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  • LAY an CNC

    Why don't your people have safety googol on on the lay and the cnc the show and sorry Boyd pass away but safety come first
  • mu gusta el chevy convertible

    me gusto el episodio del chevy gracias tengo uno intentare restaurarlo

    muchas gracias
  • Down with Duane

    Duane would NEVER be allowed to work anywhere else. he has absolutely NO people skills, is arrogant beyond words, he conned Boyd into believing he was a good asset to the company but he was the complete opposite, I hope he's a greeter at Walmart somewhere now.

  • Duane

    The show may no longer be current, but I hope and pray that Duane, with his permanently pissed off attitude is sleeping in a box, under a bridge, and begging for his mere existence. What an arrogant asshole.
  • Bunch of sexist A-holes...

    I havent watched this show since the episode where they let Liz go for no other reason than the bosses wife was jealous of her(and why? Its not like Liz woulda had ANYTHING to do with her husband lol!). Liz had the most mature attitude and one of the best work ethics of any of the men working there. After all the sexist bulls**t she took from the garage manager and being fired because the garage owners wife was jealous of her that girl could have won a serious law suite against that place(I mean its all on tape!). Anyway, From what little I saw of Liz, Im sure she is doing very well somewhere. I saw that episode months ago and just noticed the show is still on tonight so I created this account specifically to make this one time review. No one at should consider me a current viewer lol!
  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall......

    The Wheels are gone.

    The business is gone.

    The crew is gone.

    Boyd is gone.

    and Jo sits and wonders what happened.

    Check the mirror Jo.

    Just check the Mirror.
  • Absolutely Terriable

    This series is nothing but a major bitching and whinning series starring a bunch of grown men makeing complte fools of themselves......absolute joke and a struggle to watch for just 5 miniets.....I don`t know how something this stays on the air.
  • gewire

    You need to make your own gaskets just because EGGE does not have the gaskets. Go out and buy some gasket material and cut your own. In that way you are not sitting on your hands waiting for EGGE to get them for you. This is an old car and most of the parts have to be hand made. I know I made most of mine simply because they are not availabe any longer. It takes a lot of time to fix an old car back to an old car. Sure anyone can take the body and put a small block Chevy with a blower on it and add all of the extras but that is not an old classic car any longer.
  • What A train wreck!!!!!

    I watched this show week in and week out not because i thought it was a great show but because i was looking forward to the next train wreck,that would be the next project car they started because every car they did was just one big problem after another. Boyd would tell every one about all the cars he built so why after his 50 years in the biz were there sooo many problems? I never saw Boyd lift a finger to do any thing but have meetings to tell people what they were doing wrong but never go down on the floor to help get things right. As far as firing people I see that on the other shows that have since come out the only they dont spend all the time like Boyd did on those shows one show you see them the next they are gone. Then there is his wife was the show about her or him?If you are looking for a show that tells you how not to run a business how not to treat your best people the people that worship the ground he walked on you should watch this, if you want to see a petty old man that is afraid of the people that came up with him .In one show he showed he had no confidence in him self and his abilities when he talks about people he treated likd crap going to work for Chip Foose.If he was as good as he thinks he should have had no problem with any one going to work for any one in his mind he is the best and every one else is crap.T hat did not stand then and does not stand now. I saw the painter that quit to go to work with Chip Foose after Boyd died on a show with to of the cars that they had built and he was still loyal to Boyd even after he was called every name there is.I will close by saying that if you like train wrecks and want to see one on your tv by all means watch.
  • Get real, all you Boyd bashers are complete morons

    All of you who complain about the inner workings of Boyd's shop obviously have never owned your own business. You hire and keep the people who get you the results you want. Instead we got a bunch of couch potato losers sitting at home forming some weak a-- opinions based on a workers 7 minutes of tv face time. You have no clue what went on behind the scenes with this worker or for how long. So she got fired, who cares, it's his business he can hire and fire who he wants for whatever reason he wants. End of story.

    As for all you Chip Foose and Jesse James lovers, neither one of these guys would've ever seen the light of day if they hadn't worked FOR Boyd, that's a fact. The bulk of what they know they learned from Boyd. In the end, they rode his coat tails and screwed him when the opportunity arose. And then Foose goes on to hire the other two backstabbers from Boyd's shop who quit after once again riding Boyd's coat tails.

