American Horror Story

Season 2 Episode 2

Tricks and Treats

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2012 on FX

Episode Recap


Teresa runs away from Bloody Face and goes back to Leo, still in shock from the killer's attack. She tries to drag her husband into a cell but Bloody Face grabs Leo and drags her away. Teresa slams the cell door shut while Leo begs for his life. The killer ignores his pleas and stabs him repeatedly, and then tries to get through the door to Teresa.


Two of Wendy's friends, Lois and Barb, visit to console her after Lana's commitment. Someone knocks at the door and Barb tells the others to ignore it because it could be Bloody Face, even though he's been locked up. Wendy decides to recant her signed statement but Barb and Lois warn her that it could be difficult. When the knocking continues, Lois ignores Barb's warnings and opens the door, and finds three trick-or-treaters at the doorstep. They admit they came a day early, see their teacher Wendy in tears, and say that they'll come back later. Lois offers to stay over and Barb glares at her, but Wendy says that she'll be okay and will recant in the morning.

Once she's alone, Wendy takes a shower and goes back to her room. She notices that the window is open and closes it, and turns to find Bloody Face in her home. Wendy begs him not to kill her, saying her students won't understand, but he advances upon her and stabs.

At Briarcliff, Sister Jude has the head guard, Frank McCann, conduct a search of the patients' cells. They find bread in Pepper's cell and Shelly tells them that she has a cucumber in her room, but not as food. Well aware of what Lana is up to, Jude has Frank search the reporter's pillow and finds her notes on what has happened to her. Lana insists that her editor and her friends know where she is, but Jude doesn't care. As the nun walks away, Lana warns her that she will remember what happened even without the notes.

Jude goes to see Arden and tells him that Lana's memories are impeding repentance so she wants him to remove them. Arden is surprised given the nun's condemnation of him in the past but is glad to help. The orderlies take Lana to the electroshock theater and prepare her. Arden invites Jude to administer the treatment and she reluctantly does so, watching as Lana convulses.

The guards bring Kit to the common room to meet the court-appointed psychiatrist, Dr. Oliver Thredson. Thredson stops the guards from beating Kit and offers him a cigarette, and then asks for his side of what happened. Kit says that Alma is still alive and that the reason the police misidentified the corpse they found was because it was decapitated. The alleged killer insists that he's sane and that he's starting to remember the aliens that took him and Alma. Thredson takes down everything Kit says... and then files a report that he's clinically insane.

Mary Eunice goes back into the woods in the daylight to recover her basket and finds Arden already there. He avoids discussing the creatures that she fed and confirms that she hasn't told Jude about the feedings. Once he's sure Mary Eunice hasn't told, Arden offers her a candy apple. The nun hesitates, saying that Jude holds them as sinful, but Arden insists that she take a bite. As they go back to Briarcliff, Shelley watches them from upstairs.

In the common room, Lana tries to write down what she can remember of her stay at the asylum. Kit walks by to meet with Grace and Lana listens in as Kit tells his new friend that he couldn't fake insanity. When he suggests that they escape through the bakery, Lana writes everything down.

Thredson approaches Jude later and briefly discusses Kit's case, saying he hasn't made a final determination. However, he talks to her privately about the conditions at Briarcliff, pointing out the abuse and malpractice. The nun says that it's a madhouse and it's not supposed to be nice. When Thredson points out that they use electroshock to "cure" homosexuality, Jude tells him to let her do her job while he does his. She then meets with a local couple, the Potters. Thredson follows Jude in and insists on hearing what they have to say. Mrs. Potter agrees, much to Jude's displeasure, and the couple explains that their son Jed has become manic-depressive, hearing and seeing things that aren't there. His father recently discovered him naked in the barn, speaking in tongues and covered in the blood of a cow that he killed and ate its heart. Jude is amused to see Thredson shocked into silence and asks to see Jed, who they brought with them. As they go to Jed's room, Jude warns Thredson to stay out of her way.

Inside the room, the restrained Jed begs them for help but starts speaking in tongues again. As he snarls at them, Thredson says they should medicate the boy but Jude says that he needs something else.

Lana and Grace are put into tubs of hot water and covered with sheets to hold them in. Once the orderlies leave, Grace cuts herself free and goes to the window. Lana tells her that there's a tunnel out of Briarcliff and wants Grace to help her, but refuses when Grace wants to bring Kit with them. She assures the reporter that Kit isn't a killer and asks Lana why she has trouble trusting people. Lana says that the person she loved the most threw her away and Grace says that she can understand.

Shelley approaches Arden in the kitchen and throws herself at him, offering sex in return for the chance to go outside for fifteen minutes. Disgusted, Arden refuses, calling her a slut, and Shelley explains that she first masturbated when she was five. When her mother tried to stop her later, Shelley ran away and ended up marrying a jazz musician. He tries to control her while stepping out with a series of mistresses, so she brought two sailors home. Her husband found Shelley with them and had her committed, finding a psychiatrist to identify her as a nymphomania. Unimpressed, Arden says that Shelley makes him sick and leaves.

That night, Thredson tries to get the Potters to let him take Jed to the county hospital. They refuse, explaining that Monsignor Howard told them what he plans to have done. The specialist Howard and Jude called arrives, coming in via a wheelchair. Thredson goes to see Howard and complains, but the monsignor insists that bringing in an exorcist is the right thing to do. Howard wants Thredson in attendance as a physician to monitor Jed's condition. When the psychiatrist accuses Howard of wanting him as an accomplice, the exorcist, Father Malechi, arrives and says that he prefers having a skeptic in attendance.

