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  • Bearded Boyd has lost more than his hair.

    since the new season aired, I have been watching the show again.
    while it appears the producers realized the show is failing , and they have tried to tone down the poorly acted and scripted sub plots it appears ego maniac "Jo" just can't keep her face away from the camera.
    we all know little bearded Boyd is a small shallow shell of a man who believes himself to be more important in his eyes than anyone else does, That clown has lost dignity along with hair and male appendages allowing that wanna be famous gold digging dyed blond he now calls his wife to run the show and apparently the business too.
    For who knows what reason , "Jo" throws a sissy fit because Liz was given the task of changing "Jo-Ho's" lug nuts?
    It seemed to me everyone in the shop liked Liz, she was pleasant, friendly, skillful, and humble. she had a great attitude , not cocky and disruptive, she was well mannered,and knowledgeable,
    I was amazed that little Boyd allowed "Jo Ho" to interrupt the business and he didn't have the guts to tell "Jo Ho"to go home and play with her dog.
    In the mean time, they lost Al, as a retired mechanic, it looks to me that Al was the most knowledgeable, responsible and dedicated employee in that entire shop!No one ever questioned Al's abilities and he treated everyone with respect.
    If the show and the Cottington business is to survive, Little man bearded Boyd needs to divorce or send "Jo Ho"home, fire that clown Duane, and apologize to Liz and Al for treating them so poorly.
    I think this show is on its last season .. Baby boyd has destroyed too many people and his little empire is crumbling! at least we know Chip Foose is the the better builder and Man.
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