    There's no disputing it, Boyd's a legend and Foose and James are wanna be's. I'm sure Boyd doesn't give a rat's a-- what any of you tv tools think of him, his wife or who he hires, fires or keeps on board. The results of his work are obvious. RIP Boyd, King of Hot Rods you'll be missed.
  • Rubbish, What a pity that the show on cars is based around Boyd Coddington and his Mutton done up as lamb wife.

    I have to agree with all the other comments on this show to date.The show has so much promise but fails to deliver,I don't mind the crew on the floor and was excited to see Liz come on board.But i could not beleave what went on with liz last week.Sorry but i cant watch this Old man and his Gold digger anymore.
    It would help if we saw less of her and more of the work done on the cars like a more detailed look of how the cars are put together.
    Less of all the arguments,This only works on American Chopper,were the father and son team can pull it of.
    Had my say..
  • Bearded Boyd has lost more than his hair.

    since the new season aired, I have been watching the show again.
    while it appears the producers realized the show is failing , and they have tried to tone down the poorly acted and scripted sub plots it appears ego maniac "Jo" just can't keep her face away from the camera.
    we all know little bearded Boyd is a small shallow shell of a man who believes himself to be more important in his eyes than anyone else does, That clown has lost dignity along with hair and male appendages allowing that wanna be famous gold digging dyed blond he now calls his wife to run the show and apparently the business too.
    For who knows what reason , "Jo" throws a sissy fit because Liz was given the task of changing "Jo-Ho's" lug nuts?
    It seemed to me everyone in the shop liked Liz, she was pleasant, friendly, skillful, and humble. she had a great attitude , not cocky and disruptive, she was well mannered,and knowledgeable,
    I was amazed that little Boyd allowed "Jo Ho" to interrupt the business and he didn't have the guts to tell "Jo Ho"to go home and play with her dog.
    In the mean time, they lost Al, as a retired mechanic, it looks to me that Al was the most knowledgeable, responsible and dedicated employee in that entire shop!No one ever questioned Al's abilities and he treated everyone with respect.
    If the show and the Cottington business is to survive, Little man bearded Boyd needs to divorce or send "Jo Ho"home, fire that clown Duane, and apologize to Liz and Al for treating them so poorly.
    I think this show is on its last season .. Baby boyd has destroyed too many people and his little empire is crumbling! at least we know Chip Foose is the the better builder and Man.
  • I must admit that i love cars and the building of cars. We all have the preception of people, but mine of boyd coddington and the crew of the show has left me ashamed, i will never watch this show again......its all Foose from now on.

    Fooose builds better cars and he is also a much
    better person. Dwayne and boyd are idiots.... peas in a pod. I want to buy a new ride... i think it will be by Chip Foose. Take "the idiots" off the air. Show more of overhauling or some indepth car fabrication
    with some good people. I think boyd has a gruge against Chip......i think that somebody
    is very jealous about the others ability. How
    can you let a bitter old man be on tv?? I usually dont write comments but i think that it needed to be said about this show... stop it stop it ...take it off the air.
  • What does this show tell you?

    My husband and I watch this show every episode. Last week Jo pretty much had Liz fired for no reason at all except that she did not like her.I guess she said she looked at her funny. I felt Liz was treated wrongly and took it like an adult. As for Jo.... is her self esteem so low that she is treatened by Liz? Can Jo not stand any woman working in the shop or just ones that are pretty? I beleive Liz should get a second shot and that Jo should appoligize! (Like that is going to happen.) I am very disapointed with this show at this time. I have never had such feelings about this show in the entire time I have been watching it.
  • I think the show is interesting, my gear head junkies love it, and trying to hang with my guys I watched it, only to be disappointed that Boyd would allow his wife to dictate, who and whom can or cannot work there. Liz was a great asset to their show.

    Liz did her job well, there was no real reason to fire her. And Duane is just a big as a wimp as Boyd is, as he put out no effort to defend the young lady. I thought how cool is that, that they brought a girl into a all guy garage and she suceeded only to tune in the next week to find out that she got fired because Jo didnt like her. You are a grown women and should have never been intimidated by that child. It only shows us all how petty and immature you really are. I agree with the others, she should sue you for wrongful termination. What a disgrace to the women race you are. You should be ashamed of yourself. You lost one more viewer, because I wont watch anymore.
  • Jo is a washed up jealous person

    So finally a woman is hired, has a classic muscle car, does all the work, gains the respect of the crew, has good attitude and gets fired because Boyd's wife is jealous. Wow and when his wife was telling Duayne that she didn't want Liz working on her car, Boyd was cowering like a little boy at the computer. Done watching the show. I enjoyed but that wife suffers from extremely low self esteem and I wish Liz all the luck in the world. She won't need though, she will land at a place without a jealous woman.
  • The show is going downhill fast between people leaving because of Duane or getting fired because of Jo. Boyd has a lot of good people working for him but how long is it going to last?

