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American Horror Story

Season 3 Episode 8

The Sacred Taking

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2013 on FX

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  • Vbnv jhon bvi

  • Black Ink Darkness.

    So finally Cordelia meets Misty and finds out that Myrtle is alive, but as Misty tells Zoe someone was out to kill her and Myrtle and that someone is Hank, Cordelia's husband. So with everyone wanting to take down and kill Fiona, the Coven under goes The Sacred Undertaking which is to see who will become the next supreme. So in this crazy trippy haze Madison tells Fiona that she is the next supreme and then it Myrtle's turn and she succeeds in telling Fiona to kill herself, until Spalding tells her to wake up. Meanwhile Nan goes over to next door to see whats happening with Luke (what did his mother make him do with the liquid and that tube that went up his @$$). So Fiona with the help of Spalding wakes up and finds out what they were going to do and Spalding tells Fiona all about Misty and when Fiona comes downstairs and asks where is the swamp witch Misty hides. Meanwhile when Nan is trying to save Luke, Hank is outside trying to shoot Nan but misses and kill's Luke's mother (Luke is still be alive). So Fiona meets Misty, the so called next supreme and tells Misty to use her talent on Luke's mother and Misty brings her back to life and while Cordelia is walking next door she finds a silver bullet that has been blessed. Kyle is learning how to speak and tells Zoe that he loves her, while Madison is listening outside the door. Queenie has been feeding Madame LaLaurie and Marie Laveau finds out and LaLaurie and Laveau exchange some choice words, but seeing how LaLaurie cant die, Marie Laveau cuts her up and sends LaLaurie's head to the Coven (l couldn't stop laughing). Another Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up.
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