all her daughter can say is that she should die before Thanksgiving. Fiona goes to see the Axeman, who assures her that she's beautiful and invites her to go to Europe with him for her last month before she begins to decay. She doesn't want him to see her decay and he wonders if she's considered taking her own life. Fiona says that she plans to stay alive just to spite everyone that wants her dead, but that she's dying as one of the girls at the school becomes the new Supreme.

At the Ramsey home, Joan binds Luke's shoulder wound and tells him that the girls at the school are witches. He insists that they saved him, but Joan reminds him that only God saves, and tells him to wash himself of his impurities. She gets out an enema bag and Luke reluctantly drops his pants and gets in the tub.

Nan hears Luke screaming in her head and goes to tell the others what's happening. Cordelia has assembled the girls in the kitchen and tells Nan to sit down with the others. The headmistress admits that they've lost a powerful weapon with Queenie, who is dead to her now. As Cordelia vows not to lose another girl, the doorbell keeps ringing with no one to answer it. Madison wants to confront Fiona but Cordelia tells her to stay in hiding until the time is right. Zoe finally answers the door and finds Misty standing there. The swamp witch says that men came to drive her from her shack in the wood, after the resurrected Myrtle warned her that someone was outside. Misty escaped just in time with Myrtle in tow.

Cordelia comes to see who is calling and Zoe tells her that their visitor is a witch seeking sanctuary. When Cordelia takes Misty's hand, she sees her being burned and then bringing herself back to life, and realize that she's the girl from the news. The headmistress assures her that she's safe there and Misty asks if they can take in her friend as well. She leads everyone to the greenhouse where Myrtle is waiting, and Cordelia is relieved to see the woman that raised her like a mother. Cordelia explains what happened and how Fiona has broken coven law by killing Madison, and Myrtle says that a new Supreme is among them: Misty, whose power of resurgence is greater than those demonstrated in the Seven Tests.

Later, Zoe gives Kyle a reading table to help him learn words. When he tries to kiss her, Zoe says that she and the other girls are performing a ritual downstairs and she has to go. Madison comes in to get Zoe and reminds her that they're sharing Kyle, kissing him. She tells Kyle that they'll have fun late and the two girls downstairs to join the ritual. Myrtle explains that they will perform the Ritual of the Sacred Taking. The Coven first used it in Salem when their Supreme, Prudence Mather, was dying. She sacrificed herself so that a new witch could become the Supreme and they could make their way south to safety. The girls argue about which of them should be the Supreme, even Nan. Cordelia tells them that it's a burden, not a gift, and all of the Supremes except Fiona bowed beneath its weight. Misty says that she doesn't want to be the Supreme but Cordelia tells her that Fiona dies, she won't have a choice. As they perform the ritual, Madison notes that the plan relies on Fiona killing herself, and figures that isn't likely to happen. Cordelia agrees and says that they'll need to give her mother a little push.

Fiona is in her bathroom vomiting when she hears music in her bedroom. She investigates and finds Madison dancing triumphantly. The girl tells Fiona that she's the new Supreme and that she used her powers to bring herself back. She throws herself on the bed and says that she's taking over, and warns Fiona that everyone knows that she broke Coven law by killing a fellow witch. Madison hands Fiona some sleeping pills and suggests that she take them and make a quick end for herself rather than suffer the agony of burning. As Fiona considers the pills, Madison walks out.

After a few moments, Fiona throws the pills on the bed and starts packing. Myrtle comes in and claims that Madison resurrected her, proving her power as the Supreme. She asks where Fiona is going and Fiona says that she's going to Europe with someone that she belongs to and truly loves her, and will take care of her until she dies. Myrtle warns that Fiona hasn't thought it through and Fiona imagines the Axeman finally growing disgusted at her frail, withered body as she deteriorates, and leaving her to die alone.

Outside, Madison joins the other girls sitting on the stairs and assures them that the plan is working. They go back to arguing who is the next Supreme and Nan is disappointed when no one believes it could be her. She runs out of the house and goes to Luke's house next door, unaware that Hank is watching her from the shadows. Nan goes inside and hears muffled grunting. She follows the noise and finds Luke tied and gagged in a closet.