    Another fabricator bites the dust. Al is leaving because of Duane. How many others have quit because of Duane? Wake up Boyd, pretty soon you won't have anybody working for you except the bleached blonde bimbo, and if the last episode was any indication, she'll be running the shop and the show. You fired Liz because she gave Jo attitude. Jo needs someone to give Jo attitude to put her in her place. The name on the shop is BOYD CODDINGTON, I didn't see her name up there yet! Jo may have started out as jewelry on Boyd's wrist but she's getting past the "eye candy" stage. Last episode she looked like a real harpy. Furthermore, where does she get off telling Dan she needs new tail lights and lug nuts on her car and needed it right away. Doesn't Boyd care that they have time deadlines on 3 cars and she wants someone to stop what they're doing and work on her car. I think Dan putting Liz on Jo's car was the right thing to do but Jo didn't, calling Dan into Boyd's office to read him the riot act about Liz. Boyd, get some stones and get rid of her or at least keep her out of the shop. She doesn't know squat about anything other than trying to look pretty and that's not working anymore
  • I want to thank all the guys for giving Liz a chance.Women are working more physical jobs it is 2007 now.To put it lightly she got a raw deal.

    I have worked with some with some good women and some bad,some lazy and some not,some qualified and some not.In a perfect world i would have a shop and Liz would work for me.I have to work pretty hard just like a lot of people,and I expect my women co-workers to do the same. from what I saw when she was told to do ,she shut her mouth and went and completed her assignment.Boyd I think you lost a good one. Liz if you read this god bless you and keep your head up.You seem like you love cars,have knowledge,and talent.Keep digging Liz
  • This is the episode where the new hired hand "Liz" gets fired because Boyd's wife said that she "gave me attitude in the shop".

    I've watched American Hot Rod since it's debut. It was a pretty cool show at first. It was quite humorous to watch at times. The people in the shop had a lot of pure and personal charm about them, and watching the personalities clash was kind of fun. I gotta tell you all though, this one really takes the cake. We now have Boyd's wife (aka-The Gold Digger) climbing the company ladder, if you will. It was great watching her bring those cute little puppies into the shop, Dewayne looked like he was ready to toss them across the room! I gotta tell ya Dewayne, I think you should have. This woman is ridiculous! She's managed to weasle her way inside of Boyd Coddington's signature hot rod shop. She's got Boyd by the you know what, and I can see the pain in his eyes. Did she talk you out of the prenup too Boyd? Now that she's gotten that meddling little wench Liz out of the way, she can really take charge of things without any of Liz's intelligence sneaking up on her from behind. I mean come on! It's pretty obvious who the honest woman was here! Liz was doing great, and she was getting along with everyone that mattered just fine. Liz is a woman chasing her dreams, and she looks like she definately has the talent and "attitude" that it takes to succeed in this business. She's learning it from the ground up, and I'm willing to bet we'll see her again just as she said. Wonder if Chip Foose is hiring? That seems to be where all the real talent goes when they get fed up with the nonsense from Boyd Coddington's puppy shop. And then there was the slip of poor business etiquette, as Boyd's wife showed us all who's really boss. This was classic. She pulls together the emergency meeting about the car in the vault being discovered submerged in water. The real trick here though is that she hasn't even told Boyd yet! Ummmm....let me think, who's name is on the sign again? Ohhhh yeah, Boyd Coddington! Hey Boyd, can you go get my puppies some Puppy Chow? Ok fine, you can get some for yourself too!
  • Just watched an episode where they fired liz. Boyd is so **** whipped. I hope she gets a lawyer and takes him to court for wrongful dismissal. Just because his bleeched blonde gold digger of a wife did not like the girl. Grow some balls boyd.

    Was good till the old gold digger showed up. Just watched my last episode. That lil girl worked harder then most the men. ditch the old bleech blonde gold digger.Boyd is soooooo **** whipped. I run a business myself and would have no parts of haveing someone like his wife around. I hope the guys that liked the girls work grow some balls and let boyd know. I would never write anything like this till I see haw cottington crapped on the girl because the hag was upset because the girl out classed her.So no more. Even the guy dewayne that tries to act like a hard ass liked her. GET A CLUE PEOPLE
  • People in a hot rod shop building hot rods.