In the common room, Grace approaches Lily and asks her for the location of the tunnel before Lana forgets because of the electroshock treatments. Lana refuses, suspecting betrayal. Kit comes over and takes Lana's notes out of her hand just as Jude orders an early shutdown. Frank takes everyone back to their cells and Kit tells Lana that she'll have to trust him. Once he's alone, Kit reads Lana's notes about her escape plan.

As the guards strap Jed down, Malechi warns Thredson and Howard to ignore anything the demon says to them. Thredson confirms that Jed's pulse is dropping, risking his lift. Malechi tells Jude to leave, saying that an exorcism is no place for a woman. Jude rebels at the order but Howard backs Malechi and the nun reluctantly leaves.

Arden brings in a prostitute and serves her dinner, and she reminds him that he has only booked her for 90 minutes. The doctor tells her not to be vulgar and she apologizes, collecting her money. Arden offers her wine and cal music, and offers a toast to an evening of romance. The prostitute gets down to business, explaining that she doesn't drink on "dates" and doesn't kiss on the mouth. When she offers to dance for him, Arden picks up a carving knife and tells her to sit down. When she apologizes and sits down, Arden cuts the rare roast beef and talks about how she and all of the other women in the area must be relieved now that Bloody Face has been captured.

Malechi begins the exorcism and the demon talks to Thredson, channeling his mother's voice and saying that she's glad she gave him up. Malechi warns Thredson not to listen and the demon turns on him, telling him to get up and walk. It throws the exorcist across the room, slamming him into the wall.

Howard halts the exorcism and goes to get Jude. He asks her to watch over Jed while he gets Malechi to the infirmary and prepares the last rites in case they're necessary. Jude goes to the room and Jed, speaking in his normal self, says that he can't see. When she goes to him, the demon speaks again, telling her that she was the town whore as it mentally slams a chair in front of the door.

At a nightclub, Jude sings for the soldiers and dances with them. However, when she invites one soldier to take her to his home, he refuses, saying that he has a baby sleeping.

The demon reminds the nun about the little girl and how Jude was drunk that night when she went home.

As she drives home, Jude suddenly hits a girl in a blue dress, slamming her across the hood of the car.

The demon tells Jude that she's a murderer and she lunges across the room, slapping Jed repeatedly. Thredson and Howard return and drag her away, and the monsignor tells her to stay outside and pray. He then returns to the room and begins the exorcism again, banishing the demon in Jesus' name. Jed convulses upward as his heart gives out and all of the lights in the asylum go out.

In the prison wing, the cell doors swing open and Grace and Lana realize that it's their chance.

Mary Eunice goes to Jed's room to tell Jude that they have problems. Meanwhile, Thredson warns them that Jed is going into cardiac arrest.

As Grace and Lana leave the ward, Kit finds them and asks them to take him with them. Kit says that he's read what Lana wrote about him in her notes but insists that he's not a psychopath. When Lana refuses to take him, Grace says that she'll go with Kit and they'll find their own way out. As they walk away, Lana screams for the guards and they quickly run in and capture Kit and Grace.

Jed's body finally collapses from the strain. Thredson tries to revive him without success and pronounces the boy dead. A crucifix falls from the wall and Mary Eunice passes out.

Arden has the prostitute go to his bedroom, remove her makeup, and put on a nun's habit. As she struggles with her makeup, the prostitute notices a small wooden box on the changing table and opens it. Insides she finds photos of near-naked women, gagged and tied into sexual positions. Arden storms in and sees what she's done, and reminds her that he told her not to touch anything. The woman apologizes and tries to leave, but Arden slams the door shut and orders her to lie on the bed. As he unbuckles his pants and advances on her, the prostitute bites him on the arm, knees him in the groin, and runs out of the room.

Jude breaks the news to the Potters that their son is dead.

Arden visits Mary Eunice in the infirmary. She's sleeping and he pulls down her robe, waking her up. As she pulls the bed sheets up, Arden assures her that he was just protecting her modesty, and Mary Eunice says that he makes her feel safe. She wanted him to check on her to make sure that she is okay after her ordeal. As Mary Eunice sits up, Arden notices that the front of her gown is gaping open. She asks about the creatures in the woods but Arden admits that he's distracted by seeing her out of her habit. The nun pulls up the sheets and apologizes, and Arden assures her that it's no cause for concern. He explains that he sees the body purely as a machine, albeit a complex one. He takes his leave and Mary Eunice yanks the bed sheets off as a crucifix on the wall falls to the floor.

Jude has Lana brought to her office and tells her that they've both learned that they can't let their guards down for even a moment. The nun admits that Lana surprised her by calling for the guards and preventing the escape, and has decided to reward her. Jude orders Lana to open the door to the office. When she does, the orderlies bring in Grace and Kit. Jude explains that they're to be punished, and Lana's reward is that she won't be. The nun goes to her closet and invites Lana to pick a crop. When Lana picks a smaller one, Jude tells her to put some enthusiasm into it and Lana selects one of the larger ones. As Jude prepares to whip Kit and Grace, Lana tries to apologize but Grace tells her to go to hell. However, Kit stands up and says that it's all his fault and that he manipulated Grace into helping him escape. Jude considers and then tells Grace to go while Kit receives his own twenty lashes as well as the twenty meant for Grace.