In preparation for her "trip," Fiona puts on her best dress and makes up her face. She talks about a drummer she met at Woodstock and how she broke it off with him, and that she knows when to move on. Fiona tells the attending Myrtle that there's no point in her reviewing all of the regrets in her life, and asks her fellow witch to look after Cordelia. She then swallows the sleeping pills and lies down on the bed to await her end. Myrtle riffles through her jewelry box, takes Fiona's real items, and leaves.

Once Myrtle is gone, Spalding steps out of the shadows and tells Fiona to wake her up. He takes out a bottle of ipacec and tries to get Fiona to take it. Fiona wonders how he can speak and Spalding explains that now that he's dead, he can speak as a spirit. When Fiona says that she's doing something noble for the Coven, Spalding tells her that they've tricked her and that the swamp witch is the one with the power of resurgence. He pours the ipacec for her and Fiona finally takes it. Once she vomits the pills, Fiona promises that she'll avenger his murder, right after she avenges her own.

Queenie goes to see Delphine, locked in a cage in the back of Marie's salon. The girl gives her former friend a Jumpin' Jack burger, and Delphine points that she did everything she could for Queenie, including making her favorite foods. She suggests that Queenie let her out just to stretch her legs, and Queenie moves forward. Marie arrives and stops her, telling her not to feed the animal. The priestess sends Queenie on her way and gloats over having Delphine trapped in the cage. Delphine arrogantly orders Marie to get her some water and let her eat alone, and points out that Marie can't kill her since she made her immortal. She tells Marie to put her back in the box and bury her, because she's tired of this era and figures that after a hundred years the natural order of whites over blacks will be restored. Marie takes out a knife and assures Delphine that she has many more choices than just burial or imprisonment. Delphine insists that she isn't afraid of her... and Marie grabs her arm and cuts off her hand. As the priestess walks away, she admits that what she did wasn't satisfying, but they've only just begun.

Nan unties Luke and he leads her out of the house. However, Joan is in the foyer calling the police to report Nan. As Luke argues with his mother, Hank opens fire, killing Joan. Luke shoves Nan down behind cover but another shot hits him in the head. Nan crawls to him and begs him to live, insisting that she's the Supreme and he can't die.

Cordelia, Myrtle, and the other girls wait in the parlor for Fiona to die and Misty to assume her power. Misty insists that she's no leader but Myrtle assures her that she'll rise to the occasion. Fiona comes in, in full command, and demands to see Misty. Everyone realizes that the swamp witch has slipped away.

Misty has gone to the Ramsey home, attracted by death. The EMTs take away Luke's body and Nan goes with them. Fiona enters the house and uses her powers to make the officer tell her what happened, and then forces him to leave. Misty is already there and Fiona tells her to demonstrate her power and bring Joan back to life.

The girls lead Cordelia to the Ramsey house and the headmistress senses something on the ground.

Fiona commands the police officers to stay out while Misty prepares to resurrect Joan.

Cordelia finds a silver bullet on the ground. When she touches it, she gets a vision of someone shooting and killing the Ramseys.

Joan comes back to life and Misty collapses from exhaustion, while Fiona rolls her eyes in exasperation.

Cordelia tells the girls that the two murders were deliberate.

Later, Zoe goes back to her room and Kyle, sensing that she's upset, hugs her. He starts to kiss her and Zoe backs away, but assures him that it isn't him she's upset with. When Zoe says that someone is attacking them, Kyle mumbles that "the road goes two ways." When Zoe asks what he means, Kyle says that he loves her and Zoe tells him that she loves him. They're both unaware that Madison is hiding in the shadows, watching and crying.

The next day, Fiona joins Cordelia for breakfast. When Cordelia tells her mother to get it over with and tell the Council that she tried to kill a fellow witch, Fiona admits that she's proud of the fact that they were proud enough to conspire against her. She touches Cordelia's shoulder and her daughter doesn't flinch from her vision. Fiona says that she's proud of her and notices the silver bullet that Cordelia found. She realizes that a witchhunter shot it and Cordelia admits that they need Fiona more than ever.

The doorbell rings and Fiona goes to answer it because of the lack of staff. Someone has left a large cardboard box on the step. After making sure that it's safe, Fiona takes it inside and opens it in the kitchen. She's shocked to discover that it's Delphine's severed head... and Delphine is still alive.