    Wow This is one of the best shows i have seen. I love the show and I know many other people like your show as well. Some things I wish you would do is make them out on DVD. Im a working person and can't catch them on tv to much so if you have them on dvd i can watch them over and over again. Theres really not to much that should change. Its fun watching you guys just working under the pressure to get it done in. Keep up the hard work and do not stop making them!
  • Is it me, or does Boyd Coddington have an unusually high turnover of employee's at his Hot Rod shop?

    The "Hey people like hot cars too!" realisation from the producers of the popular show American Chopper bring us American Hot Rod.
    Legendary Hot Rod builder Boyd Coddington invites us into his workshop to see some of his amazing concepts come to life.

    I'm a car nut, a petrol head if you like and when I heard about American Hot Rod, it seemed to be the ultimate car show. A peek into how a master custom car builder's creations come about. Maybe I could learn a thing or two about how he does it, this being on the Discovery Channel and all.
    Unfortunately, what we got served up with for the majority of the hour is essentially a soap opera. A bunch of juvenile monkeys. Screaming, bashing heads, and threatening each other. Somewhere in the distance, and what the detached producers definitely aren't too concerned about, is a car that is somehow coming together.

    Here is one example of some enthralling Boyd Coddington Hot Rods employee behavior:
    Monkey 1 is annoyed at Monkey 2 for treating him with no respect. Monkey 2 continuously provokes Monkey 1 until he snaps and wants to take it outside. Various other Monkeys take different sides, and throw in their cheap, worthless comments.
    You may be wondering why I am referring to the shop's employees as Monkeys? And you have good reason to. The thing is I can't remember any of their names. Why?
    Is it just me, or does Boyd Coddington have an unusually high turnover of employee's at his Hot Rod shop?
    The people building the car one week for Boyd's wealthy, car dealership owning buddy, are completely different to the people building the next car for Boyd's wealthy, car dealership owning buddy. They too, are completely different from the people that are building the car for Boyd's wealthy, car dealership owning buddy’s wife. As much as I loathe soap operas, at least you can associate with the characters and get a little insight into each of them, learn to love or hate them so to speak. Not so with American Hot Rod. Anyone that was remotely interesting has either died (RIP Roy), or left to go work somewhere else, and I don't blame them.
    It seems you need a certain person to build a hot rod. Someone that can deal with, and take all the disrespect that comes flying in from all corners of the shop. Want to take verbal abuse from punk kids half your age? How about getting yelled at for no particular reason? What about some racism and being stereotyped for good measure? Boyd Coddington Hot Rods is the employer for you.

    Ahhh but there’s the cars! The jaw dropping, drop dead gorgeous cars! Want to know what sort of brakes they're using? The tips and tricks in how they hid the electrics? How much horsepower did that motor actually put out? So would I. Sadly there is very little, if not no effort into showing us how it’s done. Worst of all, hardly any mention on the components that go into the cars. A fleeting glance at a Flathead V8, or a slight glimpse of the LS1 sitting under the bonnet of the beast is all you will get.

    Each car takes 3 episodes to come to life, and the plot line for any of you still interested in this show is this.

    Episode 1:
    Boyd brings the car into the shop in a cloud of smoke. He drops the bomb that this car has to be done in X amount of days for a big show coming up.
    Head monkey Duane mentions that the deadline is crazy, while various other monkeys seem uninterested, and butt heads with each other about the way to do things.

    Episode 2:
    This is the episode where the chassis and the body are waiting to be put together. The monkeys are realising that the deadline is fast approaching and no work is getting done. Duane randomly chooses a subordinate monkey to yell at, belittle, or fire, for the cars lack of progress. The viewer is left hanging, thinking will they get the car done on time?

    Episode 3:
    The body shop guys work 24/7 to get the car painted and ready for trimming. Gabe, the motor trimmer is ripped off time wise, but somehow manages to get everything done.
    The monkeys finally knuckle down and do some work, and eventually the car makes the deadline. It is unveiled at the end by Boyd and his Wife Jo, who are yet to learn the black art of synchronisation when pulling the car cover off, revealing it to the adoring fan(s).

    So, if the show is that bad then why do I watch American Hot Rod? Well after writing this I really don't know. Perhaps it’s the fading glimmer of hope that I might learn something, or one day the show will be about the cars, rather than all the rubbish the producers focus on. Well it’s either that or Duane's death will be caught on camera.
    Maybe I'll find out when I tune in next week.
  • I have really enjoyed the new episodes, they started out like american chopper but I think now they are a stand out show!

