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American Hot Rod

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From the producers of American Chopper comes American Hot Rod, the show that gives the viewers a look at the life of legendary hot-rod builder Boyd Coddington and his crew of builders. The show takes the viewers into the fast paced, complicated, and tension filled world of hot-rod building. Along the way we meet Boyd's crew and family, as they struggle to complete their classic cars before the deadline is upon them. It's just another day in the life of American Hot Rod.

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AIRED ON 3/30/2008

Season 5 : Episode 12

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  • Duane

    The show may no longer be current, but I hope and pray that Duane, with his permanently pissed off attitude is sleeping in a box, under a bridge, and begging for his mere existence. What an arrogant asshole.
  • Bunch of sexist A-holes...

    I havent watched this show since the episode where they let Liz go for no other reason than the bosses wife was jealous of her(and why? Its not like Liz woulda had ANYTHING to do with her husband lol!). Liz had the most mature attitude and one of the best work ethics of any of the men working there. After all the sexist bulls**t she took from the garage manager and being fired because the garage owners wife was jealous of her that girl could have won a serious law suite against that place(I mean its all on tape!). Anyway, From what little I saw of Liz, Im sure she is doing very well somewhere. I saw that episode months ago and just noticed the show is still on tonight so I created this account specifically to make this one time review. No one at should consider me a current viewer lol!moreless
  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall......

    The Wheels are gone.

    The business is gone.

    The crew is gone.

    Boyd is gone.

    and Jo sits and wonders what happened.

    Check the mirror Jo.

    Just check the Mirror.
  • Absolutely Terriable

    This series is nothing but a major bitching and whinning series starring a bunch of grown men makeing complte fools of themselves......absolute joke and a struggle to watch for just 5 miniets.....I don`t know how something this stays on the air.
  • gewire

    You need to make your own gaskets just because EGGE does not have the gaskets. Go out and buy some gasket material and cut your own. In that way you are not sitting on your hands waiting for EGGE to get them for you. This is an old car and most of the parts have to be hand made. I know I made most of mine simply because they are not availabe any longer. It takes a lot of time to fix an old car back to an old car. Sure anyone can take the body and put a small block Chevy with a blower on it and add all of the extras but that is not an old classic car any longer.moreless
  • Who the hell Blubear is?
    I am watching now episodes where Boyd gave to Blubear to build his own hotrod with his own team.Maaaan, this guy is reeeeealy piss...
  • Boyd Coddington Passes Away
    Car-building legend Boyd Coddington, whose testosterone-injected cable TV reality show "American Hot Rod" introduced the nation to...
  • Air Force Thunderbirds Episode?????
    When will the episode be aired where Boyd's wife, Jo, flew with the US Air Force's flight demonstration team? I was at Nellis AFB ...
  • DVD,s
    As a massive fan where can I buy the DVD,s off all the series. Bar6bar8a.
  • New Episodes?
    Has anyone heard if they are making new epsidoes? After the Make-A-Wish car? I have heard conflicting things...wondering if anyo...

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