American Horror Story

Season 2 Episode 1

Welcome To Briarcliff

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2012 on FX

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  • Meh...

    I loved Season 1. This one seems dull. Dull horror, who would have thunk it? Jessica's character is of course interesting, but, unfortunately, none of the rest of the characters are. I don't care about the mystery patient that is eating flesh, don't care about the aliens, don't care about the illegal experiments on mental patients (a plot we've seen in a hundred other movies), don't care about the microchip that turned into a bug. Yawn. The unique characters is what made Season 1 so awesome. You rooted for Violet and her parents, and Jessica kept us entertained. There's no one to root for so far in this season. The humor from the past season is missing here. Even the attempts at sexiness in this S2 episode was boring. I'm just sad to say I'm really disappointed. Not sure if I'll watch episode 2. I'll check the msg boards 1st to see if the season improves.