    Reality shows are suppose to make you feel like you are a part of the charcaters and the overall show, I personally have an ex, I won't work with them but understand that it takes a heck of a person to work with ones ex, or for the matter provide for the ex. Ive watched the show faithfully and believe that the newer episode are much better than the old ones, I don't understand what TLC is doing by not showing the show, for a turbo night its great to have overhaulin, american hotrod and then american chopper!

    My personal favorite is the 57 chevy...Its so american, it was a great three episode show!
  • American Hot Rod shows just why you should skip vocational school and go to college.

    A spin off from the popular Discovery Channel series American Chopper, American Hot Rod is missing the same charm that the original has. Namely, real interpersonal relationships among people who truly care about one another but who are unable to communicate and get along.

    Overall, American Hot Rod seems to be about people with inflated egos browbeating others. The main personalities in the shop seem like jerks who get off on abusing people. Virtually everyone does it, Boyd, his crabby ex-wife in accounting and especially the shop manager Dwayne. After watching an episode you come away wondering why people continue to work there when it seems like everyone hates each other, are jobs in the auto service industry that hard to come by? Apparently not because some of the best guys on the crew have disappeared since the series started. It will be a pleasure when the series disappears too, then they can all go back to making one another miserable - in obscurity.
  • The scripts need new life to resurrect this show which appears to have "jumped the shark". We all know they'll be racing against a deadline and Boyd gets pissed at someone. How about something original?

    This program may have been modeled by the same crew that did American Chopper, but the results are significantly different. This show runs a poor 2nd to Overhaulin' or even Pimp My Ride in viewer loyalty.

    Overhaulin' comes off as a 1st class operation with cast members that appear interested in doing a good job for their client. Most people may not know that Chip Foose worked for Boyd at one time and that there's no love between them. American Hot Rod, while building cars that eventually look good, demean their team members and appear to have some real nut cases turning the wrenches.

    I have been to Boyd's shop on multiple locations and like the way it's setup. However, I never suspected employees like they have on the show. Maybe Boyd needs to pay them more than the minimum wage.
  • AHR is a total waste these days.

    AHR was a good show when the shop had psychotic mentally unbalanced or brain damaged employees like Blue Bear and Beatle Bailey. When the old sheet metal guy died they should have ended the show.

    Now its so dull its like watching grass grow. Its a real snooze fest. I havent watched a full episode this season. I watch it for 5 minutes, get bored and move on. This thing is now worse than anything on PBS. What passes for excitement is something like "OHHHHHHHH Will we ever get the car ready on time?" Which is pretty much every episode. How about someone wigging out from stress and beating Dwayne with a pipe or something?

    Boyd is even duller than his current employees. He looks like he did alot of acid and marijuana back in the 60s - sometimes he just spaces out and sits there. The guy is, or maybe was, a great car builder (actually its his employees doing it now) but as a TV personality watching him is like watching the local mechanic change my oil; I just want to get the F out of there and be anywhere but there.

    AHR is just too painful to watch. I suppose Ill watch the final episode out of morbid curiousity but thats about it.
  • when?

    when is this show going to get cancelled? the first couple of seasons i thought it was a really good show. despite my hatred for reality shows i really liked it. i realize it is a big ratings winner for the discovery channel, but when are veiwers going to get tired of the same old thing?
  • The first three series were ok but the last has dropped off the scale...

    This last series hasn't been as good as the previous three. I mean we had Mike leave after working on the side for Chip Foose and we had Bluebear get sacked, and both created tension along the road.

    We all saw the car Mike and his team built in nine days but there isn't even a team anymore. There are about 10 people working at Boyd Coddington's and there's not enough tension anymore to create good TV!

    Series one, two and three were great for series four seems to have dropped off the chain! Hopefully if Boyd brings in more workers, tensions may fly again making interesting TV!
  • where did it go

    i'd like to see this show back on the air. i might not like boyd but i do like the cars they do.i'ts been to long since there has been a new episode. when can we expect to see some? or are they just gonna give it the ax? bring it back.
  • This show is great and different.

    I think that this show is great. I read another review on here about this show basically copying American Chopper. It is alittle, but bikes and cars are two different things. This is a great show for those who might like cars more than bikes. I mean, that review was telling people not to watch because it's just copying American Choppers, but people might not like that show or bikes, so they may prefer cars. I think that the cars that are made are awesome. They always look good. It's really a great show, no matter what people say.
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