American Horror Story

Season 2 Episode 1

Welcome To Briarcliff

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2012 on FX

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  • Disappointing

    I was thrilled by the first season. I was expecting something extremely ridicilous but instead I received some really interesting story. I liked it and was looking forward to the second season. What I got made me totally disappointed. The first episode of the second season seems to be hectic, without a concept and using well-worn standards that are not scarry anymore. I hope I will see something better in the next episodes because I can't believe that something like this could get a green light for the third season.
  • The little engine that could but didn't because it got pulled over for DUI

    I know I will probably receive so much hate for writing this down, but I am just surprised at the bad quality of the second season opener that I cannot help myself.

    The greatest problem for me was the already noted frantic editing. It felt like they were trying to cover for actor's bad acting or for the show's mediocre script (when, in truth, most of the actors did a great/good job, especially the Tate kid, who saw a stunning transformation from season one). The show's incredibly fast pace ruined for me the general atmosphere, something that I hope to see go as the season progresses. There was nothing scary or intriguing about everybody rushing through their lines and emotions, just (a tad) irritating. (Yeah, the greatest interracial story and their sex was just unbearably bad, even though their kissing was kind of good.) In all, sex scenes were just badly done, there's no way of putting that mildly, and the nun's red underwear and (kinda) masturbation scenes were a laugh instead of being very subtly sinister and portending.

    I think the show has great potential, don't get me wrong, what with the setting and good actors (especially the patients in the asylum), but this just doesn't satisfy me, especially not after season one, where all of them storylines had time to develop and get intertwined, ever so subtle and complex.
  • American Horror Story? Uh, Nope...

    When I heard AHS season 2 was going to be a totally different story, location, characters etc, and using actors from the first season (all of my favourites none the less!) I was completely amped up for it. That all sounds amazing considering how neatly wrapped up season 1 ended... In reality this episode has just not pushed any of my buttons. Absolutely everything about this episode felt different. It felt like a completely new show, and that immediately rubbed me up the wrong way. Tim Minear (writer) is a real gem, and a personal favourite of mine in this kind of TV show realm, but the episode felt like it had far too much going on and thus moved far too fast to build any kind of suspense or atmosphere at all.

    The "modern day couple" were hammy at best, and Adam Levine felt like nothing more than a ploy to attract teen girls into the audience. There are a million actual actors who would have provided a much better performance and likely not detracted credibility the way Levine seems to. Sex isn't really all that shocking, so the whole storyline of newlyweds travelling the country and getting it on in morbid and freaky locations really just felt so forced. Were there really no better ways of introducing the asylum? A group of kids messing about or wackos trying to commune with the dead would have been much more believable.

    Essentially I'm just not feeling it yet. I do sincerely hope that the next episode pulls me in, but so far, I'm just not convinced that this show can work and survive without the supernatural elements of season 1.
  • Meh...

    I loved Season 1. This one seems dull. Dull horror, who would have thunk it? Jessica's character is of course interesting, but, unfortunately, none of the rest of the characters are. I don't care about the mystery patient that is eating flesh, don't care about the aliens, don't care about the illegal experiments on mental patients (a plot we've seen in a hundred other movies), don't care about the microchip that turned into a bug. Yawn. The unique characters is what made Season 1 so awesome. You rooted for Violet and her parents, and Jessica kept us entertained. There's no one to root for so far in this season. The humor from the past season is missing here. Even the attempts at sexiness in this S2 episode was boring. I'm just sad to say I'm really disappointed. Not sure if I'll watch episode 2. I'll check the msg boards 1st to see if the season improves.
  • First Time Viewer Not Sold On Series....

    Adam Levine always reminds me of Eddie Haskel attempting to be a cool and tough! Kinda put a damper on the whole opening segment. Guess I'm being picky, but I know it could be cast better.
  • Better than the finale

    The finale left me disappointed but the premiere is off to a great start. I enjoyed the story of the season 1 finale but it felt out of place with the rest of the season. This premiere amped it up a bit and has my curiosity. I'm not as creeped out by this season so far yet I am certainly hooked. Not perfect, but a great start to season 2. I really like the angle they are taking with the religion, science/medical, and yes...the aliens.
  • Welcome To Briarcliff

    Welcome To Briarcliff was a pretty good episode of American Horror Story Asylum. I really enjoyed watching, though there was definitely something different to the over all feel of this seasons story lines. I liked the various characters and the haunting truths of evil within humanity. I liked how the various scenes played out and it was intriguing to see some science fiction involved. I also liked the intertwining of the past and present at the asylum as a young man was hurt. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • 2x01 "Welcome To Briarcliff"

    The weird, the sexy and most importantly... THE INSANE! Everything that made S1 so good is here.
  • Adam Levine is simply DEVINE!

    I was shocked to see Adam Levine in the opening to the first show of Season Two! My god is he gorgeous! I never knew he could act, I hope he's in for more then one episode.